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  1. I feel the same as before. He couldn’t do much with Falk. You can’t design a deep play with Falk at QB. Gase needs to be evaluated at the end of the year. Today was a great day.
  2. Sam Fickens. Doesn’t deserve the game ball. But how fast we moved on from the K crisis. He’s been good.
  3. I’ve noticed this also. Don’t stress it though. This should be the happiest day of a Jets fans life. Darnold confirmed he’s a difference maker at QB. We have a GM that traded a conditional 7th for a player that looks to be our answer at guard. Our GM got the best of a trade with New England. Too many positive things to focus on than to care about these yahoos on TV.
  4. He’s getting a masters degree in iDL play going up against the Philly and Dallas iOL. Im still shocked our defense looks good. Gregg is a genius.
  5. Every team needs a number 2 and a number 3 WR. Does it matter that he’s not a number 1?
  6. I agree. We attacked the defense at all levels. We saw WR reverses, shuffle throws, RPOs. If we can get a better OL, it’ll open up the offense even more. Bell gets no room to run.
  7. Totally forgot to watch him. Glad he played well. The cos Hong staff seems to believe in him.
  8. Sam. honorable mention to Jamal, Maye and Gase. Gase could have easily gone into a shell and tried to run the clock out. He gave Sam the ball. And Sam did what Sam does.
  9. What a stressful game. Omg. Why did we ask for this again?

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