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  1. Good Hygiene quiets whiteheads also.
  2. Sheppard brings nothing to the table. And Smart is 6'1" 295, Rankins is 6'2" 305 and Sheppard is 6'4" 315. He's shorter that's all.
  3. It is still all about Zach. So in other words...the same.
  4. But was his yards per attempt?
  5. Zach was Daredevilesque with his hands.
  6. Didn't Wirfs get hurt and carted off from practice last week?
  7. Drops happen to each and every team. The biggest issue last year was that the WRs couldn't make a play to help the QB out. Rarely did I see a WO make a contested catch or make a catch where the ball wasn't properly placed. Zach didn't help the matter being skittish by the on coming rush. This year he will have to stay in the pocket and deliver. Teams are going to blitz him until he can prove he can beat it.
  8. They have 5-6-7 wrong, It's Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my
  9. After a 1977 game against the Houston Oilers, Oilers coach Bum Phillips accused Guy of using footballs illegally inflated with helium because he had "never seen anyone hang punts like Guy did", and that the ball was "hanging up there too long".
  10. Ray Guy, he was accused of having helium in the footballs he punted.
  11. Would you be interested in trading for Tevin Jenkins for Denzel Mims? There is a need for both teams.
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