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  1. Using a baseball analogy, would a starting pitcher be more effective throwing 6 innings at around 100 pitches or 8 innings at 130 pitches? Would a player be more effective if a left handed batter got the 600 Plate Appearances (PA) or be platooned with someone who mashes lefties for a 400/200 PA split? Or a relief pitcher throwing everyday?
  2. Playing less than 70% of the snaps. If he played 70% of the snaps, he would be playing at that same level? I'll hang up and listen to your answer
  3. Still looking to complete a ball over 20 yards, when he does, there will be fluff pieces about his arm strength.
  4. How well did Joe Burrow know the offense?
  5. Thanks for sharing. Just listening how much goes into a player evaluation and how they do an After Action Review (AAR) when they miss to understand why they did so. Love hearing how they use analytics in all aspects of their evaluations, and they use clone (comps) with how in depth they have these players evaluated.
  6. They have medicine for that. Don't be embarrassed to go to the pharmacist and ask for his recommendations on your hemorrhoids situation.
  7. So this is only a luke-warm question.
  8. Collinsworth is making the comparison, owner of PFF and Analyst for Sunday Night Football. He doesn't think the AFC East is any good besides the Bills.
  9. Garret Wilson reminds me of Roger. Hey Hey Hey Hey
  10. I thought Warrick was slow in college.
  11. Chris Collingsworth thinks the Jets could be the surprise team this year.
  12. While I like what he has done getting talent on this team, whether it is through the draft or free agency that is only one aspect of his job. He did hire Robert Saleh and brought on Mike Shanahan type of offense for this team. Are these the right coaches to develop young talent, to get the most out of them. This is his decision to bring this staff in, and if they fail it falls directly on his shoulder. The jury is still out on this one. The final thing that JD has done is acquiring picks for the draft to infuse talent on the roster by trading away malcontent Jamal Adams and the disappointing Sam Darnold for picks. He has done good job working the draft to get players that fit their style of their system, and is willing to trade late round picks to get difference makers. He understands the importance of premium positions and has used 5 of his 6 1st rounders on them, the sole player being AVT but he does play on the OL. It's not like he's a safety or something. He has done an exceptional job with this.
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