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  1. I think jags got a good deal but fleeced idk look at it this way rams will probably have a late pick the next 2 years. So let’s just say they have the 27th pick in draft well cb was a big hole so in draft they would have to trade up to get best comer in draft so they probably would have to trade the following pick next year to do that and if you do your getting maybe best corner in draft where now that they got Ramsey they have best corner in nfl. The only difference is money wise. And you know you got the best corner instead of a crapshoot
  2. Not going to vote but yes we will sign Adams when it’s time and no is not dumb
  3. We have 2 wr with #10. I thought after preseason you could not have 2 of the same #
  4. Refs suck. Wait till next week when we play the pats going to be way worse call against us. Won’t even surprise me if we have the same crew of refs for our game gotta makes sure these older franchise qb have a edge
  5. How about a Leo for oj Howard from Tampa trade. Heard he’s on the trade block. Would be nice to have two young good tight ends. Don’t know what they would want but I would see if Todd bowls would want his stud dt he help draft.
  6. Don’t have that channel any links on internet like they had one on face book a few game ago but now I can’t find it
  7. I think( more like hope) we win. All I know is I hope devin smith don’t show up against us we be ironic though and jets like. This has to be the turning point of the season. I’ll be rooting like hell to win. Time to put our game faces on and crush the cowgirls
  8. If we’re trading for wr has to be young and on rookie deal if not just keep draft picks. And if we going young try to pry dj chark from jags ( I know a dream) I would give up a 2rd pick for him or diggs from Vikings or if broncos have a fire sale I’d be first in line to trade for c. Sutton all are beast and would gladly give a 2nd but aj green no.
  9. QW played 1 1/2 weeks and look good he is no where near a jag. He will only improve but is already better than Leo. This fan base is crazy if his play is not all pro from first game he’s a jag is just insane.
  10. Since no one is mentioning the elephant in the room.... if brown continue to play bad should they trade mayfield for picks..... just saying asking for a friend or maybe not a friend per say but a forum member
  11. We should do a poll for 14 in green who would trade a franchise qb doing well in his contract year if team is playing bad.because you have to pay him. You don’t trade a qb you build around him. Don’t care how bad a team is if your qb is playing well you have hope. Wtf are picks going to do but be used up to trade up for a qb that you hope will play good? Who cares how much you pay a franchise qb. If he’s good he will get paid that’s why qb is the highest paid position in nfl. But hey he’s not #1 so get picks while you can is a bs argument
  12. So you call me out. Then go and butt fumble like 3 of my post who cares. The reason why I but fumble this is because it took us years to get a franchise qb especially like you say that he’s playing well but team is not. And you would trade him for picks. Fu*k that . Don’t care if he’s the highest paid qb in league if he’s playing well,even though the team by chance is bad. Do u know how hard it is for us to find a good franchise qb in this league and your azz wants to trade him off for picks f that. Just because I don’t like what you said does not make me a snow ❄️ as you said. In this league you can’t win with out a qb we have that that’s the only thing keeping me sane right now and you would trade him if he doing well for picks. I maybe a snow ❄️ but your a crack head
  13. Me every game thinking jets will show a nfl offense for a drive or too.
  14. Nope biggest problem is the f’ing ol. How do you give up 10 sacks to a team that had what 2 sacks all year. They can’t run block either. Never seen a ol so bad.
  15. So now we blame a loss on a QB because a kicker can’t make a kick or extra point hmmmmm
  16. Imagine if we had no injuries this year

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