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  1. You might wanna hold off with that. The way Mac and gase buddy’s they may hire him as a scout.
  2. What if this whole off-season was just a dream? And we wake up and we still have Mac and Bowles as our leader going into the season.
  3. They sound like fighting words to @TOmShane or has he finally came around
  4. if we don’t get 8 wins or more this year the only excuse I will take is injury. And the only injury that would hurt us that bad would be (knock on wood) Darnold going down for a long stretch. I think we have enough talent to over come other spots but not the QB. Hell I still think we can get to 8-8 with bell and the running game with a game manager QB but I wouldn’t get my hopes up though.
  5. I hope he does play for us. We’re going to need him last week of the schedule because we will be resting starters since will have the division already locked down. And Sam will be rested for the playoffs .
  6. Like your list but would take outT Johnson and M. Maye and put Robby Anderson and Avery Williamson in.
  7. After super bowl win my cat will be celebrating with me
  8. Jets missed playoffs in 2016 with a 10-6 record
  9. This video is of a beast doing beastly things happy birthday Q
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