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  1. Ravens trying to run up the score throwing all the time. Used to like Harbaugh but f him now.
  2. Daryl Roberts should never see an NFL football field again!
  3. Agreed. Haskins will prob go top 3. Also have a strong feeling Lock goes in top 10. Lets hope.
  4. I would be so annoyed if Haskins fell into Giants lap at six. Hope they have to trade up to get him.
  5. Rhule's invited but his friends can't come- Vince Neil
  6. Agreed. At least I don't think Gase will stand there with arms crossed when a bad call goes against us.
  7. If a team has to choose a head coach's assistants before hiring him, that coach should not be or is not ready to be a head coach of an NFL team.
  8. With Gase the hc , does this mean we go offense first round?
  9. Exactly a major reason why Mac needed to go with Bowles.
  10. I think Jets really wanted to have Gase as OC but other potential coaches wanted no part of him. So by default he's our new HC.
  11. Jets, mets,knicks...it's a continuous cycle of suckiness. At Isles finally seem to have it right. I hope.
  12. Enough of this hiring your best buddy b.s..specially when he's horrible.

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