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  1. 1st pre-season game, at least a quarter.
  2. Zach threw lots to Dax Now seems ready to find Brax before game vs. JAX
  3. Austin is on the bubble, IMO. Non-JD 6th round pick. 2 year performance: average/JAG. Def see JD/Saleh giving Dunn a shot if it comes down to numbers. Would be snatched of PS quick if he keeps showing in TC.
  4. Been a Tottenham Hotspur fan since HS, Eriksen was one of the best to wear the Lilywhite. Creative, smart and deadly on free kicks. Praying for you Christian.
  5. It's Cole time (Keelan variety)!
  6. Shepard showed signs of life last year. Upward trend from him=potent DL w/depth.
  7. Youngsters!?!? SAR, willing to give you the benefit of the doubt this was nothing more than the worst word choice in the history of message board posting.
  8. Wonder if Darnold to D.Arnold passes will be as confusing to Carolinians as Micheal Carter/Michael Carter will be to Jerseyites.
  9. Get with the program, there are no brakes.
  10. 8 gonna be special. Look at that vapor trail, damn.
  11. It's official, we've won the offseason!
  12. Raiders got JD'ed! Gruden must have lost his sh*t when Jets moved to 14. AVT would be his pick 100000%. Leatherwood was T moving to G Plan B, Mayock probably wanted someone else but Gruden flashed his rings...
  13. Bring back Langi, I like that dude.
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