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    KRL Camp Notes (8/2/18)

    Excellent KRL. Thank you. Also, seems like the right strategy at QB is to use McCown to move the chains, then put Darnold in at the goal line.
  2. TheGreenGhost

    2018 Mets thread

    Snake bitten franchise. As a Jets/Mets fan I have to re-evaluate all of my life choices.
  3. I don't understand the hate for Bridgewater and the automatic trade him sentiment. He was really starting to light it up before he was injured. If he's returned to form, then that would be great news for the Jets. Everyone is so obsessed to start an unknown, unproven rookie in Darnold behind a sh*tastic OL. Yes, we all want him to be great and be the face of the franchise for 20 years, but if Bridgewater has returned to form, why not keep him and possibly start a tried and tested young vet?
  4. TheGreenGhost

    Todd Gurley just got PAID.

    So in the next 2 years, Gurley makes $13M combined, then $60M for the next 4 after that (if he plays out the entire extension). That's $73M over 6 years... roughly $12M per year for arguably the best back in the league right now. Someone should explain those numbers to Bell -- a back whose 3 years older, with more wear and tear and injury prone. No way he should be getting anywhere near $15M per he's supposedly looking for. Great deal for the Rams to avoid a possible contract dispute later, locking him up 2 years early when the numbers will undoubtedly go up in 2 years again and securing a franchise back for 6 prime years).
  5. Yikes. I knew it was bad, but to see it in writing is really a kick in the nuts.
  6. TheGreenGhost

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    I agree with this. Revis' situation is a lot like TO. TO had all the numbers to be first ballot HOF, but was a major pain in the ass and therefore had to wait. In my opinion, Revis doesn't have the numbers to be first ballot HOF anyway, but the fact he had 2 holdouts, was a me first mercenary and then dropped off a cliff (got fat, lazy and quit) almost guarantees no first ballot HOF.
  7. TheGreenGhost

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    First ballot? No shot. Selfish POS
  8. TheGreenGhost

    Jets Biggest Rival

    The Lombardi Trophy
  9. TheGreenGhost

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    I think you're correct. Having money just enhances underlying characteristics that were always there. If you were a douchebag before, you'll be a bigger one when you have money. If you were kind and generous before, you'll probably be more so when you have money. That saying "money changes people " is not 100% correct. The underlying characteristics were already there, they're just magnified now. If what was posted about McCoy turns out to be true, f* that guy and he should rot in prison and in hell.
  10. TheGreenGhost

    VEGAS: Bowles' job appears safe with Jets

    I think you're right, but why would he ever retire? Basically gets paid millions for being bad to mediocre every year. He's gonna ride that out as long as he can. Looking at it that way, Marvin Lewis is the best coach in the NFL in that regard.
  11. TheGreenGhost

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    Yes, the logo sucks. Either: 1. Go back to the 80's logo or 2. Replace it with a fighter jet or 3. A combination of the above
  12. TheGreenGhost

    The Giants drop the ball—

    The optimal word in what you posted is "should." Should is a suggestion and not equivalent to "shall" or "must." You should stop smoking, you should lose weight, you should go to college, you should stand is not equivalent to saying you must.
  13. TheGreenGhost

    Is it me or does this look like a new Jet uniform.

    Forget the hat... where do I get that t-shirt?!
  14. TheGreenGhost

    Big Sexy - Fountain of Youth

    The man, the myth, the legend... Link
  15. TheGreenGhost

    Contention Begins in 2019