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  1. He was at the Star Ledger prior to the Athletic. He was pretty except for the draft. They used him for misdirection. He never claimed to be an analyst.
  2. Why do you want to see Las Less?
  3. What Don is saying is that he is PRO OVEN as opposed to PRO GRILL. I don't share that view point, especially with a nice Strip Steak or Flank.
  4. Joe Douglas signed Morgan Moses on Connors wedding day. And he wrote a quick blurb about it. That is dedication.
  5. Always thought he was one of the better beat reporters. I guess it is harder to write for a winner than a loser.
  6. ESPN 24. New York Jets Biggest strength: Robert Saleh's defenses in San Francisco were known for deep D-lines that could generate consistent pressure without the blitz. It's clear that he is trying to accomplish something similar in New York. Carl Lawson is expected to return at full strength after tearing his Achilles tendon in his first offseason with the team. Lawson earned an 84.9 pass-rushing grade with 64 quarterback pressures (sixth in NFL) in his final season with the Bengals in 2020. He joins John Franklin-Myers, first-round pick Jermaine Johnson II and Jacob Martin in an edge rotation that has starting-quality depth. Biggest weakness: New York has done a good job of plugging the glaring holes on its roster over the past few offseasons. Linebacker still stands out as a position where the team needs to be better in 2022, though. Returning starters C.J. Mosley and Quincy Williams both earned sub-45 PFF grades last season, stemming largely from how they performed against the run. X factor for 2022: The Jets have set up quarterback Zach Wilson to have success in 2022. Whether he takes advantage of the talent that has been added around him this offseason will play a large role in determining if New York is able to improve on its four wins from a season ago. Wilson didn't look comfortable inside the structure of the Jets' offense as a rookie, holding onto the ball for 3.05 seconds on average (fourth highest in NFL) and recording a 54.8 PFF passing grade (third lowest). Top 5 Bills Bucs Chargers Rams Packers Bottom 5 Texans Falcons Bears Seahawks Jags https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/34020426/nfl-roster-rankings-all-32-teams-2022-strengths-weaknesses-x-factors-every-starting-lineup
  7. Fun Fact: Last year Mike White had almost twice as many interceptions to Completions over 15 yards (8-5). And 4 of those interceptions were, in fact, 15 yards or more.
  8. Except Zach is the best QB on the team, it’s not saying much, Flacco isn’t much and White can’t throw the ball more than 15 yards.
  9. There is enough talent to win in spite of what we get from Zach and the CS (jury is out on them) and if the stars align & both of them are the goods, yes I can see this team competing for the WC. This roster is pretty good and should be the reason this team doubles its win total from last year. Anything from the CS and Zach are just icing on the cake.
  10. There is no way Seattle win 12 games. I believe they are in the running for the top pick.
  11. Where are your seats, if I may ask?
  12. My brother was the center for ALJ (Clark) that year and I too was at that game. Tony was a big boy, nice guy.
  13. Used to own Tiffany's in Union Township.
  14. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, and Josh Allen. They are all better than they were as a rookie. Maturation, understanding defenses and getting accustomed to the speed of the game among other factors all play in the development of a QB. To think a rookie QB is the same player 5 years in the league is a bit naive.
  15. You are saying that Herbert can throw a WR open as a rookie. What does a HC have to do with that? The SD WRs can beat man coverage, the Jets WRs last year could not. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? It is a simple yes or no question.
  16. Not only should you be a proponent, it is what actually happens.
  17. Better WR than the Jets, at least imo. They can beat man/press coverage. Allen, Williams and Cook are leaps and bounds better than Moore, Davis and Griffin.
  18. Man coverage has more to do with WR than QB. A WR who can't get open in man is useless.
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