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  1. Without a doubt Browns fans are top 5. That fanbase loves that team. Surprised to see the Chiefs so low. There’s really only a handful of fanbases that are bad. Most are solid and the difference between those fans is his good their team is that year.
  2. Should have an option for the trolls who stop by every now and then. I’m a hardcore bell weather fan. Let me explain. Love this team. I’m usually super positive before the season. During the season as things get bad, I start to lose my sh*t. I then hit this braking point and say the hell with it. At that point, I call it a day until the combines. So basically, weeks 1-3 I’m option 1. Weeks 4-6 I’m option 2. So on and so forth.
  3. So basically once every 15 years. The last time we won the div was in 2002 or 17 years ago. Basically what this tells me is we are due. 2019 here we come.
  4. No. But You said Ints were excluded which is not true. The original post is saying Jamal has made more impact plays in his first two years than those safeties. That’s true. Not all impact plays are created equal though. Hence the constant debate about Jamal.
  5. I don’t recall him saying better safety. He’s been a DC or HC for two decades. He could be referring to Aaron Donald or possibly Sean Taylor or Myles Garrett. The list can’t be too long though.
  6. For now. Wait until Darnold hangs up the cleats. J E T S Jets Jets Jets!!!!
  7. Giants fans are butt hurt. It’s going to be rough for those fans in the coming years. Decided to check out some of their blogs which I rarely do. But since a few seem to be popping here and there, I was wondering what the vibe was over there. One of their blogs ran an article about who is better Giants or Jets. Lots of infighting. Some called the QB situation a draw. Others said Darnold by a landslide. Others said Eli > Darnold. Maybe they wanted to get the Jets fans take on it. Not sure any Jets fan is taking the Giants roster moving forward over the Jets. It’s not even debatable in my mind mostly because of the QB situation.
  8. Us, in the club seats, look around the stadium and don’t understand what all the raucous is about. The match would be much more enjoyable if everyone were to just sit back and take in the scenery.
  9. Getting some up to the minute news feed from my sources. Just in..... a live look @WayneChrebet80
  10. Excellent hire. He provides experience having been a GM before. Even though he failed in that role, that’s valuable experience. Plus he has to be ultra connected. When you run the senior bowl, you pretty much get to know every college coach, every GM and almost every scout. That’s valuable to have in your front office.
  11. What do I expect? 8-8 with Darnold playing like a top 16 QB. What would make me happy? Darnold playing like a top 16 QB with spots of brilliance. If Darnold sh*ts the fan, we can win 10 games and lose in the playoffs and I’ll call it a failure. The only way we win a super bowl is if Darnold steps up. But im a Jets fan, I’ll find something to complain about regardless.
  12. 1) Bill Parcells 2) Terry Bradway 3) Mike Macagnan 4) Mike T 5) The Idzik 12 I wasn’t around for the rest. Terry and Macc are just scouts. Terry is the better scout. Mike T is just a contract guy. Without someone helping him scout, a team is doomed. Macc handles contract well also. Idzik is another contract guy. He’s probably better at that then Trader Mike. But he’s so poor at everything else that he takes cake as the worse GM I’ve seen.
  13. Al Groh is 1 of 2 coaches (Parcell’s being the other) that has a 500+ record with the Jets. Jets coaches always do well their first year. Al Groh knew this and left on top.
  14. Also, The Eagles tried to trade for Robby before the trade deadline last year.
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