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  1. No. Cut players are not included in the comp calculation.
  2. If you can quantify happiness, you’d have to average out that number over the time period. The Rams are not a good example though. They’ve been a consistent winner for a few years now. Just also happened to go all in one year. Giants fans vs Dallas fans might be a better example.
  3. I think i would prefer the consistent winner. Every game, every year would be entertaining. I know I wont be wasting my Sundays watching trash.
  4. Carr might lose us that AFC playoff matchup. But Jimmy G might not even be healthy enough to play if we even make it there with him. I dont get why people want him. He should be plan E.
  5. "In fact, one source said that general manager Joe Douglas is admitting to people in the league the franchise will go all out in the attempt to bring Rodgers to Gang Green. And it only makes sense." I read this "fact" and determined...that's a lie. (said in my best Maury voice). No way is Joe Douglas walking around telling insiders that he is ready to go all out. lol.
  6. Logical decision. Purdy is already better than him. Have Purdy and Lance compete.
  7. I’m on board with ARod. We are contenders with him. ARod for 2 years. Zach sits and learn. Then competes for the starting gig against our 2024 QB draft pick who will 1 year of sitting and learning as well.
  8. If we get ARod, grooming Zach behind him for two years is not a bad idea. We need our remaining draft picks to fix the OL. So I dont want us drafting a QB. We draft a QB in 2024 to also groom and see which of the two takes over once Rodgers retires.
  9. Sounds exciting. Depending on how things land, I may go. I’ve only watched a Jets regular season game in person once. Mark Sanchez threw the ball farther than I’ve ever seem. Can’t imagine what it’s like to see Josh Allen launch it.
  10. I live in Central Texas. So cant really say too much about the DFW area. I would just say it depends on what you are looking for: stadium, team, and/or band. CTX has a lot of great bands but the stadiums are not as nice as some schools in say DFW or Houston. Someone mentioned Allen HS. They have probably the most expensive stadium. Ive never been there but the pictures look nice. They also have a really good team.
  11. Sounds like a scout who is prematurely tooting his own horn. JJ looked fine to me. But we will know more in year 2.
  12. Even worse is that Mike White is the second most injured QB in NFL history. If we land Jimmy G, i dont even know how I will react. It’ll be a sad day.
  13. Im with Assman on this. I don't think Rodgers compensation will be as much as most are suggesting. Day 2 pick this year and a conditional pick that could become a 1st next year is what I’m thinking.
  14. High school football in Texas is a must. We go every year to watch our local hs. The band is the best part.
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