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  1. Knight can return kickoffs. I think PR will be a camp battle between a rookie and Spencer. Didnt Moore return punts in college? Maybe have him in the competition as well.
  2. GB’s cap situation will be a mess in 2024/2025 if they don't trade him before week 1. They NEED this trade to happen. You don’t pay a backup QB $60M.
  3. Pretty simple. GB fans are fooling themselves into believing they can wait until Sep 1st. lol.
  4. Sign me up. If we go to the super bowl, a future first would be worth it. Back to back super bowls. We have to win one of those. Right?
  5. I think Zach Wilson will be QB2. But I would go with Josh Johnson. 2024 if Rodgers retires: Zach as QB1, Vet and Rookie 2024 if Rodgers doesn’t retire: Rodgers, Zach and Rookie
  6. That’s likely coming from GB. They want pick 13. Since we’ve said no, GB is like, well give us JJ, a 2nd and all this other stuff that adds up to the value of pick 13. The answer will be no because Rodgers isn't worth a mid 1st rounder. If it were JJ for Rodgers straight up and GB taking some of the cap hit, that makes more sense.
  7. Packer fans are weird and very thin skinned. Their media pacifies them. They sound like they're about to cry at the thought of not getting a 1st rounder.
  8. Do it. Sign OBJ. Then trade Moore for Kelly. Done.
  9. This should be the plan. We can probably get a 4th for Moore. Not great but he wont be a second contract player. Maybe see if we can get a FS for him or a LB.
  10. He’s a solid number 2. Sign him for 2 years at $8/year. Wilson, OBJ, and Lazard would be one of the top trios in the league. Can’t think of too many teams that would be better.
  11. GreenFish

    Plan B

    If not Rodgers, than draft a QB on day 2 and sign a vet like Siemian. Even if we get Rodgers, we still need to develop a FQB. Rodgers is a bridge who just happens to give us a shot at the SB. But we’d still be the 3rd or 4th best team in the AFC.
  12. Still a good player within a rotation. He played like 60-65% of the total snaps last year and was productive. Would love to get him as Rankins replacement. Him and JFM can rotate and can both switch playing inside and outside.
  13. Give now and they’ll know his final offer is never his final offer. GMs will always try to squeeze him. His reputation is always on the line.
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