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  1. I personally didn't have anyone in mind. I would've preferred they went after established FAs. Maybe they did and didn't get them. Just thought they would draft one in the 3rd (maybe Brown) instead of hoping someone in the 6th or an UDFA works out. Just drafted (hopefully) the franchise QB and you basically admitted that all of the players on the OL are either coming back from injury or didn't play well last year.
  2. Lol all I saw about the OL was injured, injured, sucked last year, sucks and injured. Fantastic OL we have... basically hope and prayers, which is what the QB will be doing... hoping and praying he won't get killed.
  3. If it's a defensive heavy draft at the top of the first and we have another high pick, we better be trying everything possible to trade down for more picks and just draft OL in the first 3 rounds.
  4. Has to be Jackson. No way you take Ridley when you have Thomas there already. Plus they gave up a 1 next year.
  5. His response was a reaction to not being drafted #1 when pretty much everyone said he would. Having the Browns draft Mayfield ahead of him. Then having the Giants pass on him when everyone again said no way the Giants pass on him if the Browns pick someone else. Just proves one thing... the analysts and experts are idiots.
  6. IF he stays healthy, there's no reason why he can't be.
  7. I know. I just mean he was pretty much considered the #2 QB in the draft and three other QBs were taken before him and now he's pissed because he fell farther than anyone thought he would.
  8. Rosen falling reminds me of Rodgers falling. I think the kid will kill it in AZ. Would've preferred him over Darnold, but I don't hate picking the QB most people had at #1 for over a year
  9. At MetLife with a few friends who are dumb enough to go with me. Less likelihood of me breaking anything I own there, but a higher possibility of a riot breaking out when the pick is announced.
  10. Barkley and then whichever of the 2 (possibly 3) QBs that are left at 4.
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