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  1. I thought he was campus police. Didn’t realize he was a security guard. He did well not to escalate the situation. I won’t argue with OBJ being in the wrong and I get he was just doing his job too. I just dislike unnecessary rules/laws. In this case the legal drinking age of 21. We’re allowed to make a decision on who will be the next president but are not trusted enough to drink responsibly. I’m not a big drinker and don’t smoke but I don’t see why college students who want to are prohibited.
  2. This is a fair assessment. OBJ was wrong, the cop showed constraint and the cop was being an ass. The thing that bothers me is why was the cop harassing them in the first place? He could have gone to any part of campus and seen underage kids drinking and smoking cigars. Heck any part of Louisiana probably. Let people live.
  3. Man just watched the video and read the detail. OBJ is a clown but come on. Sexual harassment. Haha Odell should get a Don’t Tread on Me bumper sticker. Government always trying to spoil the party.
  4. Buy low Sell high. Go get’em Joe. We might be able to trade a 6th for OBJ and a 3rd.
  5. Yup. I like the TE position going forward as well. I’d consider a late pick (5th -7th) on a TE though if the right player was available.
  6. I don’t think we can get a 3rd for him. Best case is we get a 2021 day 3 pick. Likely we are just going to cut him. Henry Anderson is another player I’d try and get something for. Won’t be much either but we still have a logjam and iDL despite trading Leo.
  7. Thomas > Wirfs > Lamb > Jeudy > Wills Im liking Lamb better than Jeudy. Lamb looks like the more dynamic and versatile receiver.
  8. New Orleans had one of the best drafts in recent memory picking 11th. 11th: Marshon Lattimore 32nd: Ryan Ramczyk (Cook trade) 42nd: Marcus Williams 67th: Alvin Kamara 76th: Alex Anzalone The Jets have the 11th, 48th, 68th, 79th picks. JD’s got this.
  9. Barry Sanders pioneered this idea. Good for him. Save your brain and raise your kids.
  10. Imagine all the draft picks we’d get though. I would have so much fun mocking. Who cares about wins. I want to mock. It’s what I do best. /sarcasm
  11. Well with Sam, we’ve already wasted 2 years of his rookie contract. So getting Joe B buys us a couple of years to win with a cheap QB. But we’d be putting Joe in a similar situation. It’s close but I would say no. As a fan, I’m already vested in Sam. I want us to win with him.
  12. Lamar didn’t play well. If Ravens fans are blaming coaching, then all NFL fans are likely the same. We must like blaming coaches for poor play.
  13. Listening to Gase, he wants Darnold to make his 3rd read from within the pocket and not roll out as much. He thought Darnold needed to be more patient when going through his reads. Friction I say!
  14. Baker’s rookie season was much better than any of Sam’s or Allen’s two year. That should be factored in when comparing these QBs. They’ll start to separate themselves over the next two years. Right now, a case can be made any of those 3 are number 2 on the least,
  15. Right now, I’d go Lamar at #1 and Rosen out of the discussion. Allen, Darnold and Baker are TBD. It’s too close to call. The three have had their ups and downs. Id go Baker > Sam > Allen which is consistent to my pre draft ranking. I haven’t seen enough one way or the other to change that. Allen has been the only surprise. He’s better than I expected.
  16. Seems like a good hire on paper. He’s had experience coaching every skill group on offense. 1st year HC so who knows about his qualities as a HC. If I were a Browns fans, I’d be cool with this hire.
  17. How did Gase misuse Bell? Everyone keeps pointing to the slot. Bell was in the slot about 30 times this year. Last active season with Pitt he was in the slot 60 times. So we are saying Gase should have had him the slot 4 times a game as opposed to 2. Is that the misuse?
  18. Going to disagree. He wouldn’t look as good as he does behind the Titans OL but Henry hits the hole hard and fast. He’d look better then Bell behind our OL.
  19. Positive: 1) Gase snorting salt. When you think you’ve seen it all, the Jets come through with a surprise 2) Jamal’s sack, tackle, force fumble, fumble recovery, TD all in one play against the Giants 3) Jamal’s goal line tackle against the Cowboys Negative: 1) Mosley going down and then watching Buffalo steal that game 2) Darnold catching mono 3) Darnold seeing ghost comment
  20. Maybe they feared a team would dive in and scoop Judge from under their nose.
  21. JD should look to trade Henry Anderson. I’d trade him for a 7th before cutting McLendon.
  22. I could see the Williamson being traded. It’s going to be difficult to justify having him giving how much CJ gets paid. But agree on Q and Mosley.
  23. Any site that has Dereck Brown going to the Jets. He could be the next Fletcher Cox. Just go best player available and let the coaches coach. If that means putting Quinnen at FS, so be it. My go to site is the draft network.
  24. This is true. Every system has it’s negatives and positives. In the US, the cream mostly rises to the top. However, in our society, you still get a bunch of garbage at the top. China is trying to build a more merit based society with their citizen score system. We’ll see how that goes since their government is the one deciding how much a giving action is worth Parents will almost always do what’s best for their kids. The more resources the parents have, the more resources the kids are going to have. That comes with advantages. Nothing to be a shamed of.

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