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  1. Not worth a 2nd by himself, his value diminished last year. I believe JD got fair value for Moore.
  2. Dalton Kincaid, He is the best TE in this draft class. Reminds me of Zach Ertz.
  3. They might take the TE out of Utah, Dalton Kincaid with the 13th.
  4. I am just glad he didn't go the generic route and called him "Rex".
  5. When he walked on that court in Game 7 of the '70 NBA Championship, it's what made him a legend. God Speed Willis
  6. Future picks are a trade today for 2024 picks, after the draft they become the next available draft picks. Green Bay are screwed for the foreseeable future if this trade doesn't go through. The Jets have been irrelevant for 12 years, so why not make it a bakers dozen.
  7. Or the Jets pivot to someone else and the Packers are held with the biggest pile of excrement in their hand.
  8. If I'm the Jets, I would give the Packers a 4th this year and a 2nd next year, the Jets take Aaron and 150 million dollar contract with 101 million guaranteed. If you are not interested, the Jets will look elsewhere. Good Day Sir.
  9. Does the shadow of that suspended object look like a toilet seat?
  10. I would bring in Lamar, the Packers have no other alternative. That should make them blink.
  11. Aaron can force the Packers’ hand by showing up to OTAs, he receives a bonus for showing up however if he gets hurt they get nothing and he gets paid. If they deny him from going to OTAs, the Union can file a grievance on his behalf denying him his bonus.
  12. If Aaron gets hurt during the Packer’s OTA or Training Camp, does the contract automatically kick in, besides his trade value plummeting and all. So Couldn’t Aaron force their hand by just entering their facility. The media sessions with him would be hilarious. Is that what the Packers want?
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