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  1. Now you finally understand why I watched in my basement eating pretzels all these years.
  2. Q. When did the jets become a “good situation”? A.
  3. looks like his GF n she aint letting him outta her sight on first road trip . She prolly already vetoed Rodgers inviting Zach to crib for "chalk talk"
  4. Echols is the new 24 (look carefully at pic...)
  5. That's the LDS in him. Bred to keep knocking doors after hearing "f*ck off" 100 times.
  6. You have video of this??? Can only imagine how it would look.
  7. Saw KRL Camp Notes (7/31/21), heart skipped a beat. As always, priceless.
  8. 1st pre-season game, at least a quarter.
  9. Zach threw lots to Dax Now seems ready to find Brax before game vs. JAX
  10. Austin is on the bubble, IMO. Non-JD 6th round pick. 2 year performance: average/JAG. Def see JD/Saleh giving Dunn a shot if it comes down to numbers. Would be snatched of PS quick if he keeps showing in TC.
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