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  1. KRL, observations please? Who flashed? Offense or Defense ahead? Don't leave us hangin...
  2. No fans, meh. Loss of KRL Camp Notes, unbearable.
  3. Doctson, Smith and George Campbell! He's wicked fast and ST demon. Gotta chance...
  4. Wut, no luv for the Javelin?
  5. Your wish most likely granted with his replacement... From Wikipedia On May 1, 2017, the Ravens announced that Perriman would switch from No. 18 to No. 11 for the season. Perriman wore No. 11 at UCF
  6. And he has Burgess 19! 2nd half of season Defensive MVP. JD needs to reward rank and file performance and bring him back
  7. Consensus is that Okudah won't drop to 11. If he does, would be near consensus that he's picked. Look at Sarge's poll on Jeudy vs. Okudah, only 55/45 in favor of Jeudy
  8. Melinda Katz new Queens DA born (1965), raised and lives in Forest Hills Queens. High probability she is Jets/Mets fan, hopefully bodes well for Q. Tread lightly, Melinda. Your Jets need big jump from Q in year 2.
  9. If the OL is tuned like that orchestra and Sam can s(l)ing like that dude, Gase can sleep all he wants on the sideline...
  10. By healthy do you mean Beachum, Osemele, Kalil, Winters and Shell? With that group my guess is you'd still be crying right now.
  11. Happens every 12 years. Hope we're alive and world's still spinning to witness following occurence in '32.

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