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  1. Are they protesting firing Adam Gase or do they want to organize a rally to fire Adam Gase? I am confused, and don't want to show up for the wrong thing.
  2. Why don't the Jets just draft some offensive weapons and line help before giving up on Darnold? Because if they don't and they just draft Trevor, then history will undoubtedly repeat itself.
  3. It’s one game this season, calm your Jets. He played bad, missed quite a few open receivers. But to blow it up for one game? Seriously?
  4. Is Bell being traded a bold prediction? The Jets could be having a solid year and Bell could still be traded. A bold prediction is that the Safety position is actually a stronger position without Adams. Well that is probably true. So forget that one. Oh I have one, that the Jets found an edge rusher in Bryce Huff.
  5. NFL preseason power rankings are a waste, because you don't know who is going to be good besides a few teams. Last year they had San Fran at 19, Cleveland at 9 and the Chargers at 4.
  6. Offense Mekhi Becton and the offensive line. Defense Bryce Huff, when he gets a chance he will make the most of it.
  7. I wonder if Manish violated COVID protocols, which could explain why the NFL pulled his credentials, NY Daily News didn’t fire him and the beat reporters weren’t up in arms against the infractions levied against Mehta.
  8. You have no idea if his draft pick will work out, don't lump the vast majority because you are unsure in your ability to evaluate talent. Unlike Idzik, JD was a scout and unlike Idzik, JD was an apprentice to one of the best GMs of the modern era. As for doing very little, he did sign the best center in FA and drafted one of the best OL in this previous draft. Resigned Lewis and grabbed 2 OL that are better than last years RG and RT counterparts. Not that Van Roten and Fant are these incredible lineman but compared to Shell and Winters they are at least serviceable. All you have to do is look at Daniel Jeremiah to see what type of scout JD is. If you like how DJ evaluates talent then you will like how JD assesses talent.
  9. The '82 team had a point differential of 79 points but that was in only 9 games. The Offensive and defensive line were incredible.
  10. I thought the 2nd team looked great, especially Perine, Davis, Morgan and Mann.

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