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  1. Adjust it to 2025 since it'll be 3 years before they fire Mac, the team will be even worse then and we'll have to start from the beginning all over again with a "3 year rebuild" that will take at least 4.
  2. He too wants nothing to do with this team and has abandoned them.
  3. I feel you on this. This is the first year in like 30 years that I've not watched a game when I could've. I've stopped watching this team completely now. I refuse to waste anymore time or money on them until there's some sense that they're at least attempting to get better at something, ANYTHING. This is a new low. Even in previous years of being bad, they would at least be entertaining. This year, they walk into the stadium, get their ass handed to them while going run, run, pass, punt EVERY TIME, then walk out. Rinse and repeat.
  4. I have no answer for you since I am not a sth, but hopefully someone will chime in and help you out. I just wanted to say I would not go down there at halftime while the Jets are losing by 40. I would think it's better to go before the game actually starts when everyone is still happy.
  5. And finally one the fans can get behind too.
  6. Yeah, that was one hell of a fight they put up against Buffalo. Everybody connected with this "organization" needs to be fired.
  7. Mevi$ should pay more attention to the shade cast by his now 300lb shadow.
  8. Apparently I failed at having my comment dripping with enough My apologies.
  9. Why even bother with free agency? I recommend relying solely on Mac's excellent drafting skills to build both the sides of the ball with all-pro, championship caliber players.
  10. Yes, she was supposedly in consideration for the NFL commissioner job. Probably would've done a better job too.
  11. The drop off is pretty big. https://overthecap.com/position/left-tackle/2018
  12. According to this years cap numbers: Beachum $9.5M Winters $7.0M Carpenter $6.8M Long $6.6M Shell $688K About $31M. Maybe the numbers in the first post include signing bonuses.
  13. You guys are aiming too high with these classic songs. You need to pick something on the the same level as Bowles coaching style. Elementary. Preschool even.
  14. Simple right? Super Bowl here we come.
  15. This is absolutely true, but is Harbaugh that guy. None of the coordinators he's hired during his years with Baltimore have been able to produce a consistent, aggressive, aerial attack capable of putting up 30pts or more a game. When's the last time anybody was worried about playing Baltimore's offense? I'd be all for Harbaugh if he's able to get with the NFL program and hire a young, aggressive OC who is focused on passing and putting points on the board, I don't think Harbaugh is capable of changing his way of thinking... super tough defensive, competent don't turn it over offense.
  16. Dumb and dumber (still trying to figure out which is which)
  17. Mac gets credit for moving up to 3, but he went up to get Baker and could've ended up with Rosen or Allen. So yes, it was a miracle he ended up with Darnold. And that move up cost 3 2nd round picks. You don't think the Jets could use 3 2nd round talents on this team?
  18. You're kidding right? He got into position to take Baker. No one thought Darnold was getting past the Browns or the Giants, including Mac. If the Giants took Darnold at 2, we'd have Rosen or Allen right now. Think about that. He completely lucked into Darnold.
  19. 4 years into a rebuild and we're still at square one in Year 1 of the rebuild. How is this possible? Something like 80% or more of Macs draft picks are no longer in the NFL. The rest are decent to good at best starters (no pro bowlers, all JAGs). He's wasted a ton of money in FA and that has produced zero talent as well. The only reason we have $100M in cap space is because half the team needs to be filled next year. How the organization says Mac's job is "safe" is mind boggling. I will not watch anymore games this season. I only watched the Buffalo game after the Miami debacle because I thought it was our best chance for a win. We all see how that turned out. No more money/loyalty from me until both Mac and Bowles are gone and the Jets get a clue.
  20. It's funny (and sad) that Adams can make this statement while at the same time saying Bowles is not the problem and he still supports him. Guess what Jamal, until Bowles is gone, nothing is changing.
  21. He's gonna swallow a bullet instead of Bulleit Whiskey
  22. I get your point, but that's a bad comparison IMO. I would sign Earl Thomas today if that was an option.
  23. If this happens, it wouldn't matter what we did with Bowles because it means Hell would've frozen over, Armagedon has started and we're all screwed.
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