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  1. Darnold loves throwing to TE. He was building chemistry with Herndon earlier in camp. Now Wolford and Leggett getting some action.
  2. I agree. I can’t see the Jets getting a haul for Teddy. Maybe a 3rd if some desperate team comes calling. But more likely Teddy is worth a 4th or a 5th.
  3. GreenFish

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    Before reading your post, I thought that was a picture of Francesa.
  4. GreenFish

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    So how much is reasonable for Leo’s services? Not seeing numbers thrown out there. How much is everyone expecting him to get paid? Suh got a $14 mil contract. That’s probably Leo’s ceiling if he takes a step forward.
  5. Get Fowler in before the next Redskins practice. We need a few more fighters out there to show them who’s King Kong on the field.
  6. The Jets D played well the whole game against the Falcons. They had a bad practice and the sharks are out. I don’t think they’ll be a top 5 defense. But I’m still expecting a top 15 defense. Informative to hear how Leo does against top OL. Something to follow over the next few days and during the actual game. I’m like 99% sure Darnold is starting week 1 against Detroit. He’s answered the call every step of the way. The WR unit is shaping up different than I expected. The top 4 are pretty much locked in but those last two spots are interesting. One almost has to go to Andre Roberts for PR duties. The last spot is between Hansen, McBride, Stewart and Johnson. McBride is still young and may cause us to cut Hansen and Stewart. I’m surprised Hansen is not higher on the depth chart given the good feedback we heard earlier in training camp.
  7. They are who we thought they were. Except Rosen. He’s supposedly having a good camp. Aside from him, they all played like they did in college. Darnold > Baker > Lamar=Rosen, Allen
  8. Todd Bowles seems to be a good coach for Darnold. Gives him opportunities but doesn’t allow the media to put pressure on Darnold. Bowles is doing his best B.B. impression. Darnold could start game 3 of the preseason, and Bowles will still come out and say “we are just trying to to get him more experience, this doesn’t mean anything”.
  9. GreenFish

    How good would Darnold look?

    I think by now, all Jets fans agree, the OL needs to be priority number 1 next offseason. The good news is that we will have the resources in free agency and the draft to fix the OL. Next years draft has 3 or so LT that may go in the top 15. We just need one. We can hopefully land a player like Shaq Mason and invest a day 2 pick on a Center to compete with Long and eventually replace him. This year, all we need is for Winters and Shell to show that they can be at least average (seems reasonable to expect). If that happens, we can have a solid OL by this time next year as long as we commit to fixing the OL. This is why trading Teddy for a day 2 pick is important (ideally a 2nd round pick). The top interior lineman seem to go in the late 1st and 2nd round. We can potentially get a top LT and top interior lineman in next year's draft. I don't know how the interior lineman look for 2019, but there always seems to be a handful that are worthy of day 2 picks.
  10. Maybe Terrell Pryor? Teddy should start the next game and get like 3 series. Then Darnold should come in for the 2/3 quarter and then have McCown come in the 4th to hand the ball off. Darnold should then get an extended look with the numbers 1s in the third game with Teddy finishing up the rest of the game.
  11. GreenFish


    I can honestly see teams not showing up to play us. It might get a bit fustrating. You go to the game and the other team doesn’t show up because they know they can’t win. This is what the NFL has become. A bunch of teams scared to play the J E T S Jets Jets Jets.
  12. If we get offered 2nd for Teddy, we have to take it. He is not signing with the Jets. On the open market, I think he will command $20 mil per year for 2 or 3 years. So I agree with you on the contract. But I don’t believe he’ll sign that to be a backup. We have to be all in on Darnold. Improve the OL and make sure he has receivers that work for his game. We may have those receivers on our team at the moment. So time will tell with the receivers.
  13. Just trust your eyes. Darnold scanned the field, handles pressure well, threw with anticipation and was accurate. He only had one inaccurate pass. The one near the right side line. His other 4 incompletions were either dropped or the receiver messed up. Cannon not looking back. And Stewart not running the correct route. One thing that hit me though is that since he throws with anticipation, if the receiver and him are not on the same page, it could lead to some interceptions. The Stewart pass is an example.
  14. GreenFish

    Just Name Darnold the Starter Now

    Someone tell Connor that most rookies aren’t Sam Darnold.