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  1. Nah. This might be the super bowl I’m looking forward to the most (in recent years). Tom Brady has cemented himself as the GOAT. He’s at least the greatest QB of his generation. On the other side, you have Mahomes who will likely be viewed as the greatest QB of his generation and will be in the conversation for GOAT by the time he retires. Games like this don’t usually take place in big moments regardless of sport.
  2. Just proves who was the main the reason for the success NE has had. BB is a great coach (all time great in his own right) and comes up with some excellent defensive game plans. But they wouldn’t have sniffed the level of success they had without TB. It’s a good sign going forward because BB hasn’t been great at identifying talent in the draft the last few years. Brady masked a lot of deficiencies on that team.
  3. Sounds like he might asked to be traded. 🧐 hmmm. We have draft picks.
  4. That’s it. Buffalo will be watching the Super Bowl with the rest of us.
  5. D*ck move by Allen throwing the ball at his face like that.
  6. Hoping Allen does something. I’m starting to get worried another team might throw their hat in the Watson sweepstakes.
  7. KC is showing us how to beat the Bills. Now if we can just borrow Mahomes a couple of games a year.
  8. Rex won when he had talent. So, that confirms your theory of him specifically. Gase...I don’t know. Seems like he needs to be in a perfect situation to be successful. He’s a bad HC. Bowles. I don’t know. He’ll get another shot to prove himself at some point. My view is the GM has been the main issue, but the HC get some blame not developing players. Gase did an awful job working with Darnold. And Rex did an awful job working with Sanchez.
  9. The thing with Stafford is that he likely only has 4 or 5 years left of top end play. We are not a QB away. So at best we are contenders for 2 or 3 years before we need another reset. He should go to a team like the Colts or the 49ers. I’ve become indifferent between a rookie or Darnold. But both are preferred over Stafford. But it’s all about Watson until we get a definitive no he is not available.
  10. Joe Douglas on the phone right now with Chris Godwin’s agent. Tampering be damned.
  11. Ehh. Darnold > Watson. Unless they hire Frazier. If that happens, we should go all in on Watson and toss Darnold to the side.

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