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  1. Berrios avenges Danny Woodhead! Eat that Hoody...
  2. League average is 38.7%. 65% is worst in the league. We have allowed 9 TDs (45%), tied for worst in the league with Atlanta. League average is 24.4
  3. doublel9


    Take it back one further... Hunt going into score instead of "clocking" it at the one. Flacco said this in his presser.
  4. doublel9

    Game Balls

    What, the strike to Jeff Smith was chopped liver?
  5. What, the perfect throw to Jeff Smith was chopped liver?
  6. Chick Fil-A? Pshaw!! In-N-Out invented it, still the best by many car lengths. https://www.mashed.com/770638/the-in-n-out-invention-that-changed-fast-food-forever/
  7. After that Super Bowl performance, yes, Moron 5.
  8. He was '20/'21 WPMOTY. Likely Whitworth will be sitting next to Goodell next year.
  9. Thanks for this, Lith, seminal moment in my life... Was Jr in college, up before dawn drove 4.5 hours w/frat bro Dave, Steeler fan from Hollidaysburg PA. His first time in NYC, had Steeler hat swiped off head within ten minutes. Welcome to Queens! Was on field after game, grabbed dirt, swore never to go to Jersey or fill-up at Hess. Been in basement eating pretzels, watching on TV ever since. Now, never miss a Speedway when needle nears E
  10. Srsly?? Awesome! Heard JD still plays cards with Raven buds. "All in" for LJ...
  11. On separate note, what up with JD building a roster with all these: Three letter IOL AVT, GVR, LDT, CMG Same name MC1/MC2 Nearly same name Bryce Hall/Bryce Huff Brothers with nearly the same name, same initials QW/QW Sucks we cut our Lamar Jackson, JD would get the other one for sure...
  12. Now you finally understand why I watched in my basement eating pretzels all these years.
  13. Q. When did the jets become a “good situation”? A.
  14. looks like his GF n she aint letting him outta her sight on first road trip . She prolly already vetoed Rodgers inviting Zach to crib for "chalk talk"
  15. Echols is the new 24 (look carefully at pic...)
  16. That's the LDS in him. Bred to keep knocking doors after hearing "f*ck off" 100 times.
  17. You have video of this??? Can only imagine how it would look.
  18. Saw KRL Camp Notes (7/31/21), heart skipped a beat. As always, priceless.
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