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  1. He’d be batting 800. Doubt it’ll set him back. It’ll just shows he’s not super human. Plus it’s not like he’s saying TLaw isn’t worthy of the #1 pick. He’s made it clear that he thinks so. He just thinks Zach is better. Unlike prior years, his rankings aren’t far out there from the consensus.
  2. Maybe this is why scouting QBs has been hit or miss. Scouts go see Darnold at the rose bowl game and all else is forgiving because he took command of that game.
  3. Early picks on defense should be invested on Edge for our defense. If we are going to be a high blitz man coverage team, than investing high picks on corner would make sense. But all indications are that we will be a heavy zone coverage team. Better to get a scheme specific corner in the 3rd.
  4. He’s right. He’d fit perfectly in our offense. Gainwell and Hubbard would be good options for us as well.
  5. Thanks. That’s good to know.
  6. I’ve never used them. Since we keep our cars in the garage, they’ve been. We were just unlucky today. Our car likely has 50+ quarter size dents. It was like people were just throwing buckets of ice for 10 mins. Considering the extent of the damage, I don’t think I’ll give it a go myself. But I’m going to get an estimate from a local paint less dent removal auto shop. Then go from there.
  7. Hail!!! We get hail all the time in Central Texas. 2 years ago we had to get our roof replaced because of hail damage. Insurance covered a portion. We normally keep our car in the garage, but we were out the house today for all of 2hrs. In a matter of 15-20 mins a storm system came in with golf ball size hail. My car looks like Swiss cheese and the windshield is cracked. What makes me mad, hail!!!!
  8. The 1st overall makes more than 3x as much over 4 years than pick 32. Most QBs fail. If I’m going to fail, I’d want it to happen with $25-30M in my bank account. The guys picked in the top 3 are getting really large signing bonuses up front. It drops pretty drastically after the first 5 picks. Plus, if I was as good as some of these kids, I’d mostly definitely think I could turn around a franchise by myself. Second chance, top picks will always get a second chance and possibly a 3rd chance at success. The lower the pick, the less chances you get.
  9. That’s who I think is our number 2. We got Vinny Curry on a great deal. Clowney is better then the other guys. Edit: I forgot about JFM. Alright, I agree he’s not worth getting even in a backup role.
  10. I wouldn’t have minded Clowney for say $7 on a 1 yr deal. He would help the edge rotation. While we are not a playoff team, a good defense helps Zach (ie better field position, not always having to play from behind etc). Clowney is better than our 3rd option off the edge.
  11. The bickering and chest pounding has infiltrated every thread. Been hanging out in the lounge more of late.
  12. Congrats. Those are two great schools.
  13. I don’t think Zach Wilson will play much this year. Captain Morgan will out play Sam this year.
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