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  1. Going to be a crow feast on this board when bell kills it this year with our new ol
  2. Allen Robinson is a beast and he’s not slow would be #1 on any team I’d call the bears up and offer a 2nd and maybe Maye for him if there planing not to resign him next year because there strap for cash. And yes I would trade instead of waiting till he becomes a fa. Hell I’d even do the same for Kenny Golladay to a lesser extent. But Allen Robinson would be a dream trade and we would be going to the playoffs 💯 with that move.
  3. I would pick cam up on the cheap. And turn it into a teddy situation. Let him go through preseason show he’s healthy. Then flip him for a pick. Someone’s qb will go down before the trade deadline it happens every year.
  4. Cool meme hopefully Mims is catching sideline grabs like this
  5. Has to be Morgan you don’t waste a 4th round pick on qb to be #3 and waste a roster spot plus waste cap room for different qb to be the #2.
  6. Good way for teams to make up the lost revenue if fans aren’t allowed to attend the first few games. Sell tv rights for training camp
  7. My top wr I would want to trade for is Allen Robinson. He’s on last year of his deal. Has a 15mill cap hit this year bears are tight vs cap with rookies to sign. Bears have not even started to negotiate with him. He’s a stud #1 that we should of sign before the bears did 2 years ago f Mac.
  8. Here’s a wild thought. What would it take in a trade with the bears to get Allen Robinson. He’s on the last year of his contract and we should of signed him when the jags let him go a couple of years ago. Still young and is a beast. I’d happily give up a 2nd and a player
  9. Tyler Gabriel is still out there he would be nice also

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