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  1. Looks like SOJ for another 3 years. Hopefully, they will at least be watchable unlike this year.
  2. For a second there I thought Punt Returner. I wouldn't put it past Mac. I think the 9ers take Bosa and Gruden takes Herbert. Which leaves the Jets with Jonah Williams... take him or trade down if possible.
  3. Holy sh*t! I forgot this guy was even on the team till I read your post.
  4. Best way to watch the Jets... DON'T
  5. Adams is doing a good job on the field but he really needs to STFU. Absolutely EVERYONE can see Todd Bowles is the problem. If he wants to call out Mac and the Johnsons along with Bowles, that's fine. But you have to have more than a few screws missing to say Bowles is not the problem.
  6. Could be because they CHEAT up in Fuxboro. Every team that goes to play there, no matter how good, magically ends up looking terrible.
  7. Maybe he meant watch as the Jets totally screw this up again today by not firing Bowles yet again.
  8. He makes a good point. McCown's been in the league for 16 years and since hasn't shaken off the rust and gotten his timing back.
  9. Only 18% ?! We're being underestimated again. WTF.
  10. Screw Boomer for providing some false hope on this Monday. Get the FIRE BOOMER signs ready!
  11. Would not put it past the Jets to fire him this year and re-hire him in the offseason. "We saw Todd was having a difficult time, so we gave him a few months off to relax and gather himself. We're proud to announce he's back to lead this organization."
  12. He's waiting to see if Fitztragic gets cut first.
  13. How many meaningless games do we have to win to get to our magically lucky draft pick #6?
  14. The Buffalo Bills who were averaging something like 10 points a game hung 41 points on the Jets. Yeah, this game is "winnable."
  15. "I'm gonna miss you buddy. I used to get 2 extra bye weeks every year by playing you."
  16. Why would Bell play for the Colts with a great QB, a great WR, an established OL, an established TE, a competent HC and an improving defense when he could play for the Jets instead?
  17. If that's true, this team is gonna be sick for a long time.
  18. The Giants roster is extremely talented. They're missing a QB and their coaching is dog poop, but they draft well. The Jags roster is talented. They're missing a QB and their coaching is dog poop, but they draft well. The Jets roster is a dumpster fire. They only have a potential franchise QB and their coaching, GM and owners are dog poop.
  19. THIS. Marrone was basically like I can't fire the QB and I'm not going to fire myself, so tag your're it.
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