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  1. That was last week. Jimmy G is ancient news. We got Mike F’ing White now.
  2. I cant see him getting anything more than a 2 year deal. If he continues to play great and balls out in the playoffs, I think the max would be 2yrs $20M/YR. With the understanding that it’s his job. Likely contract is 2yrs $10/yr with the opportunity win the starting job.
  3. I think so. But Mike White seems to fit this team and city to perfection. So it wont be easy. We’re a blue collar fanbase.
  4. 10 wins is tricky. We can make it with 10 but there’s a lot of ifs. 11 is the magic number.
  5. Unprecedented is the right word. - No QB that has been as bad as Zach under pressure has ever turned it around. It’s so bad, Patriot players even came out and said all you need to do is pressure him and he will look at the rusher - No QB with his poor traditional stats has ever turned it around. He’s in Jarmarcus territory. - Despite 4 years of college coaching, 2 off-seasons of private coaching and 1.5 seasons plus 2 spring trainings of NFL coaching, his mechanics still suck
  6. Chances of this happening seem so slim. Like @jamesr said, the Bengals have a tough schedule and the Chargers have to run the table. Not worried about this scenario at all. 11 is the magic number. 10 likely doesnt cut though.
  7. 11-6 wildcard birth Lose in the AFC Championship game.
  8. We’re set at the offensive skill positions. Another playmaker is not moving the needle. We are set at CB as well. It’s a bit early. So, not sure. We don’t even know what Mike White is. One thing I would do is continue to invest in the OL and DL. I would also like us to bring back a lot of our guys. These guys are building a great culture. Let’s keep the guys that are good and have the right attitude. TBD on QB. But Im not really worried about this now. I trust Saleh and Douglas. Plus, we are in the mix right now. What if we catch fire and win it this year?
  9. This explains why Zach’s stats are bad. Zach nevee had a chance. #WRGate
  10. I tend to agree that you either have it or you dont. But I’ll say this, a QB shouldn’t start until he checks off a few boxes. For example, a QB can’t start until he - is mechanically sound - knows the playbook - has a basic understand of how to attack different coverages
  11. Not sure he’d be willing to be a backup. If he’s willing to take a pay cut, he’d be quality depth behind Mike White.
  12. I’ll be rooting for the Bills. More importantly, we need the Bengals and Chargers to lose. Safe Bets to make the playoffs: Bills, Fins, Ravens, Titans and Chiefs. The last two spots are going to two of Jets, Bengals and Chargers. I think we will need 11 wins to make it.
  13. On one play, the defender blitz him off the right edge. Mike White saw him, winked at him, and threw over the defenders head for a completion. How do you defend that? A: you can’t.
  14. Let them try. He’ll just hit the hot read all day long. They won’t be able to stop Mike White. Best they can hope is to hold him below 400 yards and 3 TDs.
  15. Yup. He has a good arm. Seems to take some off it though so that it’s easier to catch. But he zipped that ball between two defenders on the first pass to Moore. So he definitely has some juice. I think Zach has a quicker release. But White’s release seems perfectly fine.
  16. Saleh said Mike White got off to a slow start in camp. White supposedly admitted that.
  17. Yup. The game manager thing gave people the impression he has a weak arm. Nope. He can sling it when he needs to. His Arm strength isnt Josh Allen level but more around Tom Brady which is plenty strong.
  18. Chris Simms is hurting. His son just got benched. I can’t believe he said Zach gets held to higher standard.
  19. Skill set wise, nothing. White even has a better arm. But Tua has proving he can do over an extended period.
  20. Starting to see some all-22 breakdowns. Here’s a perfect example of how quick Mike White gets through his progression. The Bears defender never gets to him because the ball is out already. This is the type of play where Zach would have rolled out, thrown it away and everyone would have said but the OL sucks.
  21. F it. I’m working on the assumption he is Kurt Warner and took a different path to develop. We just got a second chance at a FQB and I’ running with that assumption until it’s proving right or wrong.
  22. This is something that has to be noted. He didn't take football serious until his senior year in HS. I believe he also played his junior year though. Before then, he was trying to be a MLB pitcher. He’s bit like Darnold in that sense. Both got a late start because they were multi sport athletes.
  23. Depends on what Mike White does the rest of the year. If he continues to ball out, I prefer to get a higher end backup like Teddy Bridgewater If he proves to just be a high end backup, I prefer Jacoby Brissett. Brissett has been as good as Jimmy G and will likely be a lot cheaper.
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