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  1. You’re right. However, I’m all about drafting the best player available. If that’s a DT or Safety, so be it. The coaches should make it work out. Please hold off on the butt fumbles. I’m trying to put myself in Macc’s shoes.
  2. 12/30 check list if I owned the Jets 1) Sit with JD and see what he thinks about Gase 2) unless JD feels strongly Gase has to go, I would announce Gase is being retained 3) I’ll then see if Gase wants to make changes to his coaching staff. Aside from OL coach, I’m assuming no 4) Finish extending players we see as long term fits 5) Trade or cut players who are not long term fits 6) I will then direct JD and Gase to focus on building the team through the draft and be selective in FA. FA’s have to fit the culture we want, system we want to run and have to be at need positions
  3. They need to yell at each other more. It’ll work itself out. It’s better than not saying anything and going through the motions.
  4. It was when the Jets offense was driving down the field in the second quarter. Robby went to the Ravens sideline and asked for his autograph. That’s why Sam has to call a timeout. Well that’s my story until someone proves me wrong.
  5. He has nobody around him. This game shows that Darnold can be a top QB. He's going up against a top 5 defense with table scraps and is playing well. The 1 INT looked like miscommunication.
  6. Nice series by Darnold. Nice makeup play by Crowder. Surprised to see the team show heart.
  7. Any way they can give that point to the Jets? Ravens 13 Jets 1
  8. Y'all can laugh all you want. Try and kick a field goal and see how it turns out. I tried the other day and couldn't kick it pass 10 yards. Conclusion: Ficken > Jets Fans. Now Ficken versus other NFL kickers is a different story.
  9. Let the beatdown begin. This is going to be an embarrassment. My only hope is that the Ravens don't lose too much confidence after the loss. We still need them to beat NE.
  10. Foly and Shepherd are a pretty solid tandem. I think Q will be better than Leo, but I would entertain trading Q in the offseason. We have such a misallocation of resources. We could literally trade Q and H Anderson and still be fine along the DL. This is after trading Leo. Golly. Trade Q for a 1st, trade Jamal for a 1st and 2nd. Go into the draft with 3 1st, 2 2nd, and 2 3rd. Use those picks on the OL, CB, and WR. It's risky because Jamal is already a legit player and Q has shown signs, but I think if JD drafts well, we'd be better off.
  11. Just one game, but so far we haven’t missed him. Defensive resources should just he thrown at pass rushers and corners. The rest of the guys just need to be smart and reliable.
  12. Those are the QB scrambles I want to see from Darnold.
  13. We are going to get smacked. We couldn’t stop Fitz from running all over us. Wait until we have to contain Lamar. The Ravens defense is a pressure machine. It might get ugly for our QB.
  14. Bilal Powell was effective throughout the game. Bell hasn’t been productive all year.

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