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  1. If we get offered 2nd for Teddy, we have to take it. He is not signing with the Jets. On the open market, I think he will command $20 mil per year for 2 or 3 years. So I agree with you on the contract. But I don’t believe he’ll sign that to be a backup. We have to be all in on Darnold. Improve the OL and make sure he has receivers that work for his game. We may have those receivers on our team at the moment. So time will tell with the receivers.
  2. Just trust your eyes. Darnold scanned the field, handles pressure well, threw with anticipation and was accurate. He only had one inaccurate pass. The one near the right side line. His other 4 incompletions were either dropped or the receiver messed up. Cannon not looking back. And Stewart not running the correct route. One thing that hit me though is that since he throws with anticipation, if the receiver and him are not on the same page, it could lead to some interceptions. The Stewart pass is an example.
  3. Someone tell Connor that most rookies aren’t Sam Darnold.
  4. We are 1-0 since drafting Darnold. Just putting that out there. Don't read too much into that though.
  5. He's suppose bat that down. Damn. Now our offense has to go out there.
  6. Would have been such an exciting play. Darnold though. Keeps making the right reads. The kid is balling out.
  7. Agree. They've been mostly throwing the ball away from him. And when they've targeted him, he's been in good position. He looks like a player.
  8. Went with the feast pump trying to get noticed by the coaches.
  9. Jones looks like Cromartie out there. Tall and lanky. Anyone know how many kids Jones has?
  10. Agree. He looks uncomfortable back there. Still think he should make the team as a RB though.
  11. Well fellas/ladies, I've seen enough. Booking flights for the Super Bowl. I can probably wait on the hotels though. I'll have to see.
  12. So far so good. Nothing to complain about. Our team in general looks good
  13. Neal Sterling is flashing. Should have had a TD earlier in the game.
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