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  1. We might as well buckle up for a crazy season. This team is 2-2 with both wins coming in the final seconds. I'm going to need at least one win where we dominate from the beginning though.
  2. Honestly, good for him. I jumped off the bandwagon though. FQB don't look that lost. But got to be happy we won the game and he showed resilience. We saw the talent but also a lot of the bad that held him back last year.
  3. You got a number 1 WR, and he currently has 1 reception for 6 yards.
  4. Similar to when I saw Justin Fields play, not going to call him a bust because you never know. But there's no way anyone can have confidence in him after this game. Damn. Feel like someone sliced me with a katana.
  5. We need to get aggressive quickly on offense. Our best players are WRs. We need to get them the ball. I get everyone wants to run. I say throw the ball.
  6. I think he did. He likely wants to confirm Zach’s greatness first hand.
  7. Big fan of Rex. Saleh is a different type of coach though. We didn’t hire him to be the HC of the defense like we did Rex. Or Gase with the offense. Saleh has left a lot to be desired. But he shouldn’t be compared to Rex just on defense. He should assessed based on the culture of the team, development of the team and w/l record. Right now he’s failing at all three.
  8. Not me. Ive watched every game on replay this year. The hell with watching this team live. It’s a much better experience watching the Jets knowing the eventual outcome. My blood pressure has been thanking all year.
  9. I wont pretend I’m a super sophisticated fan and know the details of NFL schemes. But my ok understanding tells me: - Use a defensive scheme that highlights the strength at CB. If that’s press man, then do that. - Put Huff in the rotation at edge - I actually think we are fine schematically on offense. They weren’t playing G Wilson much in week 1. That has changed. So, I’m good with what they are trying to do now. Playing from behind is the main reason for the lopsided Pass:Rush ratio. Maybe the one thing I would change now that Zach is back is run some RPOs. Also they need to get the screen game going. - I agree with getting Joyner off the field and trying to see if Davis is better
  10. They’ve done an ok job developing players. Look at Mitchell and the other 1st and 2nd year players. Guys are reaching their potential or getting better. The problem is that the whole is LESS than the sum of the parts. This coaching staff, especially on defense, is severely underperforming. I’m not sure how they’re doing it but they’re taking a defense with middle of the pack talent and putting out a horrendous defense.
  11. Im glad reporters are asking these questions. Keep the heat at a level 10. The fanbase is tired of the wait until next year narrative. We need to see progress
  12. We will find out soon enough. Lines have been drawn. Names are written down. We all have gifs at the ready. Come Sunday, one side will be on this site bragging while the others either hides or waves the white flag.
  13. Let’s see how the next 3 weeks play out. I think our offense can be better especially with how good Garrett Wilson has been playing. Our defense should be better. The miscommunications are killing us. Still don’t think this is anything more than a 6 or 7 win team. But the coaches and Zach need to step up or we might not even hit those win totals.
  14. CJ was injured and our best weapons on offense are WRs. I dont agree that we should increase the rate of 2TE sets. We need our best players on the field. Chip with the RB or TE and get the ball to your playmakers quickly.
  15. Not a fan of the defensive battle? Give me a high scoring game any day. This game is boring.
  16. Cant wait to see them try and jam Garrett Wilson like that. Wilson is going to toast Miami.
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