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  1. I agree with the general idea of your post. But I think one year holding the clip board should sufficient. We have to use FA strategically. Hopefully we can land, Joe Thuney, an Edge and a WR. If so, we can add a TE, Corner Edge and WR Early in the draft. It’ll just be one more offseason after that before we’d be ready to let Lawrence play
  2. Can’t argue with you there. The occasional brilliant play will keep us wondering. But he is not a consistently good QB.
  3. Damn we are dropping like flies. Every WR is out, Mosley was like hell no, Becton is hurt and now fans are heading out.
  4. Y’all are watching this game wrong. You need to watch Jets games with the intention of cheering for the other team. So far, you have to be happy with the way the Colts have been able to move the ball.
  5. We’re not winning this game. Just hoping to see progress from our young guys at this point.
  6. Oops. It was Chuma Edoga. I just assumed it was Fant. Edoga came back and blocked the guy which gave Darnold some more time to get that TD pass.
  7. I’m pretty sure Gase wants nothing to do with the offense either.
  8. Bring back Bowles. Just kidding. The difference in confidence and stature is mind boggling. What have we done?
  9. It’s a tough decision. If he falls in love with any of these QBs than he needs to pick him. We can’t keep putting QBs in these horrible positions. I would trade back for a haul and increase the talent around the QB. If Darnold continues to suck, he still has 3 years left on his 6 year deal. He can grab a QB in 2022. But by then, our team will be able to support a rookie QB.

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