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  1. Good for Flacco. I’m a big Zach believer. But I say ride with Flacco until the team losses. In the unlikely scenario we go on a crazy streak, keep him in if he is the reason we are winning.
  2. Only 4 WRs should be getting playing time: Davis, Moore, Wilson and Berrios. The next spot is purely special teams which is why Smith is active on Sundays. If someone gets hurt, Mims will be active. He’s insurance at this point which is more important to us than a 6th or 7th rounder.
  3. I agree. When I heard he said that, I was like there we go. Speaks to the culture. They weren’t mopping around feeling sorry for themselves. They still thought they had a chance to win. That’s awesome.
  4. Props to ML for getting his playmakers on the field. I was worried it would take him weeks to figure it out. We should be heavy 11 personnel with Davis, Wilson, Moore and Conklin on the field. Bring in Berrios to give guys a rest. And occasionally bring in Ruckert to run 12. Not rocket science. But Im glad he did that today.
  5. Damn. Lots of axes got put away. Y’all jumped the gun.
  6. Holy crap. This didnt age well at all.
  7. Im no medical expert, but it’s clear from the video that his torn meniscus has healed. However, in my professional opinion, he should be giving more time to let the bone bruise heal.
  8. Despite the upgrades at TE, the Jets WR are much better than their TEs. We’re an 11 personnel team.
  9. They just put anyone to talk about football.
  10. And Sauce is a great interview. Ive heard him interview before. Extremely impressive for his age. Terrible job by Eisen.
  11. Do some Jets fans care what happens with the Giants? Personally, I dont think about the Giants at all. Just another team.
  12. I’ll be checking out Trevor, Mills or Mac this weekend. Last weekend, Lance and Fields looked bad. Fields, in particular, looked like Zach did last year in the early part of the season. The weather was a factor though. Lance showed some promise though. I would hold off on calling him a bust. I could easily see him developing into a really good QB. He needs to get more consistent with his ball placement. But he seems to read the defense well.
  13. None of the QBs from that class have stood out. Hopefully Zach can come back and make that leap. As it stands, that class looks epically bad.
  14. I put Quinnen as the top player Top on D : Quinnen, Sauce and JFM Top on O : MC, G Wilson, and Moore
  15. He communicates with JD well. The front office knows exactly the type of player the coaching staff wants. Not sure if this is a plus for Saleh or JD though. Might be a JD thing.
  16. GreenFish


    Denver better hope they score with little time left on the clock. Cant give Geno the ball back
  17. GreenFish


    Makes you wonder if we are throwing these young adults into the fire too soon. Geno clearly needed to sit. Zach might be in the same boat. Talented kid that may need time. Im impatient though.
  18. GreenFish


    Geno is a top 5 QB and we let him go.
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