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  1. Darnold Darnod Darnold. , last year at USC and 3 years , even with soso line. He just did not show me he could be a top 15 qb in this leauge. So you do what ever you have to , and get a top 10 qb. And w 2nd pick in draft thats what you do. Burrows had a bad o line but you could see , that he made players around him better Darnold never did. DARNOLd Has a really good team around him now , if he is not a good qb this year then , not only was this draft goood , it will make it Great.
  2. Lattimore is a player ive been saying Jets should make a play at, hes a stud corner with 1 year left on team over cap. Give them a2nd next year and maybe one of DBs we drafted . He a perfect corner for Saleh
  3. Excatly, when trade was annouced i thought a first next year, for sure. But only 2 3s and you get a 4 back that was great to move up 9 spots in first. DARRISAW fell because of Raiders have no clue how to draft. Taking a player that was a 2round grade.
  4. I have been saying Lattimore for awhile , but Saints were short dbs , not sure how they did in draft.
  5. Raiders scewed up , they took a 2nd round player instead of Darrisaw , if that happened , Vikes miss out of Tucker and Darrisaw for sure. But i still think Tucker will be a pro bowl guard. He can also play LT if Becton goes down.
  6. He signed in tampa , sucks wush we drafted him .
  7. I bet 1k on over 6 wins 2 weeks ago, think team wins 8 games this year. Division got much better. Think we need another draft to get really good, next years draft , TE , Center , Edge , and we have the ammo to get good ones.
  8. I like Carton , but that was wrong, and you can tell bye hes reply he wasnt happy. .
  9. A for me would have been A plus if we got kicker from Miami, and another Guard /c right side of line is still iffy.
  10. I was thinking same thing, lol wish we got 1 more guard, but dont forget guard we drafted last year in 5rd is back . Maybe hes looking good.
  11. Im sure he wanted to play with hes buddy EM , like the signing . Sucks kicker signed with Tampa
  12. I think he will end up as a slot Corner.
  13. I like Carton , but that was wrong, and you can tell bye hes reply he wasnt happy.
  14. Cinncy just took a kicker , we need to draft the miami kicker whos better in 6th.
  15. Why, sheerwood solid pick , he will play all over the field, covering TE , blizing off edge, , hes a hard hitter. Other S i know nothing about him
  16. Hes more of a linebacker/ safety tweener , hard hitter all over the field. Good pick.
  17. Moore is more Phyiscal , hes stronger, hes not afraid of going into middlle. , also think they will use him in backfield. He was a first round talent. Only problem I have is he was Mel Kilpers favroite player. Lol
  18. They are taking Ben mason , later on, Gainwell is not tiny he can be a 3 down back , its more about the system and we already have acouple big backs ,need that pass catching rb Gainwell is perfect hes a 3rd round talent i had him as 4th best rb. Can you imagine mims, davis, e moore running downfield and screens or slats to Gainwell.
  19. Just hope with dont reach for a corner, LB RB TE , have more value . Get db in 5th or sign a vet , hate seeing vikes take Wyatt Davis lol
  20. I like it you did you homework. Would take that in a secound.
  21. GAINWELL, or Carter, w fit perfect . But like Trey Smith , J cox or B Jordan , but I Think theirs 3-4 good RB left .
  22. Vegas has Jets Taking a corner , 4 to 1 odds on oline. If they stay put I think its Ansante Samuel Jr
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