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  1. Hack's Career Could Be Over Stellar pick by our idiot GM
  2. You mean the offensive linemen that try to get Sam killed every game and have him running for his life didn't like the Christmas gifts he got them?
  3. Never heard anyone use the Browns drafts to criticize Macc, but I'll tell you for sure the Browns have a better team and a brighter future than the Jets right now.
  4. $9M a year was bad enough for a receiver that's played 11 games in 2 years with 500 yards total. The $20M injury guarantee is terrible. Q and his agent are laughing all the way to the bank.
  5. Bowles as a HC somewhere else? PLEASE let him got to the Pats*
  6. Would be the single biggest mistake in a long line of mistakes by this franchise.
  7. If it happened, they'd both be on IR halfway into the season.
  8. In order: Carmichael - The Saints O has never been an issue. Has tons of experience running an offense. Has been able to adapt and make use of the best weapons on the team, whether that means airing it out or running it. McCarthy - Probably underachieved in GB, but still an offensive coach with a proven track record and better than anything we've had for the last decade or so. Shanahan - I know he's not on the list above, but how do you pass on Shanahan if he wants the job? Successful pretty much wherever he's been. Toub - Intrigued by him. In general, I think special teams guys make better head coaches. Just like catchers make better managers in baseball because they tend to see the whole game and are not tied to the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Lincoln Riley - Great offensive minded coach, but only has college experience. A lot of risk involved with this pick IMO.
  9. He didn't challenge that call because he was busy thinking about where he's going to go for dinner after the game was over. That had nothing to do with a plan to tank. He's just that TERRIBLE.
  10. 15 - Josh McCown 6'4" 218 Sam Houston State 83 - Eric Tomlinson 6'6" 263 UTEP 81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska 10 - Jermaine Kearse 6'1" 205 Washington 82 - Rishard Matthews 6'0" 217 Nevada 17 - Charone Peake 6'3" 205 Clemson 68 - Kelvin Beachum 6"3" 303 SMU (T) 92 - Leonard Williams 6'5 300 USC (DE/DT) 55 - Jeremiah Attaochu 6'3" 252 Georgia Tech (OLB) 41 - Buster Skrine 5'9" 185 Tennessee-Chattanooga 27 - Darryl Roberts 6'0" 182 Marshall (S?) 58 - Darron Lee 6'1" 235 Ohio State (ILB) 20 - Isaiah Crowell 5'11" 225 Alabama State (RB) 29 - Bilal Powell 5'11" 207 Louisville (RB) And of course the entire front office and coaching staff except Boyer and Greene

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