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  1. I voted yes I will root for the Jets. Won’t be rooting for them to win but will root for them to play well and show some kind any kind of improvement be that the ol blocking, specials, running game, passing game anything but when final time ticks off hope it’s a loss.
  2. But the real question is DO YOU THINK Sam shouldn’t be our there or Sam should be our there.
  3. I said O’Brien because he had a bad ol too and still put up good #s
  4. Great game maybe one day we have a offense like one of these teams. fun to watch
  5. Would love to trade for him but dhop is the best wr in league and we missed the boat on that one hopefully we don’t on this
  6. How about if he plays good don’t trade him and trade down in draft
  7. We beat the bills this weak they take us for granted and we get some weapons back we shock them this week
  8. Bell looked good yesterday should of been in the whole game f gore .
  9. Rex Ryan hc Adam Gase oc Todd Bowles dc that right there is the way to go
  10. I was one of the gase supporters when he got hired. Figure he could get the best out of Sam and he would take no bs with the owners meddling. But his in game coaching sucks and after 1 1/4 years coaching for us I want him gone.
  11. Game ball goes to the punter for that tackle now that’s a Mann’s Mann
  12. I’m so glad the 4 preseason games are now over...... can’t wait for season to begin next week hopefully with a different head coach
  13. We need to trade for Robinson and give him a contract he wants. Which is 18 mill per year from what I’m hearing. Market value is around 20 mill but next off season could be more. We need a true #1 not a question mark. If we have to give up Seattle’s 1 so be it.
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