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  1. Best game ever live: 1968 AFL Championship game. 6 years old, I thought we'd be in every championship game. Honorable mentions: November of 1971 vs. 49ers. Namath's return to the field after hurting his knee in a pre-season game against the Lions. Jets went down big when Namath came into the game I think around the 2nd quarter. Jets were down big, but Namath threw 3 TD passes to bring them back down 3, 24-21. End of the game saw Namath throw an INT to end the Jets hopes for the comeback. Other than being there for Joe's comeback, what made this game so memorable was the crowd. My parents had season tix section 10 midway in the upper deck, first time I ever felt the stadium physically moving and shaking. I also remember a bunch of 49ers coming up to Joe after the game to shake his hand. Best Jets loss I ever saw. Last game of the 1981 season vs. the Packers. Other than the '68 AFL Championship game and the '85 game vs. the Bears at the Meadowlands, the coldest game I have ever been to. By the end of the 3rd quarter, couldn't feel my feet. Didn't care though, as the Jets mauled the Packers to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since the '69 season. And the one that many I have also cited, the 51-45 win vs. the Dolphins.
  2. Goodcall, thanksfor the clarification. The move is a no-brainer, best case scenario: we get a solid OL, and we lose our shot at drafting the next Scotty McNight (although with Joe D in charge of the War Room, there ain't a shot in hell of the happening).
  3. JD made the right move here. No way do you give up that high a waiver slot before teams begin to really start cutting players. As has already been stated, giving up a 7th rounder for a guy who, at worst, will provide OL depth, and at best, can beat out Winters.
  4. If Khalil passes his physical today, his coming on board reminds me of when Alan Faneca signed with the Jets. 32 years old at the time, while Faneca wasn't as dominant as he was with the Steelers, he was good enough to bring great value to the team. Maybe Faneca's biggest contribution was playing between D'Brick and Mangold, as he was a great veteran presence for those two guys in particular, and that offense in general. I can definitely see Khalil bringing that same type of impact and influence to this Jets squad.
  5. The '68 offense is #1 all-time. Two HOFers in Namath and Maynard, with what should be a third in Winston Hill. Terrific balance with the WRs consisting of Maynard, Sauer, and Bake Turner and the RBs of Snell, Boozer, and Bill Mathis. Add in a tremendous OL that was made better with the acquisition of Bob Talamini at OG, that Jets offense had it all. For me, the most clutch drive for a NYJ offense in their history was the AFL championship game that year. Down 23-20 with under 8 minutes left in the game, and in conditions that were brutal; in 3 passes, Namath drive them down for what eventually became the winning TD pass to Maynard. The second pass in that drive is still one of the most amazing throws I've seen, 50+ yards into a 25-30 MPH wind, and dropping a dime to Maynard. As talented as the Jet offenses were in the 85-86 seasons, give me the '68 Jets any day of the week.
  6. If things work out like this, McCagnan will long for the days when the first round was 15 minutes per selection. And even then, I remember when the Vikings took up their entire allotted time in round one and were jumped by Jacksonville. At least the Jets have never done that!
  7. If Arizona is truly passing on Murray, wow, what a break for the Jets. Assuming the 49ers don't pick either and they do not trade out of the #2 slot, the Jets should have a multitude of potential trade partners. So we have: Raiders Giants (least likely) Denver Cincy Redskins I can't see the Jets dropping past 15, and if they do make a deal, if all QBs are available at the 3rd slot, part of the trade HAS to include a #1 pick for 2020; especially if they drop in this year's first round in the 10-15th pick range.
  8. From Incarcerated Bob: Jets have two “Substantial” offers to move back from #3 overall. No decision yet from Jets GM he might wait to see who’s still on board once on the clock. #NFLDraft
  9. WOW! The Jets played this one as good as anyone could've hoped for. The shocker in this is that the market for Bell apparently never materialized. Those who said that the talk yesterday of Bell getting interest from the Ravens, Bears, etc. now must have been put out there by Bell's side to try and drum up interest. 4 years for $52.5? That is an unreal deal for the Jets. And for Bell? Hopefully he comes in with a chip on his shoulder that he is pissed that the rest of the league wouldn't pony up higher offers. Glad I stayed up!!
  10. So with this news on Murray, we might have a couple of scenario's that play out very nicely for the Jets. 1. Murray & Haskins go 1-2, which would leave Bosa to us at 3; or 2. One of the QB's goes in the top two along with Bosa, which would leave the #3 spot as a most desirable slot to try and trade up to. The news on Murray today is nothing short of fantastic for the Jets.
  11. This game just showed how important Gurley was to the Rams offense. With him virtually invisible, it made Belichick's gameplan a stone lock. You look at the Rams minus Gurley, the only game breaker is Cooks. The rest of their skill guys are never going to scare anyone. And the Rams OL was exposed tonight, it showed that they couldn't replace Saffold.

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