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  1. Namath is the 1st QB to throw for over 4000 yards in a season in either the NFL & AFL. And he did that in 14 games in an era where 5 yard contact rule was non-existent. I always wonder how many QBs in this generation would have thrown 4000 yards in 14 games let alone survived with hits to the knees.
  2. Why? One is a 2nd round talent and the other is a 3rd round talent. And for the record, PFF had Andrew Thomas as their highest ranking OL last year. Josh Jones as their 14th ranked prospect who didn't have one start for Arizona last year after being selected in the 3rd round.
  3. I am not sure having 2 starting rookie OL with a rookie QB is a good idea. Plus Jenkins is not as good as AVT.
  4. This is a weird draft in that there was quite of bit of talent available on day 4. The real dropoff was after the top 16 and this draft will be regarded as one of the worst drafts in recent memory because of the lack of true scouting on these prospects. AVT was one of the safest picks in this draft where Brandt/Kiper both had him as a top 10 prospect. The Jets came away with 3 of the top 16 players in this draft. Also, the Jets would have drafted Michael Carter at 66 as per JD. So what are they going to do with their other 3rd round (86) or their 107th pick? Assuming they overdraft at 23
  5. The Jets have already stated they would have taken Michael Carter at 66.
  6. I think Minnesota had a great idea that Darrisaw would be there. Hence why they traded down. They knew after Slater was drafted they knew taking Darrisaw right there was an overdraft.
  7. Gil Brandt has AVT as his #6 prospect. Darrisaw at #17 Mel had AVT at #10, Darrisaw isn't even in his top 32. DJ had AVT at #13 and Darrisaw at 38. Sorry, Darrisaw is not in the same class as AVT.
  8. Throwing into a window doesn’t matter who the competition is. He throws with Anticipation. Reads a defense, looks off safeties and throws receivers opens. He has a strong arm and throws off platform when he needs to. What more do you want? And the reason Zach’s uniform is clean is because BYU primarily plays on artificial turf.
  9. Seth was probably a fan of drafting Coples instead of drafting DeCastro because DeCastro is a guard. While I like Jenkins at 23, Vera-Tucker is a future pro bowl guard and something the Jets haven’t had since Faneca. The Jets got 3 top 20 prospects in this draft, that alone should give the Jets the highest marks from any pundit. Anyone who doesn’t see that either is trying to cause controversy or really doesn’t understand football.
  10. That's what I feel will happen. They can jump Buffalo, and get the option year on a RB.
  11. I don't see this team moving up from 23, I feel they will stay put and draft an OL, CB or edge but OL is their priority at 23 (AVT or Jenkins). What I do see happening is the Jets getting back in the 1st if Harris or Eteinne are there at 27 or 30. It would cost a 4th and a 5th/6th to move up to 27 from 34. That way the Jets would get the 5th year option on either RB which would be more valuable than a a project in the later rounds. Baltimore may want more like our SEA 3rd instead.
  12. I will only be excited if at pick 23, 34 or 66 they address the OL and get a skill player like Etienne/Bateman. Anything less than that it will be watching a Darnold led team again.
  13. Jets should stay put, I would be shocked if all 5 QBs aren't drafted before the Jets' 23rd pick (Lawrence, Wilson, Jones, Fields and Lance), that should leave a big board of Pitts, Sewell, Chase, D Smith, Waddle, Parson, Slater, Surtain, Horn, Bateman, Newsome, Vera-Tucker, Barmore, Paye, Oweh, Jenkins, Phillips, Farley & Ojulari. Someone is bound to fall to 23. The Jet need to come away with 4 starters from this draft class. Hopefully more.
  14. The 49ers did not pass on Sam or Allen, they picked 9th that year and drafted OL McGlinchey. Gase and his convoluted offense destroyed Sam. Will the Shanahan offense be better suited for Darnold, I have no idea.
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