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  1. If Dallas offered a 1st and a 2nd and a future 2nd, he should have been traded!! We have not won nothing with him , hes a good player not great! We need to draft a center and a left tackle , o yeh and a pass rusher like Josh Allen .
  2. I thought Mac could have helped team out better taking player like Julian Love ,( slot db ) or Amani Oriwayrie and a center instead of a blocking Te or LB . Really thought he had a trade or veteran in place when he passed on corners. Question with Macs firing does Douglas replace all the scouts?
  3. I think Jets added alot of good players, But our corners really scare me. I can see Tom Brady s game plan already. TJ has to step up but Poole and Roberts are below avg dbs . Would really like to see us somehow add another one . What about Calborne coming back? Really think Mac dropped ball at center and Db . Depth.
  4. I guess when you over look some of biggest needs on team, like center and corner, in draft and 100m in cap space people take notice. .
  5. Wow, acouple years ago Jets had alot of draft picks dont remember think like 11 , I Know we had 4 6rd picks, and that draft we took 0 - o-line. A team should grab linemen every year, line is key to team running good offense.
  6. He loves players coming off injuries. ,always signs player that had some time of problem.
  7. Do Jets have alot of scouts on the road? How do they find talent? Every year I watch mock sites get alot of players right on the money. Im wondering if GM looks at any player bio sites. Most teams that draft , take players right where most people have and they end up been really good, then a team like Jets are all over the place. I feel if Mac just took next player avl on football pro site, with team need in mind he would do ok, just seems that he tries to outsmart everyone.
  8. So pick before us nets 2 5th rounds and moved 6 spots we got 1 11spots. Hmmmm
  9. Nate davis, michael jordan ,connor mcgovern , bobby evans . Or corners justin layne juian love david long .
  10. Connor mcgovern or micheal deiter next pick.
  11. Does he play center or corner too?

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