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  1. I think CBs going up against WRs on one-on-one is very telling. That’s mostly it. We know Elijah Moore is good. Reed locking him is somewhat positive sign for the team. But can point to Moore not being ready to be that number 1 guy since we know Reed is more of a high end #2 CB. Sauce going against Wilson is not going to tell us much because we haven't seen either play at the NFL level. But if we hear Wilson tearing Reed up or Sauce locking down Davis and Moore, that’s a positive. Sauce going against Davis will be a good reference point. Davis is not a number 1 guy, so Sauce needs to be locking him up all day. Long story short, watching WRs going up against Reed and CBs going up against Davis are good reference points.
  2. Dang. Has Brady ever bern that direct?
  3. If we were drafting today and I had to choose between Tua and Fields, I’m taking Fields. We know what Tua is - He’s limited and cant push the ball down field. I dont believe his QB ranking is who had the best year last year. If that's the case, then just rank them by 2021 QBR. The ranking should be who do expect to be better in 2022. More egregious is Daniel Jones. He should be lower. I would have Trey Lance above Fields. And even though Zach was my QB1 last year, I think Trevor showed a stronger ability to attack the middle of the field. He should be above Zach.
  4. I listened to the podcast. Like he said, “if it works out, the Jets are geniuses”. Personally, I like that the Jets are thinking outside the box. Is it more important for coaches to hammer out the free agency list or go to the combine to watch guys run around in shorts? All the times are posted anyways. The easy OTAs are risky though. I see the logic for the skill players. But the DL and OL need to go at it to refine their skills. We will see. I will say - 12 practices in June arent getting anyone in shape. If players need these practices for conditioning, they’re already a lost cause. The focus of the practices should be scheme implementation.
  5. Let’s hope he is right. He still sounds like he loves him. I’m excited to see how Zach plays this year.
  6. This video shows why Kinlaw hates the dude. What a garbage reporter. Why do people think it’s ok to trash people? Social media is causing us to eat each other alive. Kinlaw was also unprofessional. Have to take the high road.
  7. Holy sh*t. We are the only fan base that is arguing on the first day of OTAs that is open to reporters.
  8. Get rid of everything completely. People dont even take making the pro bowl serious. The All Pro designation holds a lot more weight. Maybe have 1st and 2nd team all pro for each of the conferences.
  9. It’s the first OTA so don't want to make any crazy predictions but, based on the videos, we’re clearly Super Bowl bound. 2nd best if not the best team in the NFL right now.
  10. Hmm. I didn't think about that. The one girl who was handling the bags seemed surprised when they started swinging. So that’s likely when the physical altercation started. But she didn't even pick up a phone. Airport security has the full video no doubt.
  11. Crazy. From the footage, the airport employee slapped him first. But there was obviously something that happened before.
  12. Not saying they're happy. But they are not in the dark on his health. Saleh clearly wants him to show up.
  13. The Jets are in communication with his personal trainer and nutritionist. They have a pretty good idea what shape he is in. The fans and media dont.
  14. Pretty busy the next 5 weeks. After mandatory training camp, is the next scheduled Jets activity the start of training camp?
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