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  1. This is effectively a blackout since neither team is getting into the redzone tomorrow.
  2. F* Maaarky Maaark. Typical Boston douchebag.
  3. You know what would really set his development back? If he dies behind this oline while having to run the pooptastic offensive playcalls all while juggling balls from the center.
  4. The problem is not holding the Bills to 10 or less. It's the offense putting up 6 or less.
  5. Don't know if this was mentioned before since I didn't read through the whole thread, but I came across this stat that made me feel slightly better today. Player A though Nov. 5 of his rookie season: 1,873 yards, 11 TD, 16 INT, 55% completion, 6.4 Y/A, 64.5 rating. Player B through Nov. 5 in his rookie season: 1,934 yards, 11 TD, 14 INT, 55% completion, 6.7 Y/A, 68.3 rating. Player A is Peyton Manning. Player B is Sam Darnold. I still have high hopes for Sam, but the Jets need to fire everyone (Macc, Bowles and both their staffs) & get some offensive talent for him to reach his full potential.
  6. You know what you can blame a GM for? Having "starters" on the team that would be backups or 3rd stringers on other teams. You know what else you can blame a GM for? Not having enough depth that you have to start a C with a broken finger who can't hit the broadside of the barn because you have ZERO talent behind mediocre talent in the first place. You know what else you can blame a GM for? Having 4 freaking years to fix the issues and doing the same dumb thing every time.
  7. Bowles is capable of thinking? Is this a recent development?
  8. 4 years to build up the OL and offensive skill positions knowing you were at some point going to try to draft a franchise QB, so the obvious oh so logical plan was of course get as many halfass LBs, CBs and Safetys as possible.
  9. I wouldn't be comfortable betting my paycheck vs the Bills this Sunday at Metlife.
  10. Because he insisted on passing in a league that's all about passing. He wasn't visionary enough to see that NFL will go back to running the ball in 10 years time.
  11. This attitude comes from the top... Todd "Moral Victory" Bowles. "We played hard, we stayed together, have to fix some things going forward." Rinse and repeat. Teams take on the attitude of the HC. When Rex was here we were "Super Bowl contenders" even after ridiculous losses. Until Bowles is gone, nothing changes.
  12. Would have loved to see Darnold behind a line of LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson* T Marques Douglas LG Alan Faneca* C Nick Mangold*+ RG Brandon Moore RT Damien Woody Sanchez with the current line would have retired at halftime.
  13. He can't grasp the Jets offense. He's having difficulty understanding why the goal of each offensive drive is to punt.
  14. The next offensive minded HC for the Jets should really look at bringing Rex in as the DC. If you don't let Rex make decisions on offense or game management and just concentrate on the D and he does a damn fine job.
  15. I'd give him a shot at OLB for $4M for the rest of the season.
  16. Quick Thoughts? "Oh no, we're going to lose to Brock freaking Osweiler."
  17. This and the fact that the Raiders OL makes ours look All Pro.
  18. I though Mayfield was a quick, elusive QB? I think we found some pass rushers. Macc needs to put in a call to the Fayetteville PD.
  19. So you're saying in the 3 years he's been year with huge amounts of cap to spend and multiple draft picks, we still have an an incomplete defense, no LT, no #1 receiver and no running back? Yeah, he's doing an excellent job. The real point is Mac passed on plenty offensive weapons and ignored the OL for 3 years while he "built" a defense that still gets torched and is in the middle (at best) of the league. Then he drafts Darnold with no weapons or OL in place from 3 previous drafts and free agency periods so that he has to run for his life while playing with a bunch of JAGs at essentially every position.
  20. He forgot to say, "That way they would've passed on me and I wouldn't have to be stuck in the Factory of Sadness for at least the next 4 years."
  21. Agreed, but were Johnson and Johnson listening? What I mean is an all out NY media blitz about how this roster is built for the CFL.
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