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  1. Put him back out there a week after he is 100%. We need to see him for a meaningful amount of games this year.
  2. Cant really argue much. This looks reasonable. Will Parks vs Ashtyn Davis Huff vs Zuniga Rankins vs Thomas vs Smart Knight vs Coleman WR6 or carry a 5th TE Are the toughest decisions.
  3. It’s all relative. You expected the earth to get hit with a mile wide meteor. So, a quarter mile wide meteor doesnt look bad.
  4. I thought Conklin stood out against the first team defense. Wasn't much to be happy about but he did flash.
  5. We need to know if Wilson is the guy. Play him when he is ready. If he is not the guy, get the best veteran available next year. Cant do the draft think again. At least not so soon.
  6. I have no idea about curses but I think we would have to find the source of the curse. Does anyone know where Namath bought his fur coat? What animal fur is it made out of?
  7. I stopped watching at Half time. Can;'t believe we won. lol. WTF happened. Anyways, I'm thinking 4-5 wins now. It looked bad.
  8. This is what I mentioned in the game day thread. It looked similar to last years injury which was a PCL injury. Concerning that he may have the same injury again but it may not be a full blown ACL injury.
  9. Alright fellas. That was rough. Changes my perspective on the season. My expectations are really low now. Take it easy. Don't let this team stress you out.
  10. It could still be an acl injury. I've seen people tear their acl and they were able to walk just fine. With that said, my guess is a similar injury to what he had last year which was PCL sprain.
  11. This is as bad of start as anyone could have ever imagined. I'm in disbelief.
  12. It's worse than it sounds. Philly guys are all wide open. Jets offense looks flat. It's bad bro. Adam Gase bad.
  13. This comment has aged well. The last time Becton played a full game for the Jets, Breshard Perriman was the leading receiver in a lost to the Pats.
  14. Im expecting Zach to carve them up. Eagles coaching staff told their wives to stay home. Edit: Wrong thread, but comment still holds.
  15. I see Herbig and Feeney as locks. The last spot will be for one of the OT. I’ll go with Edoga.
  16. Still as positive as I was before and after the Becton injury. Only Zach showing he hasnt improved will knock my enthusiasm.
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