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  1. How crazy would it be if they get Foles and he wins a super bowl for them?
  2. Lawson is that good. This is only going to make Becton better.
  3. Zach Wilson will cause Tom Brady to play another 10 years. Sorry Tommy boy. Zach is coming for all your records.
  4. +1. Even though he’s a Dolphins fan, I think he’s been the best Jets follow throughout camp.
  5. Figuratively, probably means a short guy. But we are all gas no breaks, so he might literally mean that Lawson sawed off part of himself to give himself and edge against the bigger Becton.
  6. I say no because I believe in Wilson. But I won’t be mad if we do. Watson is proven.
  7. He supposedly has added 30lbs and has been working with a TE coach at U Louisville. So that puts him at 6’3” 235lbs. That’s roughly Kenny Yoboah’s size.
  8. But he missed two practices! His rookie season is shot.
  9. As a front office, you have to pick your battles. The cost/benefit analysis here just doesn’t make sense. Playing hardball with Crowder and Maye...fine. Offset language on a Rookie QB contract...NO. As bad as Sam was, even he played through his contract.
  10. Captain Morgan is the best QB on the team. He’s got the goods.
  11. There’s the rookie factor that you need to consider. Ryan and Jimmy G were both a few years into their careers at that point. I wouldn’t expect him to be as efficient but I still think 4,000 yards is attainable giving the 17 games.
  12. Same. How the hell is Belichick number 1? I had to scroll back up and make sure he was ranking GMs.
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