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  1. I expect them to be middle of the pack. Not really a big fan of those traditional stats for ranking units. But I expect them to be in the 12-20 range using FO DVOA ranking.
  2. 1 draft day steal signed, 8 more to go.
  3. You can’t sh*t on the Jets for beating Josh Allen and Dereck Carr and simultaneously have the Bills ranked 13th and Raiders ranked 8th. We also best his 10th ranked- Dallas. Then he quotes Miami’s record after Halloween as Justification for having them 19th.
  4. JD has been on point with almost all his signing. We’ve had more contracts signed where the fanbase was like “that’s it” then the other way around. GVR and Jenkins were the two that drew the most praise. Along the OL, he overpaid for Fant, got a bargain in GVR, and probably paid fair market for Lewis McGovern. In hindsight, the best value at OT they could have gotten is Peters (assuming he’s signs for around $10M). The options were: Conklin: $14 per with $30M gtd Bulaga: $10 per with $19M gtd Fant: $10 per with $9M gtd Peters: TBD Trent: 3rd (2021) and 5th. Contract details should be out soon.
  5. Edit: Found it. Here’s the analyst from Jets X Factor. A lot of this also shows up when you look at Darnold’s stats when throwing from a clean pocket (via PFF data). He ranked 8th in completion percentage in those situation. Essentially, give Darnold at least average time and he will light you up even with jags at WR. He doesn’t need star cast around him. https://jetsxfactor.com/2020/05/27/100-reasons-to-believe-in-new-york-jets-qb-sam-darnold/ In games where he was pressure by no more than the league average, he is 7-1 and did the following Att: 229 Comp: 156 (68%) Yards: 2,039 TD: 16 INT: 6 Passer Rating of 108.3
  6. Andrews and Harrison will be competing for the backup center spot. If we cut Harrison, likely means Andrews outplayed him in training camp.
  7. Yes. Sam has shown, when giving average time to throw, he’s an above average QB even with the weapons we had last year. Herndon is an upgrade at TE and Mims/Perriman are a wash with Robby/Thomas. But considering he was above average when giving time last year, than the weapons this year are enough. The big question is will this OL be good enough to consistently provide average protection. I don’t know. It comes down to Fant. If Fant is descent, than the OL is good enough to allow Darnold to shine. I think it’ll be good enough.
  8. The other thing going against Cashman is he’s also competing against guys who are also good on specials. Bello and Langi contributed more than he did on special teams and could sneak in if the team decides to go that route.
  9. Harrison and Cashman I think will get cut. No way does Jenkins get cut. He’s our best edge defender regardless of alignment. If it weren’t for the money, I could see Henry A being cut. Shep outplayed him last year.
  10. When he fast forwards the tape, I definitely see the burst.
  11. I’m not buying these numbers. The Seahawks declined to put the May 5th tender on Clowney which would have been 16.5M. If they were offering $17M, applying the tender would have been a no brainer. This is a last ditch effort to get something out of some team.
  12. Well played. Haha. I was coming in to make the positional value argument.
  13. I get the concern. We don’t want a situation like Jochai Polite. I just don’t think we have a Polite situation on our hands. Noise of Polite’s laziness started coming out after the draft. We really haven’t heard why Mims fell. We can all just speculate and come up with theories. The being upset on the call is a normal reaction for some. Douglas seemed to welcome that emotion. Time will tell. I like his fit with Darnold. Mims needs a guy who will throw the ball up to him and not be scared. That’s Darnold. Darnold is not the most accurate down field thrower. So he needs a guy who will adjust, go up and catch the ball. That’s Mims. Remember that week 1 throw to Robby in the end zone? Not a perfect throw, but Mims goes up and catches that ball 9x out of 10. At least that’s my belief.
  14. Freddie Kitchens was the favorite to win coach of the year last year. QB underperformed. Fired. John Harbough was 22nd likeliest. QB Over performed....coach of the year. Gase’s chances of winning goes as Sam goes. If you expect Darnold to light it up like I do, bet on Gase.
  15. I don’t agree with your opinion. First, Bell can be cut next year. So the three year argument is flawed. With regards to Sam, stats say otherwise. He’s most productive throwing from a clean pocket to the short to intermediate space. This was the case in college as well. Putting Sam in a vertical offense would be more of a square peg round hole argument. Luckily, Gase’s offense which is a mix of different systems mostly asks the QB to get the ball out quickly. A Stefanski type offense where 2 TEs are heavily utilized is probably best. But Gase’s system is not too far off. A Bruce Arians type of offense would likely be a square peg round hole situation.

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