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  1. He was lower than JJ on their board.
  2. The cupboards aren’t bare anymore, if this team doesn’t field a competitive product, that falls squarely on Saleh’s shoulders.
  3. There is quite of bit of talent on this roster, it’s up to Saleh and his staff to get this team to playing up to its potential. JD and the personnel staff did their part.
  4. Winners from Round 1 New York Jets The picks: Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner, CB, Cincinnati (No. 4); Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State (No. 10) and Jermaine Johnson II, DE, Florida State (No. 26) I'm a big fan of these three picks. The Jets got my top-ranked corner and top-ranked wide receiver in the top 10, and then they got a potential steal late in the night in Johnson. Gardner is going to shut down one side of the field. He's long and fast, and he didn't allow a single touchdown as the primary defender in his collegiate career. Wilson is only 6-foot, so he's not a huge red-zone target like Drake London, but he plays bigger because of his long arms, leaping ability and excellent body control to come down with acrobatic catches. He's going to help Zach Wilson complete easy passes because of his ability to run after the catch. And by the way, Wilson is the first receiver the Jets have taken in Round 1 since Santana Moss in 2001. Johnson slid -- he is my 11th-ranked prospect -- and the Jets pounced, trading pick Nos. 35, 69 and 163 for Nos. 26 and 101. I thought it was possible they could have taken him at No. 10 if the board fell differently, so this is a home-run class so far for general manager Joe Douglas. And he still gets an early pick on Day 2 (No. 38) to get another starter. Head-scratching moves from Round 1 New England Patriots The pick: Cole Strange, G/C, Chattanooga (No. 29) This was a huge reach on my board. I thought Strange might sneak into Round 2, but he's not a first-round talent. I know New England has a hole at guard, but will Strange even start immediately? Strange made 44 starts in college and plays with good technique, but this is high for a prospect who is No. 69 on my Big Board. The good thing for Bill Belichick & Co. is that they added extra capital by moving down eight spots with the Chiefs, adding pick Nos. 94 and 121. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2022/insider/story/_/id/33821092/nfl-draft-2022-round-1-winners-head-scratching-picks-reaches-mel-kiper-first-round-updates
  5. JD and his staff value premium positions. In his past 3 drafts, JD drafted these positions in the 1st round: Left Tackle Guard QB CB Edge WR
  6. Good, I was worried they would have taken Thibs at 4. Now get me a WR at 10.
  7. Sauce/Jermaine Johnson, in either spot. Trade up to Baltimore's 15 for WR. JD, Make it happen!
  8. Woody didn't hire him. He was in England.
  9. Everyone? I don't think everyone wants him to succeed. Vast majority, sure I can buy that, but everyone, nope.
  10. If Jermaine is the pick at 4, will he take number 11 from Mims?
  11. I was referring to Mims' and Picken's mental makeup. They don't have the drive to be great.
  12. Sounds like Denzel Mims, not a student of the game, he is someone that has relied on his natural ability his entire life. Problem is, at this level there are more people at your athletic ability than not.
  13. Whether this is true or not, Pauline is one of the biggest idiots covering the Jets.
  14. I don't know if you have been keeping up with current events but Mims isn't good. There is nothing to develop.
  15. While I want Pickens in the 2nd, especially if the Jets take either Wiliams or Wilson, however Sam has to be one the worst talent evaluator I have ever listened to. He is the epitome of the evaluator you do the opposite of.
  16. OL at 4 WR at 10 Trade up into 1st for Edge DT at 38
  17. I would be shocked if Sauce is the pick at 4, my gut tells me it's either going to be an edge or Icky. If KT is there at 10, he will be the pick or the WR they like the best.
  18. My belief is that they were trying to get a WO at the caliber of Willson, Williams & London for the cost of two 2nds. The Jets are going with a combination of OT/WR/Edge in the 1st round, maybe all three if they trade back into the 1st. If Icky is there at 4, he will be the pick. With a WR at 10 unless KT falls there. They will look at a trade to get back in the 1st for either Williams/London/Olave with Wilson being long gone before then.
  19. Icky, Hutch, Sauce and Wilson would be my pick. Wilson has Sub 4.4 speed, plus has great hands, body control and route runner. I do think Icky is going to be the pick at 4, hopefully Wilson is there at 10.
  20. Fant was ordinary last year. He is nothing more than Beachum at LT. He will be the swing tackle if the Jets draft Icky.
  21. I think Fant is the odd man out, if the Jets draft Icky. And if he is available that's what is going to happen. I then believe the Jets will draft WR with Wilson or Williams unless Thibs is there at. Then trade back into the 1st for an edge whether its Johnson or Mafe, If they draft Thibs at 10 then Olave/Williams/London with a move up back into the 1st. Travis Jones will be the 2nd round pick out of UConn
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