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  1. That’s a fair point. Atlanta had two down years before he got there. And they had good offensive personnel then. The defense is complete different though. Only their two corners remain from that time. Neal, Allen, Jones, Jarrett, Beasley are all 2nd and 3rd year players. Maybe he can get credit for how good they’ve drafted on the defensive side. But Atlanta doesn’t seem like a team that is outperforming its personnel. They have talent on both sides all around. But the point I was making with Quinn is you can’t say stop hiring defensive coaches and then suggest Quinn should have been the hire.
  2. I’m getting my threads confused. In the other Bowles thread, it was noted that Jets fans wanted Quinn at the time instead of Bowles. Throughout both threads there’s a general distaste for defensive coaches. So to clarify, Quinn was brought up as another option at the time we hired Bowles. Obviously he’s not an option now. Hopefully this makes sense to you. The coaches that make their team better is rare. I believe most coaches are a product of the talent on their team. Atlanta has Matt Ryan as well as one of the most stacked teams in the NFL. Hard to compare Quinn versus Bowles when they are in different situations. Quinn is no better or worse than the majority of coaches. Your opinion on how Jets fans view Adams is an opinion. Same with mine. Not sure you can say an opinion is wrong. Never said you can’t voice your opinion. This is a Jets forum. I think that is mostly what we are all doing. No?
  3. GreenFish

    Can we talk receivers?

    OBJ is arguably a top 3 WR in the NFL. I think at best the Jets have a solid WR group. But if I could trade Robby and Enunwa for OBJ, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. It’s easier to find those number two guys. We may have 3 on the roster right now. That number one guy that is a threat every play is much harder to come by.
  4. This is where I start to question getting rid of Hack. We could have had him warming up on the sidelines. One of his passes was bound to hit Zach Brown in the head. We need an enforcer on that offensive line. Someone to pound Brown to the ground. It’s only practice. So it won’t cost us anything.
  5. GreenFish

    My prediction..your guess.

    I’ll try and give objective feedback. Keep in mind, I’m a glass is half full type of person. The three key positions that are needed for long-term success are QB, HC and GM. NE: They are the biggest wildcard. I don’t see BB and Brady after 3 or so years. I think McDaniels will be the air to BB as a coach and B.B. will continue as GM. So they’ll have an offensive minded coach and a solid GM. If they are able to find a QB in the next two years, I think they’ll be fine. Miami: I think they are set up to just be ok. Never bad and never good enough to be serious contendors. Buffalo: another wild card. This all falls back to Allen. I don’t think he bust but wont be as good as Darnold. Jets: Have the best potential at QB. HC and GM are tbd. If I were to rank the teams in order, It would be Jets > Pats > Miami > buffalo
  6. GreenFish

    My prediction..your guess.

    You posted this poll in a Jets forum. We are biased. I went with the Jets but once all the SOJF get in here, the Jets will likely be 3rd or 4th.
  7. Reporters last year: How long before you retire? Brady: I want to play until I am 45 Jets draft Darnold. Reporters this year: How long before you retire? Brady: Sooner rather than later
  8. Does PFF factor in trash talking in their analysis? Above average with all the trash talking. No, it can’t be.
  9. Trying to figure out whether the hatred for Bowles is higher/(lower) than then hatred for Adams on this site. We have Jets fans who can’t wait for the team to lose so that their view of Bowles can come true. 😳 In other news, seems like people don’t want a defensive guy as a head coach. Logical conclusion. But then Dan Quinn gets brought up as the alternative to Bowles.
  10. This had me on the floor laughing. And I’m a fan of Jamal who doesn’t mind the trash talking.
  11. In the article the conclusion implies on average or over the course of a season the edge is more valuable than the interior rusher. Any time you do these types of analysis, there are going to be specific situations that contradict the results. But, on average, they are saying an edge will provide a bigger impact. This is helpful when it comes to allocating resources and deciding how to pay guys and where to draft guys. If Khalil Mack gets $22 mil per year, maybe Donald isn’t worth $20 mil plus? Maybe. The analysis is only for the 2017 season. Probably need a few more years of analytics to be more certain about the relative value of interior versus exterior pressure.
  12. Really nice article. Puts a pause to the thought of interior pressure versus exterior pressure. Especially after the dominance of players like Donald.
  13. Have to wait for the facts to come out. If he is found guilty, what a mess of a human.
  14. Let’s stop worrying about other team’s players and hoping our players step up. I, for one, think Obum Gwacham is ready to make that leap.
  15. I’m all in on Darnold. I had a few doubts about him during the draft process. But I’ve since thrown most of those out the window.