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    Speaking of classless...

    Yes. And most likely battery too if the beer actually hits the person. Different rules at a sporting event. When you go, you assume the risk of getting hit by a ball, bat, etc. It is not out of the ordinary to have a ball go into the stands at a game (unless he fired it at someone with the intent of hitting them). Now if he picked up a chair and threw it into the crowd, that's a different story.
  2. TheGreenGhost

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    That's a good place to start your search. I'd also look at Livingston, Fair Lawn and Tenafly. Possibly Montclair and Ridgewood too
  3. Holding a clipboard is really not the way to go in today's NFL imo. You learn through playing and seeing the defenses firsthand. With that being said... all the "he's regressed" after playing good Jaguars, Browns and Dolphin defenses are unwarranted. But what's also unwarranted is the "he's the savior" comments after playing bad Lions, Broncos and Colts defenses. Truth is the jury's still out. He looks good. Needs to show the same consistency regardless of the defenses he's up against. There's definite promise for the future, but jumping to conclusions one way or another doesn't do any good.
  4. TheGreenGhost


    An impossibility for more than one reason...
  5. TheGreenGhost

    A little Darnold magic from week 4

    Rapelisberger's knack for this is incredible. It happened on the AB touchdown on Sunday. The play looked like it was dead. Juju stopped running his route and Rapelisberger motioned for him to get open and keep running. On the other side, AB never stopped... he immediately broke off the route he was running when he saw Ben scramble and turned up field and caught the ball in the end zone. We need playmakers like that to take advantage of Darnold's scrambling/throw on the run skills.
  6. TheGreenGhost

    A little Darnold magic from week 4

    The first angle made it look like a throw away because it looked like he just chucked it and got lucky. But the second angle shows he was looking that way the whole time. Looks like it was on purpose to me and not a throw away.
  7. TheGreenGhost

    Amazon Thursday Night Football Announcing Team

    Would definitely listen to Kramer/Storm before those two.
  8. Le'Veon Bell is undoubtedly a special talent, but owes a lot to the Steeler's offensive line and other weapons. That is evidenced by the fact DeAngelo Williams looked good when he started there and James Connor looking great at the moment. If Bell comes here behind this line and no other offensive weapons, he will see a considerable drop in production. It would be a mistake to trade for Bell.
  9. TheGreenGhost

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    This is very true. Never was this more evident than halftime of the Browns game. The reporter asked Bowles how his strategy on defense will change now the Mayfield is in and his answer was "It wont. We run the same defense regardless of who we're playing" (or something close to that quote). Pathetic. This is so much worse that Schitty and his choreographed first 10-15 plays regardless of what the opposing defense was doing. Bowles doesn't know how to make any adjustments other than adjusting his belt after meals. Just stands there with the same stupid look on his face all the time.
  10. This is awesome! Nice giveaway.
  11. TheGreenGhost

    Breer On Darnold / QB Room

    No wonder all 3 QBs looked great in preseason. Bowles was sending his regular, midseason form defense out there.
  12. Important question... WHO THE HELL starts tomorrow's game?!
  13. TheGreenGhost

    Aaron Rodger$$$$ is getting PAID

    Rodgers agrees to 4 yr extension, $134M deal with the Packers. $80M paid out by March. Link
  14. TheGreenGhost

    Aaron Rodger$$$$ is getting PAID

    Good for him. Hands down the best QB in the league. Hopefully for the Packers he doesn't get injured again or they're screwed.
  15. TheGreenGhost

    Pass Rush

    This by far is my biggest concern. Yes, having a non-existent pass rush sucks, but or DBs can cover, the LBs are decent and the DL is good at stuffing the run. The bend don't break defense is terrible to watch but the Jets haven't given up an offensive TD yet (I believe). The penalties though... what a sh*tshow. Kills any momentum on either side of the ball.

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