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  1. Anyone else like all 4?

    The way I'm sort of thinking of It now is by number of shots of whiskey I need to ease my concern. I'll be fine with all 4, just for some, I'll need a bit more to drink. Mayfield: 1 shot Rosen: 2 shots Darnold: 4 shots Allen: I'm chugging and smoking a pack before he even makes it to the stage
  2. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Just because he worked with those QB's doesn't mean he prefers those type of QB's. He also worked with Petty, Hack and McCown. All it says is that he can make it work with most QBs. Since he is running a WCO, it's not crazy to think Allen is his least preferred QB.
  3. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Those other teams brought Allen in with their 30 visits. Jets have met with the other QBs as well. The type of visit doesn't really matter since you get to put them on the board and speak with them either way.
  4. Connecting the Draft Dots

    That is plausible but to me it is all about money and the agent. if you watch the first episode of the Baker documentary, his agent showed him the rookie scale by pick. Baker then drew a line at pick 5. He also talked about how he wants to go number 1 overall. The line at 5 after seeing the wage scale is pretty telling. Garrett's contract last year was worth $30 mil in total and Corey Davis' at pick 5 was worth $25. A drop off of about $1 mil per pick. But after pick 5, that drop starts to pick up. From 5 to 6 the drop is $3 mil and another $3 mil from 6 to 7. No doubt this was the agent and reporters ran with it because they don't have anything to go with.
  5. We will hopefully take advantage of one or two camp cuts this summer.
  6. I like Baker, Rosen and Darnold. So, I wouldn't be upset with a worse case scenario. But it'll be Baker and Rosen going 1 and 2 for me.
  7. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    I guess you haven't seen Allen's senior bowl throw where he threw it over the net while standing just 10 or so yards away.
  8. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    The article said that Baker scored the highest of this QB class. The player who scored higher than Baker was either a QB from a different class or a non-QB. But we don't know how close players like Rosen, Allen, and Darnold were to Baker. Just another data point for teams to use in their evaluation.
  9. First overall pick is...

    Why isn't Minkah an option?
  10. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Different era. Compare Namath stats to the next best QB of his era.
  11. The Browns saying that they are listening for offers on pick number 1 is as rediculous as Bowles saying the Jets are looking at 6 or 7 players.
  12. There's a high chance that something like this goes down. As long as Mayfield kills it, we should be fine. But if he bombs and Allen or Rosen going to kill it, sigh.
  13. That settles it. Sam Darnold it is.
  14. Giants release Marshall

    Well it's a good thing he went to a first class organization.