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  1. Yes but it’s a double edge sword. U trade for him draft capital he needs a new contact big money and if he continues to do this $hit we lose all that and cap leverage. Not saying I don’t want him but there would have to be outs on a new contact. I haven’t heard he would be a bad team mate. Just a bad person maybe he needs to get away from that baby momma. But then again didn’t he have some kind of problem like this in college that’s way he dropped in draft? I’m torn just don’t want a one year rental and he gets on the suspension game like josh Gordon.
  2. Have a little faith guys we’re going 12-4 mark my words
  3. I thought the raiders still had his rights
  4. Don’t know if I should up vote or down vote. Love the pic but your saying these two are your surprise cut is just sad
  5. You shore that’s not little Baker mayfield
  6. Op said Disney princess not JN princess.
  7. You might wanna hold off with that. The way Mac and gase buddy’s they may hire him as a scout.
  8. What if this whole off-season was just a dream? And we wake up and we still have Mac and Bowles as our leader going into the season.
  9. They sound like fighting words to @TOmShane or has he finally came around

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