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  1. Agreed. Would be a dumb decision by Philly and and even dumber one by Wentz.
  2. Agreed. If you've been the absolute worst at doing your job for 4 years and in your last year you got slightly better than the absolute worst, this is suddenly a reason to keep someone on board? Slightly better than not the absolute worst? Standards are getting real low around here. The defense looked better with Bowles calling the plays for a couple of weeks, should we keep him around for that too?
  3. TheGreenGhost

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    Forgot to mention probably more Texans fans than Jets fans. What's home field advantage again?
  4. TheGreenGhost

    Sam has elite accuracy

    I completely agree with you. I wasn't being sarcastic when I said please email your plan to the front office. I think everyone should copy and paste the plan and email it to the Jets FO.
  5. TheGreenGhost

    Sam has elite accuracy

    Please email this plan directly to the Jets front office.
  6. TheGreenGhost

    Post Game Player Notes

    How the hell did this happen?!
  7. TheGreenGhost

    Jets Bills game tomorrow in Buffalo

    Don't do it. She will leave you for this.
  8. Looks like SOJ for another 3 years. Hopefully, they will at least be watchable unlike this year.
  9. TheGreenGhost

    Top 10?

    For a second there I thought Punt Returner. I wouldn't put it past Mac. I think the 9ers take Bosa and Gruden takes Herbert. Which leaves the Jets with Jonah Williams... take him or trade down if possible.
  10. TheGreenGhost

    Bills Release WR Kelvin Benjamin

    Holy sh*t! I forgot this guy was even on the team till I read your post.
  11. TheGreenGhost

    Best Way to Watch Jets

    Best way to watch the Jets... DON'T
  12. Adams is doing a good job on the field but he really needs to STFU. Absolutely EVERYONE can see Todd Bowles is the problem. If he wants to call out Mac and the Johnsons along with Bowles, that's fine. But you have to have more than a few screws missing to say Bowles is not the problem.
  13. Washington is hosed. Better luck next year.
  14. Could be because they CHEAT up in Fuxboro. Every team that goes to play there, no matter how good, magically ends up looking terrible.
  15. TheGreenGhost

    Buffalo Bills: the last winnable game

    Definitely starting Josh Allen on my fantasy team.

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