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  1. 100 percent agree, thought , drafting a P ,Qb and S , was a ? would have liked another WR , teams around the leauge are going to 4-5 wr spreads to help young QBs teams addes 2-3 wrs in this draft. Really thought we needed to address Oline , WRs and DBs in this draft. Oline looks great , loved Mims , we traded for entire Colts secoundary. BUT alot of wrs we passed. If mims was gone , I would have giving this draft a C instead if Bplus.
  2. So colts traded us wilson and used pick to replace him with a db pick. Not sure if thats a good sign.
  3. Loved mims pick, I gave draft B plus , thought we should have got another WR and DB . Think we are very light at DB maybe we sign Logan ryan. The draft was WR heavy , and a need to only get 1?
  4. That would homerun any of them.
  5. Wow and 101 I was so uset we traded back with him on board. Wow!!!!
  6. Wow ! I was so upset we traded back with Mims on board!!¡ 101 and mins im stoked!!! Thank god chargers pass on him for our wr coach kid.
  7. Wow if we get Mims and 101 ill eat crow!!
  8. I guess we can get a Center with extra pick .
  9. So we need a Wr in a deep wr draft, and watch tier 1 2 and 3 guys go . And we trade back with mims on board? Wow 101 not worth it. Hope im wrong and wr sitting their.
  10. Didnt know abc had it on. Much better! Coverage. Man im alittle upset we traded back wanted mims hope hes still there .
  11. Sorry guys a deep WR draft . And allost every one is gone !¡ we have chance to take Mims or claiborne , and trade back. We need quality !
  12. I was thinking same thing ,but only if ceaser ruiz was still there, but not sure now. Its Funny how Saints always draft Center s, heard Brees say one day he thought center was most important position for him. Guess because of hes hight doesnt like the push up the middle.
  13. If this kid eats right and trains like a pro , he will be the best tackle in draft, my worry is weight, hes really big and needs to stay healthy. Hes biggest test will be speed rushers and linebackers. He has a chance to be special !!

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