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  1. Jamax99

    Which teams are actually looking QB?

    One of the problems Jets have is the QB class next year and year after really good qb s coming out and teams like Miami Denver and washington, know that. If Jets were in their spots I wouldnt want them giving up picks for Haskens,. Would keep picks draft best avl in a deep defense draft, and go after qb next year. By way if some how in 2 years Pats are horrible and end up with top pick and grab Clemson qb . I quit!
  2. Jamax99

    Josh Allen bidding

    When you have 100 m in cap space and top #3 pick you take quality, not quantity You have money to spend on players and postions, so take the best avl. Player , especialy if its a need position and the secound most valuable position. So take Bosa or Allen. And be set at that postion for years.
  3. Jamax99

    Cryptic Tweet

    A j green traded to Jets for a 5rd next year? Hopefully.
  4. Best case would be for Washington to trade #15 to Tampa for next years 1 then trade #5 to Jets for #5 and there 2rd and 4th and Jets still get Q Williams or Josh Allen.
  5. It all comes down to Josh Rosen , and if they get trade value for him. If they don't get a mid round 1 why would they trade ,. , I don't understand a team like Miami or Washington not trading for him. unless they like drew lock a lot which should be their unless Denver takes him.
  6. Human trafficker ? Come on,. Guy was at massage parlor and old Chinese lady gave him a rub and tug. , if he's not a camera offering her money for sex. dA has no case, and he will sue the balls off them. That's the issue they are afraid of lawsuits coming their way. Guy is a 70 something old man who's wife died, if some lady wants to give him a rub for cash, it's a lot different then a young girl getting kidnapped for sex trafficking. . P s I hate the Pats
  7. Jamax99

    Houston to the Colts

    Bad move not signing him,. I think Mac thought he would be there till after the draft, , Houston would have giving us options, trade down and taking Q Williams . Now you have no choice you have to take J Allen or hopefully Bosa. Trade down makes no sense now, you need one of the top two pass rushers in draft , not the second tier guys. Houston and q Williams would have been fine. We could have traded down and maybe still have gotten him.
  8. Jamax99

    A J Green

    Someone that needs a LB , might look at him and say hes young and former, 1st rd pick. Take a chance, lol hopefully.
  9. Jamax99

    A J Green

    Hes 30y old , Bengals need to rebuild , makes alot , if you can get a young LB and draft pick maybe. Kinda like Brandon Marshall deal. Think we gave up a 5th plus hes coming off injury.
  10. Jamax99

    A J Green

    I dont go on site much , and didnt see anything on AJ green , but thought he would be a good fit, but typical Jet fans , with wise ass remarks. I guess I cant ask a question that might have been brought up already. I thought this was a Jets forum to ask and bring up talking points. I should know better , guys are just waiting to respond with wise ass remarks.
  11. Jamax99

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    I dont understand why teams like us dont stock pile linemen. We had 3x 6rd picks in 2017 and 2018 and we did not take 1 OT in entire draft. Those type of picks go out and get BIG tackles , Centers! , projects. You get big men with attuides and teach them.
  12. Jamax99

    A J Green

    Not sure if been brought up yet, but I would love for Jets to try and get him in a deal for 1-2 years, I think a 4th or 5th rounder , Cinncy is in strange year and might be in rebuild mode. Or offer D lee and a 7th.
  13. Jamax99

    Justin Houston

    If he lowers hes price I can see a team like Pats going after him, hope not, would be nice if he doesnt sign till after draft. If we dont get Bosa or Allen I would give him a one year 13-14y.
  14. If we get a 4th or trade for a young back up center, def not release him.
  15. I think miami is going to be worst team in NFL followed by Cinncy , and Giants, tank year for sure. They want top pick next years draft. Tua or maybe 2 years till T LAwerence comes out. Hope not , and they want to trade up and get Haskens instead. Put pressure on teams to trade up w Jets.

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