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  1. While I like what he has done getting talent on this team, whether it is through the draft or free agency that is only one aspect of his job. He did hire Robert Saleh and brought on Mike Shanahan type of offense for this team. Are these the right coaches to develop young talent, to get the most out of them. This is his decision to bring this staff in, and if they fail it falls directly on his shoulder. The jury is still out on this one. The final thing that JD has done is acquiring picks for the draft to infuse talent on the roster by trading away malcontent Jamal Adams and the disappointing Sam Darnold for picks. He has done good job working the draft to get players that fit their style of their system, and is willing to trade late round picks to get difference makers. He understands the importance of premium positions and has used 5 of his 6 1st rounders on them, the sole player being AVT but he does play on the OL. It's not like he's a safety or something. He has done an exceptional job with this.
  2. That’s ok, you’re entitled to your opinion. It’s just that his coach stated that once he just knew the offense, the game slow down. Burrow might have had a better grasp on the offense, probably more pro ready. Zach was/is learning a new system, he should take a big leap this year. He has the best skill set out of anyone who came out the last two years. It’s up to the staff to keep developing him, he is far from a finished product.
  3. What is they were not rookies when were exposed to the system?
  4. Thanks for sharing. His take on getting Breece Hall for an extra 5th And him being a HR hitter is something to get excited about. Continuity is what will breed success with this team, Zach being in the same system will allow him to get comfortable with this offense. Saleh said he won’t have to think what people will be doing, he will just know. He brought up the Cole play where he was short of the TD as an example. Great interview no cliché
  5. Isn’t he canoodling with Kay Adams, from the NFL network not the Kay Adams from The Godfather.
  6. It’s colder in May than in December in NJ.
  7. Who would, except for a handful of people.
  8. Fant reminds me of Beachum, that average at best LT we had during Macagnan years. I guess people here really do like Mac's player personnel decisions.
  9. I like the fact the Jets double dipped at edge. Connor Rodgers thought he had talent, questioned his off field stuff but dinged the Jets overall score because of the pick. He is a strong player with a violent punch, plus he has a nose ring. Daphne Zuniga will struggle to make the team this year because of Michael.
  10. I am guessing the Joe will monitor the players getting cut this month and next before mandatory mini camp. Teams will likely trim their roster, that is how the Jets acquired Morgan Moses. They also picked up Solomon Thomas. A healthy Lawson and and Johnson II, they should be much improved. Plus they got Whitehead. After what I saw from Zach last year after he came back, I think he is well on his way to make the next step. They improved the interior OL, Becton should be healthy, a new 3 down back and the have 4 new receivers/TEs. Overall this is a better team, floor is a 7 win team. It's up to Robert and his merry men to improve upon that.
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