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  1. In the 26 games in Darnold's career only 9 games were when the pressure was below 34%. In those 9 games he had a pressure rating of 108.3. This offense will sputter if the OL still sucks. Becton and McGovern are moves in the right direction, if they can get average production from LG, RG and RT this offense will be pretty good.
  2. It falls squarely on the Offensive Line, If that unit sucks so will the offense, if the OL is elite so will the offense be. I believe the Offensive Line will be average overall, with Becton and McGovern being above average and LG, RG and RT being slightly below average. With an average Offensive Line, this offense will be average.
  3. That isn’t what you asked, you said... And I presented a handful of players. Kurt Warner fits the bill also.
  4. Priest Holmes, Terry Baradshaw, Wes Welker and James Harrison to name a few.
  5. #1 The Lou Holtz Fight Song #2 The Mud Bowl #3 The Butt Fumble #4 Rich Kotite
  6. Sam has a 108.3 passer rating and the Jets average 29 points, when pressure rate of below 34 percent (about league average). The Jets are also 7-1 when the line reaches that benchmark. Hopefully Joe fixed the line, because if he has, the offense led by Sam should be fine and you don't have feature an offense around designed rollouts.
  7. I wonder if Mehta will claim that this is a slap in face to Darnold.
  8. Let's hope the overhauled scouting department and its ideology pays off dividends this coming season.
  9. One could argue that Jason Peters is better than Conklin and Daniel Jeremiah believes Becton was the best tackle in this past draft. PFF sees it differently, but they also believed in Jachai Polite. So take their opinion with a grain of salt.
  10. University of California is now going virtual next fall.
  11. Jim Harbaugh was talking about players forgoing next year’s college season. Come July if there is serious doubt in the CFB season, you will see players jump ship. If the NFL try to block it, you will see players sue.
  12. I believe it would be Peters and Becton as the tackles with Fant/Clarke/Edoga as the back ups. If the Jets are getting Peters. Lewis, McGovern and Van Roten as the IOL. Teams with the best depth are the teams that will have the best chance of winning this year. Well that's my belief.
  13. Not if Trevor Lawrence goes to the supplemental draft this summer, especially if there is a delay in the college football season.
  14. I would sign him, he would be an Alan Faneca type of signing. Two maulers on the left side would be fun to watch. I’d suspect that he will get offers all weekend and pick the best fit.
  15. If Becton hits as hard as he did in College, Bosa and Collier might be.

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