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  1. Rolloffjet

    Spencer Long to the Bills

  2. Rolloffjet

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    It’s about time Denver through us a bone since we gave them a pick back in the day for Tebow.
  3. Rolloffjet

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    I did not read the whole thread but did they ever announce what long sign for in buffalo?
  4. Didn’t Keyshawn Johnson win one with the Tampa ?
  5. Rolloffjet

    Free Agency game

    Where’s bell at... smh
  6. Rolloffjet

    Free Agency game

    Paradis (5),Saffold (4)Richardson(3)James (2)Humphrey’s (1)
  7. Dk and it’s not even close
  8. Trade with anyone who will give you a what you want.
  9. Rolloffjet

    D.K. Metcalf

    I say if we can trade with the giants or Jacksonville even to get just a xtra 2nd so they can get qb they want and then draft dk with first if not just take him at 3 if bosa and allen are gone. With that 2nd take best ol available or if nkeal Harry is available take him too. It will solve are wr for long term. In fa grab two edge and two ol one being center. And still have enough for bell if we want or another rb in fa. Then with rest of draft go bap. 💥 bam offense and defense fixed and we’re making the playoffs next year be itches. Btw I think if we trade with Denver dk will be gone by 10 especially if he blows up the combine
  10. Rolloffjet


    Cheating calls already
  11. Rolloffjet

    Jets carry over $12.2M

    Browns with 56 million too

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