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  1. 16 minutes ago, ChuckkieB said:

    If the Jets somehow get Bell AND Green, I might just have a heart attack.  This would be a dream scenario.  Will the football Gods allow such good fortune to shine down on the Jets?  The beaten down and delicate psyche of this Jets fan will not allow himself to get sucked into this thing called "hope."  I will continue to sing the Jets fan mantra of expecting the worst but hoping for the best.  However, somewhere in the recesses of my blackened Jets heart, I feel a slim ray of light trying to bust through the darkness.  Is this a trap???  Are we all due????  I'm confused!!!


    If it happened, they'd both be on IR halfway into the season.  :badmood:

  2. In order:

    Carmichael - The Saints O has never been an issue.   Has tons of experience running an offense.  Has been able to adapt and make use of the best weapons on the team, whether that means airing it out or running it. 

    McCarthy - Probably underachieved in GB, but still an offensive coach with a proven track record and better than anything we've had for the last decade or so.

    Shanahan - I know he's not on the list above, but how do you pass on Shanahan if he wants the job?  Successful pretty much wherever he's been.

    Toub - Intrigued by him.  In general, I think special teams guys make better head coaches.  Just like catchers make better managers in baseball because they tend to see the whole game and are not tied to the offensive or defensive side of the ball.  

    Lincoln Riley - Great offensive minded coach, but only has college experience. A lot of risk involved with this pick IMO.

    •     15 - Josh McCown 6'4" 218 Sam Houston State   
    •     83 - Eric Tomlinson 6'6" 263 UTEP       
    •     81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska   
    •     10 - Jermaine Kearse 6'1" 205 Washington  
    •     82 - Rishard Matthews 6'0" 217 Nevada
    •     17 - Charone Peake 6'3" 205 Clemson
    •     68 - Kelvin Beachum 6"3" 303  SMU (T)  
    •     92 - Leonard Williams 6'5 300 USC (DE/DT)
    •     55 - Jeremiah Attaochu 6'3" 252 Georgia Tech (OLB) 
    •     41 - Buster Skrine 5'9" 185 Tennessee-Chattanooga 
    •     27 - Darryl Roberts 6'0" 182 Marshall (S?) 
    •     58 - Darron Lee 6'1" 235 Ohio State   (ILB)
    •     20 - Isaiah Crowell 5'11" 225 Alabama State  (RB)
    •     29 - Bilal Powell 5'11" 207 Louisville (RB)

    And of course the entire front office and coaching staff except Boyer and Greene

  3. The OP and everyone on this board (except 1 so far) knows Hopkins should've been double covered the entire game.  Even the braindead announcers pointed out several times that they're baffled as to why Hopkins is single covered.  Only that idiot Todd Bowles couldn't see this and we got torched to the tune of 170yds and 2 TDs. 

    Especially once Lamar Miller was out, there was absolutely no reason not to double the only other weapon on that team.

    But Bowles believes in the future, there will be no need to double #1 receivers because #3 safeties playing corner  will be the best way to stop beastmode #1 receivers.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

    People keep saying Maccagnan is getting better, better how exactly?   Big deal he had Darnold fall in his lap and found Herndon in the 4th round.  That’s supposed to erase the absolutely abysmal drafts he had in the past?  Shepherd and Cannon are underwhelming so far, and I bet aren’t even on the roster by 2020.  


    If you've been the absolute worst at doing your job for 4 years and in your last year you got slightly better than the absolute worst, this is suddenly a reason to keep someone on board?  Slightly better than not the absolute worst?

    Standards are getting real low around here.  The defense looked better with Bowles calling the plays for a couple of weeks, should we keep him around for that too?

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    If you think about it, the only really expensive part of that plan is Bell. Eli Rogers is coming off an ACL? or Humphries wont be that expensive, Quincys value has really plummeted with his injuries, Anderson can be tendered at a 2nd round, AJ Brown would be on a rookie contract, Herndon & Sterling are cheap, McGuire & Cannon are cheap. So, your largest outlay of free agency cash is Bell & Trent Brown if the Pats don't franchise him (They might not because they picked Isaiah Wynn at 23 in the 1st in 2018.). That leaves some dough to fill in on defense & get some pass rushers.

    I completely agree with you.  I wasn't being sarcastic when I said please email your plan to the front office.  I think everyone should copy and paste the plan and email it to the Jets FO.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Could you imagine Sam lining up behind center, Trent Brown at LT, Long, Stud Center, Winters, Shell. Skill players- Bell, McGuire & Cannon are cheap RBs, Herndon & Sterling are cheap TEs, AJ Brown, Rogers or Humphries, Quincy, Anderson at WRs. Be a fun 2019. 

    Please email this plan directly to the Jets front office.

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