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  1. These are current Jets I believe were in the practice squad at some point: Pennel, Peake, Middleton. New players like Luvu was on the PS for a week and Hewitt was on Miami’s practice squad most of last year. So, basically these depth guys.
  2. Macc got Robby Anderson in 2016 as a UDFA as well. That class is turning out to be excellent. Likely why you need to give a draft class at least 3 years before rating it.
  3. I’ve been following the Jets rankings each week. We’ve consistently had a defense ranked in the top 10 as measured by DVOA. We are second in the league in takeaways which has helped. But turnovers are not sustainable. I also don’t see our pass rush continuing to play at the same level. I personally think we will regress on defense as the year goes on. This is a slightly above average defense. But it’s not a top 10 unit. Our offense has been below average but trending north. I’m expecting the offense to get better as Darnold improves.
  4. NJ.com went through a laundry list of stuff done by this cop including lying on the stand (never got prosecuted though). He’s a bad apple. There’s a reason why the NFL didn’t suspend Robby.
  5. GreenFish

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    I agree with guard but disagree with RT. It’s just as important to have a good RT. Teams move edge players around. So it’s not like back in the days where defenses put their best pass rusher over the LT. I also disagree with center. We saw last year how important that position is. A good center can help a QB a ton by calling out the protection and stuff like that
  6. GreenFish

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    All those guys are not grading much better than Long. They’re all seem to be playing like Jags.
  7. The Giants are a win now team because they most certainly can’t win with Eli next year.
  8. There was a video posted a while back where he made a lot of similar comments and came off genuine as well. The problem with his prior interview was that some people on here couldn’t understand him. In this video, I’m guessing most aren’t going to have issues understanding him.
  9. He’s always seemed like a genuine kid. He’s obviously getting mentored though. He looks and comes off a lot more polished in that interview.
  10. GreenFish

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    Mo has been injured a lot in his career including last year. A one year deal made sense for both sides.
  11. Peace you say. I’ll show you peace...
  12. GreenFish

    classless cousins

    It’s fine that he got paid what he deserves. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want our team to make a statement. They are a good team: so, it’s going to be tough. But it’s going to feel extra sweet for me.
  13. GreenFish

    classless cousins

    He knocked our leadership, didn’t take our team serious, and he didn’t even bother to pay us a visit. This most definitely should be bulletin board material. NFL players likely know what how Cousins used the Jets. They likely all read Bell’s comments. Putting a hurting on Cousins will go a long way in changing how this team is viewed by players. So hell yah I want the Jets to dismantle Cousins. I want Darnold to light them up. I want Jets fans to be so loud that I won’t be able to hear the refs or the announcers.
  14. GreenFish

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    So does this team have more talent than people expected and thus Macc has done a better job than people thought? Or is the talent bad on this team and Bowles is a better coach than people give him credit for? The Jets were expected to have a top 5 draft. That may still be the case but it doesn’t look like it right now. I came into the season thinking we are slightly below average all around or about a 7 win team. So far, that doesn’t seem too far off. But the team is trending better than I expected. The defense isn’t as good as I expected but the offense is better than I expected. Particularly the run game. Although the run game is pretty volatile game to game.
  15. I expected more from Pryor. Lee should be there. Most wanted to trade him for a bag footballs. He has played well. I expected #33 to be good. Crowell might be an honarable mention. Same with Carpenter. I thought Carpenter was going to be a disaster in our ZBS.

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