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  1. Man that's a bold statement. He does contradict himself a bit and is a somewhat all over the place in that interview. I guess the interviewers could be partly to blame for that. They should have dug into it more as opposed to letting him just say it and trying to switch topics every time. It's like they brushed it off and did not want to address it. I dont doubt the refs lean one way. I find it hard to believe the games are fixed though. More like the deck is stacked in favor of some teams/players.
  2. I think he is referring to there being dysfunction in Dallas. Basically saying they're becoming the Jets and Jags.
  3. Berrios needs to tell his uncle to stop talking about his contract on social media. Let the agent do the negotiating.
  4. We paid Cole to be our #3 WR coming off a year where he caught 55 for 642 yards. Crowder, coming off a 59 catch 699 yard year was valued at $6.2M. We will be paying Berrios (46/431 yards) to be our backup slot WR and to be our KR and PR. Top returners get $3m/year. Unless you think Berrios should be a starting WR, anything north of $5m is an overpay. My guess is JD’s number is $4M.
  5. The upcoming Amari Cooper divorce has been pretty clear for some time. Both parties need part ways. There were grumbling from both sides earlier this year. Glad Jerry Jones is bringing down his trade value. $20m is a bit rich for Cooper even if you factor out the down year. But it’s not egregious. He is still a go to WR and would be paid in the Mike Williams / Allen Robinson range if he were a FA. Say 16-17m per year. Cooper just happens to be on a team with talented skilled players all over the field and CeeDee Lamb became Dak’s main guy. On the Jets, I have no doubt Cooper will return t
  6. Oh no I agree with you. I meant to disregard my prior comment which I deleted. I mistakenly thought you were suggesting players on the trading block wouldn't want to come here. But i realized you were referring to FAs. I cant see us attracting a top FA WR either. We are going to have to trade for one or draft one.
  7. I’d trade a 3rd for Cooper. If we can get him for less, even better. Ridley has to pass whatever evaluation we can do. If he checks out, a 2nd seems right. DK is worth a 1st. So it'll probably take pick #10.
  8. Right. But that’s why i think it’s premature to say there’s no way we go corner in the first. If we come out of this FA period with a good OL and a WR, we have Edge, CB, LB, TE and S left to address. Edge at #4 check. There’s no TE worth a 1st round pick. So we’re left with S, CB and LB. Who’s going to have a bigger impact, a WLB or a CB? Too many reasonable scenarios can happen to just say, there’s no way we go corner. Now if we don't solidify the OL and get a WR before the draft, then I’m on the no corner boat as well.
  9. Saleh was part of the coaching staff that drafted Ramsey high for the Jags. They were running the same system. Saleh has talked about how Ramsey took that Jags defense to the next level. I think people are downplaying CB in his system. Obviously pass rush first. But CBs are important. Hell no to Stingley. But Gardner and McDuffie should be in play at #10. It all depends on FA though.
  10. Damn. He has Gardner going #6. Think he would be a great fit for us. But I’ll take this draft without hesitation.
  11. Seems like a good depth WR but the coaching staff seems to prefer Jeff Smith.
  12. Hutchinson’s career sack totals was 3.5 prior to this year. This year it jumped to 14.0 when he played opposite of Ojabo.
  13. Agree. Gardner also looks tailored made for our scheme.
  14. 2019 was a long time ago. That’s not just 4 major variants ago, it’s pre-Covid all together. Too risky. Depending on FA, corner at #10 makes more sense. Ill take Ahmad Gardner if WR is addressed prior to the draft.
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