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  1. I think that was a great call by the Bills that didn't work out for them. They're winning the AFC East. Show confidence in your team and play to win games. Can't play scared when you're going up against teams like the Ravens and Chiefs.
  2. Henry is a beast. The RB position is undervalued in today's NFL. Look at Darnold pre and post CMC? This Titan's offense is pretty much Henry.
  3. I have no idea what JD will do with his draft capital. Last year, the offseason went mostly how I was hoping. But it's rare that happens. For 2022, if I were JD, I would have a similar approach as 2021. Sign a couple of key FA's (RG, TE) and then go all offense on Day 1 and 2, and go all defense on Day 3. Until we can confidently say Zach has no holes around him, we have to keep building the offense. You can't win in this league if your offense can't score. I'd go Round 1: OC, WR (in no specific order) Round 2: TE, RB (in no specific order) Round 3: OG This
  4. I decided to go and check out what Hawks fans are saying. They’re making fun of Jamal just as much as Jets fans are making of Jamal. “Stone hands Adams Lost This Game” ”This guy really can’t catch a ball even when it’s thrown to him” ”Yeah he pretty much sucks at most things a safety is suppose to do” They hate this guy. In 1.25 yrs of Adams, they already sound like Jets fans when talking about 200lb LB.
  5. Meanwhile, Seattle fans be like "Looks like we have to rebuild the entire team. Nobody looking good at all. Thank god we gave cocky trash bag Jamal Adams all that money! I hope the jets enjoy their top five draft pick courtesy of us"
  6. Dang. Wilson is able to bend his finger 75% of the way instead of the 10% doctors expected. He might start next week at this rate.
  7. Like Zach, you can see the potential but neither QB is playing well. Mac Jones is the only QB playing close to his potential. Zach and Fields have higher ceilings the Mac Jones but both are playing bad right now.
  8. We're such an unstable organization. The Cowboys have had Aikman, Romo and now Dak since we've had sh*t. The Pats have had Bledsoe and Brady and now appear to have another FQB.
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