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  1. Absolutely 100% correct! MM should have been shown the door. I will never claim to have knowledge on all draft talent or who will bust or surprise. However, since I don’t post much but I remember the draft day thread and I wanted Brown (most want one of Brown, Okorafor or Hubbard. ). It seemed like a fairly easy call to do OL since you have a new QB and a suspect line at best. Considering the OC was a revolving door take the best possible OL and see what they could do. The third round is for the top talent that drops for bad combines, arrests or drug tests. IT IS NOT FOR OLDER, SMALL SCHOOL, MARGINAL TALENT. Harrison may become a decent lineman but he is a 6-7 round flier. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. It’s a copycat league. Once Mayfield had a strong year teams will look beyond the fact that Murray is shorter than Mayfield and want to get the “next big thing”. Murray is a better athlete than Mayfield and he hopefully “RGIII” the draft. Someone (looking at you Snyder, again) falls for it and offers up a great deal. I hope it to the Jets. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. There is a long time until the draft. There are a few teams that need a QB. A few of those teams we be left out of the Free Agent/Trade QBs. We just need one GM lose out in the veterans and be on the hot seat just enough for them to feel the pressure to make a splash and grab the best QB on their draft. Someone will fall in love with a one of them. I am also not opposed to have them wait until a draft day trade (really wish we had a GM other than Maccagnan) you never know how the draft will break. Look at last year and how much more the Colts have could gotten with Darnold sitting there instead of the Jets deal where it was a chance at the number 3 QB. Cards, Jets and Bills would have probably offered a 2019 first with last year’s picks. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. kthisguy

    Press Conference

    You are certainly correct pressers don’t win games. However, when they are so bad/strange as this one was it puts Gase deeper in the hole. I can guarantee that none of those guys wanted it to go where it did. They probably wanted a eventless press conference with a few easy questions. Get in and get out. They did not want memes of a bugged eyed head coach. When I say of of the worst it is because it will be replayed for years after he his long gone. Also, I do find it funny how people are claiming he is on the spectrum without ever meeting the man. Honestly he is just probably a little awkward nothing more. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. kthisguy

    Press Conference

    Obviously that was one the worst press conferences ever for a new head coach. The worst part is that Gase has done this before. You can give a first time coach a pass (well in most markets) however a coach with three years of experience is not a great first impression as a new head coach. Was I mistaken when Gase was speaking about how his Miami Offense was not highly ranked say “we gave up stats for wins”? If true, 1. Don’t teams usually win more with better stats on offense. I mean this made me do a double take. Not sure if I heard that wrong. 2. What players in today’s NFL will want to come play for a coach who says that he held the stats down? In a “I have to get mine numbers for my next big contract” will this play out for FAs? Granted Gase was not my first choice and will still get behind him however I am not feeling very positive about this hire. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. kthisguy

    Gase Fair Expectations

    Realistically, 6 wins. We have a new offense and new defense coming in. Hopefully new actual talent (who knows who we draft/sign). I will assume we get some of the picks and FA right. (Not a ton of faith in Mac). This all adds up to 6 wins. I am sure there will be growing pains with all the new systems and players. One week it will be a defensive lapse the next an offensive lapse. That being said if the players show improvement I will be fine with the process. If Mac does his usual draft he will be gone. If Gase blows up they are both gone. Regardless, it will be entertaining. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. kthisguy

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I think Gase could become a very good head coach. The problem is it rarely seems to happen when a hot shot young coach is fired then takes another HC job right after. He probably would have been better served to go to a team as an OC for a couple of years and regroup. I hope I am wrong and he learned from his experience in Miami. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Just look at it this way. I will not even bring all the college coaches in. How many Big 12 head coaches would want a head of Rhule? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. Not sure how some kind of gloss over the lack of NFL experience. College and the NFL are really two different animals. It’s great he turned two programs around. That has nothing to do with running a NFL locker room filled with multi-millionaires and large egos. The Jets always seem to get first time head coaches. As a fan there is always a learning curve for them. Why in the world would you have to have a young FQB deal with that in addition to learning how to be a Pro!?!? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. There is nothing signed yet. I can only hope that this is just Twitter rumors. I mean hiring a head coach with so little NFL experience will only end in disaster. I will give him two years and we will be looking for new GM and coach. The talk of interviewing other would be head coaches to take over as OC is a bad move. Forcing people to work under another rarely works. (Look at the Browns this year). Hire an NFL guy! They will have connections and at least a working relationship. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. This is just more Manish foolishness. McCarthy is a very good to great NFL head coach. Rodgers by some accounts seems to have “out grown” him as a coach. That is not a bad thing just the next step for Rodgers. A long term working relationship between coach and QB can change (look at NE it is not what it once was between Brady and Belichick) it doesn’t mean McCarthy can no longer coach. It just means that Green Bay needs a change. The Jets need someone to develop Darnold. He needs to be put in situations that allow him mature and learn. McCarthy has done that with Gannon, Hasselback, Brooks, and Rodgers were all effective when he was involved with them. If we can hire him it would be a no-brainer. Take him, have him develop the basics with Darnold in the long haul it would be the best move. Also, those talking about the failed coordinator from his coaching tree. 1. Most “hot shot” coordinators fail has head coaches. 2. It at least says he hires and trains up others for the next job. I cannot remember the last time one the Jet’s coaches was poached for a head coaching job. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. I agree Macc should be fired. He has preformed as badly as Bowles. Will a big time coach work under Macc? I highly doubt any would. If they keep the same structure where GM and coach report only to the Johnsons? Maybe one will take it. There are only a handful of openings. They may take it knowing they will win and power struggle. (Coaches have massive egos) Unfortunately, the Jets have a terrible organizational structure. They don’t allow Macc to hire his own coach when he started and was an unknown quantity but they now allow him to hire or at least have input in the coach when he has proven himself to be a poor GM!?!? If the Johnsons don’t fire him now we are stuck with Macc for at least a couple of years if he hires a first time coach. My guess is we will miss out on the big names coaches and Coordinators. We will talk ourselves into liking whomever is hired only to be back here in a year or so looking for the next coach and GM. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. If Mac is picking, it is an assistant coach. No way, he wants an established coach who has a high name recognition. He will be exposed very quickly. I bet he goes for a DC who likes all the first round picks we have along with the 3rd pick in a D heavy draft. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. I can only hope that the Johnsons go big game hunting for a coach. It will limit Mac. He will basically be under that coach’s direction or he will lose any power struggle. If they hire a Mac guy we are stuck with him for a couple years as they will it want to pay 3 head coaches. (Bowles still getting paid after the extension). Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. kthisguy

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    The easiest thing to say about any QB is to say they will bust. Why because most do. So many things have to go right for a QB to become successful. Right team, right offensive system, solid talent around and stay healthy. Take it with a grain of salt and just watch the progression. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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