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  1. You can tell he’s going to be good by how he walks. His pace and his efficiency making that right turn at the end of the runway. He’s an elite walker. That translates to the next level even more than the 3-cone.
  2. Nope. Im waiting until we start winning. I have one Jets jersey. Jericho Cotchery. I won’t buy another jersey until we make back to back playoff appearances. Then I need the team to extend one of my favorite players. Until then.... I hope to one day buy a Becton Mims or Wilson jersey.
  3. That’s a lot of speed. My money is on Ashtyn Davis.
  4. Similar level receiver as Crowder. So a number 3 WR. We really do have a quality receiving room. Mims, Moore, Davis, Crowder and Cole are all starting level WRs. We need one of Mims, Moore, and Davis to develop into a true number 1 in order to really get excited.
  5. BYU seems like a great school. Going to be easy to support this guy. Humble, level headed, and just comes off as a regular dude.
  6. Man. That guy's ears are distracting. It's all I can see. Now I know what people think when they look at me. The Big Ear Club is strong.
  7. Honestly, success for this coming season to me is a team that: 1) is fun to watch 2) is competitive in every game And, most importantly, Zach Wilson showing he’s a FQB. That’s it. The Chargers are on cloud 9 with how good their rookie QB played. They were below 500.
  8. That’s really the problem. We don’t know how to draft. We used 1st on non premium players and couldn’t draft outside the 1st. We didn’t sign Sheldon Richardson because we had a strong interior DL including Leo Williams. We traded Leo Williams because we had a strong interior DL including Q. It’s nuts that we kept using 1st on the iDL. And it just so happens that we only hit on guys on the iDL. But it goes back further. Not wanting to sign Revis. He was an ass. Ok fine. We hardballed Leon Washington. We traded away Vilma. Scheme change. Always an excuse. Laveranues Coles? The key goin
  9. I agree. I thought we should have kept Jamal for that reason. Looking back, it was a great trade for us. Our safety room still looks plenty strong. Aside from Jamal, the only other guy that fits the bill is Robby. He’s a good player but doesn’t have the toughness we seem to want from our WRs. Marcus Maye should get signed though. He’s a good player who fits the culture we want. Joe D has to get that deal done. I think it should be a priority get him signed before training camp. Like you said, this stuff goes back years. Part of the problem is that we kept drafting DTs.
  10. I would flip Ty Johnson and Perine. Ty looked better than Perrine last year, Doctson isn’t making this team. I can’t see Bless Austin as a bubble player. And Bennett Jackson, despite providing ST value is likely getting cut. The DBs we just added provide ST value and have more upside. Aside from that, looks good. Lots of competition along the DL. Huff looks out of place.
  11. I’ve been hesitant to open this thread. I finally got the courage to open it and it was everything I’d imagined. Saying we could have done better and starting two of those options with “we could have kept Darnold”....... Come on now. Zach Wilson is a much better prospect than Sam Darnold. You’ll feel much better when you watch him in green and white this summer.
  12. Is there a red flag with him? If he gets traded, that's 3 teams in 4 years.
  13. She's right. We could have easily falling into the trap of drafting defense because of value blah blah. No. We went offense and that was the right decision. We can address corner and the edge position opposite Lawson next year. If Zach looks like a franchise QB this year, we will be excited regardless of how many wins we get this year. The Chargers won 7 games last year. Doesn't matter. Herbert looked great.
  14. There was space to catch the guy in a heel hook. Kind of want my guy at QB to be proficient in jiu jitzu. This is a fail in my book. Going to start looking at next year’s QB class.
  15. So is life being a Jets fan nowadays. The rich get richer. It’s not my fault my team knows how to draft.
  16. That’ll be Elijah Moore’s role. I like V Smith in that role but he’ll need to win the punt return job to get a spot on the 53 man roster.
  17. It’s unbelievable. We have a solid group of WR.
  18. Saleh views box safeties and LBs as the same thing (listen to his press conference). We had this debate for like 2 years with Jamal Adams. Was he a LB or a Safety? I like that our defense is going to be asked to play fast. Listening to Saleh speak about his vision for the defense is exciting. Upfront we are going to ask those guys to attack upfield and create havoc. The LBs will be asked to run, hit and clean up anything the front misses. On the backend, we are playing zone and want guys who are fast and long (take away space quickly). Should be a lot of fun to watch. I don’t expect
  19. That wasn’t awkward. If anything, the NY Post should be getting hammered for having that as the lead story. I haven’t listened to WFAN much in over a decade though. I tuned in a few years ago and thought the production quality was awful. And I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Carton. So, I don’t have that history of listening to him say creepy things.
  20. Too early. Hold the Crowder stuff until next year. He'll be on the team this year. We need him. Alex Lewis will most likely be gone though.
  21. Get a veteran QB to start some games before trotting out Zach Wilson. Aside from that, let these guys play. We have a lot of young guys who can use the experience.
  22. ALL GAS NO BREAKS!!!! CANT WAIT. 3-14.
  23. This was not the draft to get an edge rusher. Most guys were high risk. More importantly, we needed to use premium picks to support our QB.
  24. He looks like a great target but that blocking
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