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  1. Wait till after draft to make deal for aj or evens
  2. Rolloffjet

    Gambling Picks Week #12

    Jets look good with a +91/2
  3. Rolloffjet

    Jets Upset the Pats Thread!!

    Let me quote the great one I GUARANTEE IT the jets will win this game i am all in putting bet in now points are just a bonus jets win out right
  4. Rolloffjet

    Is Darnold the Starter In 2019?

    71 butt fumbles new record?
  5. Jets will win this game outright Mark my words. It’s what we do when every one thinks will kill a team or win close one we lose then when everyone know there no way in hell we win........ we win just to mess with your head😱
  6. I like this poll. And think we should do a poll on gm’s too. Like play to win suggested.
  7. He did but only first year was Guaranteed so if he got hurt they can cut him. So it was pretty much like getting franchise each year but Steelers could just dump him after first. That’s why he didn’t resign with Steelers.
  8. Rolloffjet

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    I like what your saying. But I still take Bosa if he’s there when we pick that kinda talent is hard to pass up
  9. Rolloffjet

    Things are actually looking up...

    I believe they all have signed extension. Tyrell Williams my might be a good pick up
  10. Rolloffjet

    Is Darnold the Starter In 2019?

    55 butt fumbles in 10 hours it’s that a record? Becausethats where were at now.
  11. The only trade the jets should make now are for the future. No body over 26 yrs . If you trade a draft pick, I want that play to have his prime years ahead just like the draft pick would have just with a little more experience. I say give chargers a call see if we can get Tyrell Williams. They are loaded at wr and last year of contact also go explore the Dante Fowler trade again see if jags lower price or changed there mind since there in a down spiral.
  12. Rolloffjet

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    Double post
  13. Rolloffjet

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    Well jags can trade us Fowler for a pick to clear up cap room to fit Carr in 😁
  14. Answer to op question. YESSSS SIR
  15. Rolloffjet


    I guess you forgot about season opener with that chic that sound so bad that it was the first time I ever turned off the sound to a jets game.

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