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  1. We’re dead last in defensive DVOA. Confirms what you are seeing on film. The defense needs to pick it up
  2. It’s too early to make an educated guess. But I’ll guess anyways. Fant walks McGovern gets extended Jets draft a OT in the 2nd and a C in the 4th LT Brown and 2nd rounder LG Laken C McGovern and 4th rounder RG AVT and Herbig RT Mitchell and Becton Use our 1st and 3rd on a DT. I think a few guys on the current roster will not be resigned. But first and foremost, sign a FS in FA.
  3. Yup. It helps set the bar. And the OL is still gelling plus our TEs are underperforming. So, the supporting cast has room to grow.
  4. Good teams learn to play with leads. Once the Joe Flacco led Jets take the lead, the game is over. Stats don’t lie.
  5. Big year for the WR vs QB debate. So far it’s been a mixed bag. Tua and Hurts have been elevated. Mahomes is still Mahomes. Tannehill doesnt look as good. Devonte Adams hasnt elevated the Raiders. sh*t is all over the place.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Lol. Someone said he is tired of the cupcake training camp. I nearly lost it.
  7. Omg. This is pure gold. “This is the kind of game the Browns used to lose. Now we are going to be 2-0 for the first time since 1990”. Little did they know. Lol
  8. He has looked lost in the times I’ve watched. The supporting cast isnt great but Montgomery looks like a baller (MC like). Setting aside the numbers, he just doesnt seem to know where to throw the ball. His best plays have been broken plays. Basically, he is playing like Zach did early last year before the injury. Cant be doing that in year 2. If Zach plays like this his first two games this year, I would be very concerned. Too early to call him a bust but I would be concerned if I were a Bears fan.
  9. Let Cool Joe sling the ball! I’m kind of surprised by that ratio. But we’ve been playing from behind both games. I expected us to be run heavy. But the best part of our offense is we have yac guys every where. So I say sling the ball. Our RBs are a part of the passing game as well. Carter is tied for most reception on our team.
  10. Why I still believe in Zach? - Work Ethic: He has the work ethic and desire to improve that you see from top QBs. He lives for football - Arm Strength: He can make every throw on the field. This makes it so that defenses have to cover the entire field - Agility: He is a quick twitch athlete. This helps him avoid sacks and put additional pressure on the defense - Ball Release: His release is lightning quick. His ball release and arm strength are elite in my opinion. Agility is good. What will hold him back? - Accuracy: He has not been accurate at the NFL level. He was in college. My assumption is that his accuracy issues are due to processing issues - Processing Speed: this is the big red flag to me and will determine whether he will be below average or above average. Nobody can predict if he will turn the corner with processing defenses etc. - Injuries: he has a history of injuries that is concerning
  11. Some of y’all are jumping the gun calling Zach a bust. Im pulling for Flacco and hope he plays so well that he takes us to the playoffs. But Zach has the talent to be special. In due time, believe he will prove that. For now though, let’s go Flacco!!!
  12. Sucks. But I dont mind. Cant wait to see him play. Hopefully ML has fine tuned this things and our guys stay healthy. Love the weapons on this team. Only issue on offense is the left side of the OL. But I expect them to be solid soon.
  13. Good for Flacco. I’m a big Zach believer. But I say ride with Flacco until the team losses. In the unlikely scenario we go on a crazy streak, keep him in if he is the reason we are winning.
  14. Only 4 WRs should be getting playing time: Davis, Moore, Wilson and Berrios. The next spot is purely special teams which is why Smith is active on Sundays. If someone gets hurt, Mims will be active. He’s insurance at this point which is more important to us than a 6th or 7th rounder.
  15. I agree. When I heard he said that, I was like there we go. Speaks to the culture. They weren’t mopping around feeling sorry for themselves. They still thought they had a chance to win. That’s awesome.
  16. Props to ML for getting his playmakers on the field. I was worried it would take him weeks to figure it out. We should be heavy 11 personnel with Davis, Wilson, Moore and Conklin on the field. Bring in Berrios to give guys a rest. And occasionally bring in Ruckert to run 12. Not rocket science. But Im glad he did that today.
  17. Damn. Lots of axes got put away. Y’all jumped the gun.
  18. Holy crap. This didnt age well at all.
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