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  1. Jim Harbaugh was talking about players forgoing next year’s college season. Come July if there is serious doubt in the CFB season, you will see players jump ship. If the NFL try to block it, you will see players sue.
  2. I believe it would be Peters and Becton as the tackles with Fant/Clarke/Edoga as the back ups. If the Jets are getting Peters. Lewis, McGovern and Van Roten as the IOL. Teams with the best depth are the teams that will have the best chance of winning this year. Well that's my belief.
  3. Not if Trevor Lawrence goes to the supplemental draft this summer, especially if there is a delay in the college football season.
  4. I would sign him, he would be an Alan Faneca type of signing. Two maulers on the left side would be fun to watch. I’d suspect that he will get offers all weekend and pick the best fit.
  5. If Becton hits as hard as he did in College, Bosa and Collier might be.
  6. I don't think either CB will get significant playing time in the beginning of the year. The key to this defense is the health of Special Agent Mosely and Quinnen. If Mosely can return to form plus Quinnen playing to what he is capable of playing at, this defense should be solid. Anything less, this team is going to be in trouble.
  7. And which teams are that in the division? Miami has a new OC, and while Fitz has played for him most of the other WR/TE have not. Stidham will be getting 1st team reps for the 1st time. Allen is in his 3rd year with Dabol, and they are returning most of their offense outside of Diggs. Jets have 4 to 5 returning starters, thankfully Darnold is one of the 4 along with the TE, slot, RB and possibly a guard.
  8. And 50% less targets. Will Perriman's production rise if he isn't the 3rd or 4th WR and how will Robby's production be if he is getting less targets per game?
  9. That's kind of what I have been saying, it wasn't luck. He looked at the available WRs, looked at teams need and weighed the risk between grab a 3rd rounder and grabbing the pick they wanted at 48. They might have wanted Claypool or VJ, as you wrote we will never know. But this trade allowed this team to get another OT and a back up QB and still acquire a WR, that's a pretty good move.
  10. Not if you understand what the teams needs are and what they are thinking. Is there a risk? yes. But this team has been risk averse for quite sometime it's about time they took a calculated risk and it did pay off in spades.
  11. Yes, it’s part of the package they received from the NFL. Someone said that they didn’t know what they wanted to do with the other 31 hats.
  12. Luck is the residue of design. -Branch Rickey
  13. New England would have to create cap space.
  14. What if Joe Burrow was hurt between releasing Dalton prior to the draft and drafting Joe Burrows? Do you know why they call prior to drafting a player, is to make sure they are alive and healthy.
  15. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/report_nfl_could_see_influx_of_cfb_players_applying_for_supplemental_draft/s1_12680_31869812 Would you spend next year's draft capital on a player that becomes eligible because of this pandemic?
  16. Winters sucks, here's hoping he gets cut soon.
  17. Mims, Becton, Hall and Clarke will be day 1 starters. Davis should be a starter by midway through the season the latest. Zuniga and Perrine will play extensively.
  18. Clarke was an all-american in HS playing center, As per Joe Douglas.
  19. Hennessy isn’t the type of offensive lineman that the Jets are looking for, they are looking to draft OL that are trying to annihilate their opponent at the point of attack and finish them. Joe is looking to weaponize this OL as the calling card of this franchise. You have seen the blueprint of the type of player that Joe wants to deploy throughout this line. One that sets the tone for the rest of team. Hennessy isn’t that type of player anymore.
  20. If Tua starts dropping, yeah I can see the Jets leap frogging the Cardinals to 7.
  21. If they take Kinlaw or Brown, that would be a definite under for me.
  22. Jefferson is more of a slot receiver, and the Jets have a pretty good one at that with Crowder. Is Okudah gone, if not I would take him or Ruggs.
  23. It's not that he isn't a good pass protector, he doesn't have the reps as one. He has good length, light on his feet and doesn't overset. He is a brawler as a run blocker but his shear size overwhelms many edge rushers. He is the prototypical LT, and is going to be a damn good one. The biggest issue for any team drafting him is him maintaining his weight. So I don't see a future guard, I see a ceiling of an All-Pro LT with a floor of a starting right tackle if he enjoys the buffet too much.
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