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  1. Who is he covering as LB?? This guy would not have been available in 6th round? 4.74 ! Not on board with this pick. Special teamed maybe.
  2. Sherman maybe. Even though his best years are behind him. But draft Horn at 23.
  3. We need to sign this guy. All he does is pressure the QB.
  4. It's not so much the rule. But no penalty call is a joke. For player safety alone that should be a reviewable play.
  5. I wonder how many of us switched from Wilson to Fields after this game. If Fields s--ts the bed vs Bama with 3 picks, will it be back to the Wilson bandwagon?
  6. Will always miss Enberg and Olsen.
  7. 100% agreed. Mac Jones is better than Lance and Fields imho
  8. I've always liked Sam and have been very patient but he doesn't seem to have IT. Still makes same mistakes over and over again. Leaves the pocket when there's hardly any pressure. Stays in the pocket too long when he should get out. Not seeing wide open receivers. And his accuracy is very inconsistent. These are constants with him. Doesn't seem like he's learning. Wish him luck but time to move on.
  9. Last two plays are main reason why Sam should not be QB on this team next year.
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