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  1. Un-ficken-believable Can't go wrong, works for make or miss, 1 or 100 game career
  2. Cuz Dortch & Bellamy play specials. Hope they keep him, will get snatched up if waived
  3. Don't see McGuire or Burnett sticking, sad cuz both legit NFL depth players and fan favs. Fatukasi>Shepard but one loses out on crowded DL Pray for decent waived DB and S. S as much a concern as DB. Hot mess. I luv Luvu, Jet for life!
  4. KRL, extended days at camp this year? Love it, stay healthy. I'm beginning to mark time by yearly return of KRL camp notes.
  5. Beat writers? Only concern is getting KRL camp notes.
  6. Macc was right, who knew🤔?
  7. Based on this Williams is first pick. Q at 3 or G if trading down.

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