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  1. If he is on the trading block, I would want the Jets to go get him. Tampa needs a QB and likely needs to trade up. Our first for Evans and their second. They use our first to get the QB and they will still have their own first. That puts Evans value around pick 8-12 which seems right to me. We can use their second and the 2 3rds on the OL. Evans, Enunwa, Anderson, Herndon and Bell. Let’s go Jets.
  2. GreenFish


    Maybe I’m wrong but on gameday I always see Bowles with that sheet calling plays. I don’t think Rogers had called plays since he got sick
  3. GreenFish

    NFL Expands Rooney Rule Requirements

    I’m on the fence whether these types of rules are still needed. I think in most industries they no longer have a meaningful impact since most industries value diversity not just in race but gender, ideas, etc. The NFL does come off as an organization that is a bit rigid in its thinking and likes to stick with things that have worked in the past. Black QBs are always pushed to switch positions. Short QBs are always overlooked. The most talent players don’t always get the opportunity because they don’t fit the mold. White WRs are another example of not fitting mold and possibly being overlooked. One reason why most coaches aren’t black is because often times it takes a person who may not have been the most athletic to see the game from a strategic prism.
  4. Woody Johnson is coming out of retirement ready to win 3 more chips.
  5. Bosa and Josh Allen are the only two players I would be ok with at #3. Josh Allen looks like he’s going to be a beast.
  6. GreenFish

    What do you think of McGuire?

    That’s pretty much it. He would be a great back up to a true lead back.
  7. Not in FA. They should sign a solid number 2 or 3 receiver like Tyrell Williams so that we are not desperate come draft day. In theory we can get a number 1 in the draft if that players develops. I personally like Marquis Brown or someone explosive that can catch a slant route and take it to the house.
  8. The D also didn’t lay an egg at the end. That’s partly Darnold finishing strong and keeping the D off the field but the other variable was Lee.
  9. GreenFish

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    Yes, I would be impressed. This time last week, I didn’t think we would win another game. Anyone who would have suggested this team would finish with 6 wins would have been butfumbled left and right. With that said, I don’t think it’ll happen. And even if we win out, Bowles should go. All that finishing strong does is help us attract a good coach and FA. It also helps Bowles land a DC position.
  10. I think it’s more Bates than lack of talent. These same guys less Enunwa were ok last year. This year with McCown in at QB (which made the only different variable compared to last year the OC) the passing game was terrible. Darnold makes things a bit better because he’ll drop a few dimes and can extend plays but it’s still too much threading needed.
  11. GreenFish

    Eagles Cowboys Game

    Amari Cooper is a beast
  12. GreenFish

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    Wow surprised both those teams won.
  13. GreenFish

    He looked comfortable.

    When I read the title, I thought this was going to be a thread about Todd Bowles. But yes, Darnold looked calm. Can’t wait to see the kid with some more weapons, a new OC and a better OL.
  14. GreenFish

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    Your member name doesn't fit you. This game was a big confidence boost for Darnold. The win may take us from 3 to 4 or 5. We weren't getting the first two picks. We have a better chance of winning another game than the 49ers or Raiders. Both those teams are likely finishing with two wins. So at best we were getting the 3rd pick.
  15. GreenFish


    Gothan City Football Club Fellas. Go get'em.

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