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  1. Yup can’t wait to see shaw in action
  2. Crazy how fast Herndon has fallen. Great rookie season with a lot of promise. Then Suspend then hurt then Develop stone hands.sh¡t I remember when gase first got here he was saying he was a unicorn of a te. I guess he fuçken jinxed him. O well onto the next great te of the jets wait I can’t remember the last good te. Nevermind
  3. I think dwc is a good guy and poster. He may repost some stuff that’s too long but it’s very Informative the first time just he keeps posting same point. You guys around here just get a kick out of it and try to push him over the edge. Which ain’t right. People should left others have there own opinions and not fight so hard over there opinions. Hope dwc ban isn’t long would hate for him to miss talking jets here.
  4. This move is ok. I just hope jd still trades for barnett. Can’t get enough pass rush
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/cowboys-stock-up-stock-down-in-2021-preseason-jaylon-smith-among-several-sinking-jabril-cox-going-up/amp/ Stock down: Jaylon Smith, LB It's no secret the pressure mounting on Smith to take the next step in his career is mounting. OK, that's an understatement, because the pressure is actually enough to either turn coal into a diamond or into, well, a pile of crushed coal. It's not a contract year for Smith, per se, but it can be viewed as such -- thanks to the Cowboys decision to select Micah Parsons and Jabril Cox in the first
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