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  1. This team is not that good but this coaching effing sux !!!
  2. It doesn't look like their letting Sam audible
  3. Between Anderson and Pryor sucking we couldn't give a 5th for Gordon?????
  4. Agreed. With Mo Wilk gone at least we'll have someone giving a full effort. My biggest worry on D is Skrine. Hopefully he's been put on notice.
  5. MehlFreeman

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    I just think Bowles is a douche who pretends to know a lot more than he actually does. How he gets away with it is beyond me.
  6. Good question. Last I knew was we signed him. Not sure if he'll be in camp or not.
  7. While I do like Cannon, has anyone seen film on Green from FSU? I think he can be better.
  8. MehlFreeman

    Official Sam Darnold Nickname Thread

    Sha-s(z)am!! No? ok
  9. Too bad, hoped we'd get him.
  10. MehlFreeman

    Just a show of hands...

    I've watched highlight films of Rosen and see many poorly thrown balls and ill-advised passes. And these are Highlights!. Not to mention his concussions and inability to escape pressure. No thanks.
  11. MehlFreeman

    Schedule release tmrw

    I hope you're right but barring injury to mcown and Bridgewater, I don't think Bowles starts our draft pick no matter who it is.
  12. MehlFreeman

    Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    No offense, you seem like a very knowledgeable poster but you've flipped flopped baker/rosen several times lol. So who is your guy?
  13. Possible the Broncos or bills trade up to 2 and take Mayfield., though I hope not.
  14. MehlFreeman

    Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    100% agree. Any of those 3 would be awesome.
  15. MehlFreeman

    Where Does CJ Anderson End Up?

    Probably Miami as they recently tried to trade for him.

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