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  1. GreenFish

    OL Free Agency Over the Draft

    I’m all for filling as many positions as possible in FA. Especially the OLine. There are some OLine that are pretty badass in the draft though. Cody Ford as a Guard will be a force. He powerful and is athletic. Jonah as a guard could be one of the better guards in the league. But like you suggested, the value along the OLine in this draft is mostly in the 2nd and 3rd round.
  2. Someone nominate me: Real Name: Jim Bob Von Maggot I’ve wanted to be season ticket holder since 1983. Hoping next year is the year. Wait this is from 2017. I missed my chance.
  3. GreenFish

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    Well at least those that didn’t want him are happy. Cleveland meanwhile has three RBs that are better than anything we have. But at least we have our dignity.
  4. Bell is my top choice but he's a free agent. So, he can chose to go to the Colts or some other team. Our backup plan should be Tevin Coleman. Get one of those two guys and a C in FA. Then grab a couple of OL in the draft. We have to get a couple of WRs also. Macchiato has a lot of work to do.
  5. To some degree, it depends on free agency. If we hit a lot of home runs in FA, then I would be less willing to trade too far back because at that point I’m thinking quality over quantity. But as it stands I would be willing to trade back with QB needy teams like Jax, Den, Cincy and Wash if the value is right. Keep getting hauls. So my limit would be around pick 15.
  6. GreenFish

    Todd Bowles Q/A on Bucs.com

    You guys need to come to the dark side. When Todd Bowles went to Tampa, I wanted to jump over. But once Kacy Rodgers signed on as DL coach, I’m all in.
  7. My initial thought was hell no. Let the Giants burn in QB hell. But then I remembered how bad our roster is. So yes, but they will have to pay a premium compared to other team. Got to keep rubbing the Darnold wound. Otherwise trade with Jax or Den.
  8. GreenFish

    When are we getting an OC?

    It's still a legitimate questions. Unless you consider Loggains an OC. So, to answer your question, I think the Jets will get an OC around this time next year.
  9. GreenFish

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    Aside from Tre Flowers and Le'Veon Bell, this is the guy I wanted to the Jets to get. Jets sign Jordan Morgan. Hell yea. Who is this guy again?
  10. Billy B, Doug Peterson, Andy Reid, Sean McVay, and Sean Payton.
  11. At that point where it's Super Bowl or Bust. So, I fit in the enthusiastic bucket. J E T S JETS JETS JETS!
  12. GreenFish

    Shaun 'Andy Reid' Mcvay

    That makes sense. A lot of that is media and fan driven. I’ve never seen McVay talk himself up. Seems to be the type that goes about his business. Crazy how different that offense looks without a running game. Another thing to point out is that Gurley looked awful his rookie year with a bad OL. And here we are back to the old adage that a team should be built from the trenches on out. Macc needs to take note. Build the OL.
  13. GreenFish

    McVay got schooled!

    Agree. Even if Gurley was injured, Goff was so bad last night they should have giving them ball to CJ Anderson more. Although both had less than 4 yards per carry. So it’s not like they were playing well. But on those 3rd and shorts at mid field, I thought they should had called runs as well.
  14. GreenFish

    McVay got schooled!

    There’s no doubt Gurley has been injured. I’m not going to get on him for his performance. The last two game does show how much that team relies on Gurley. They weren’t the same offense despite CJ Anderson giving it his all. The Pats didn’t have to worry about the run or the play action.
  15. GreenFish

    Shaun 'Andy Reid' Mcvay

    He just took his team to the super bowl where his QB laid an egg. His QB laid an egg in the NFCG as well. Surprising how many people on here are rushing to call out McVay.

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