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  1. Based on this Williams is first pick. Q at 3 or G if trading down.
  2. I've never owned a hat, want my first to be a Jets.
  3. doublel9

    The Browns...!?

    Shouldn't have cut Juice Cajuste. Crystal dude would have won them the game
  4. doublel9

    Sam Darnold to start Week 1

    His mom's nickname says it best, The DNA. He seems to be a learning machine, some human-Google-AI mash-up. Still can't believe he's a Jet.
  5. Sadly, Snoopy has left the building. MetLife ditched Peanuts two years ago.
  6. doublel9

    KRL Camp Notes (7/29/18)

    Awesome, KRL. Can you somehow get inside Jackie Davidson's office and diagnose what's going on in there?

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