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  1. Probably #70, his college number. Mike White changing too, from #8. Maybe he takes his college #14, previously held by someone.
  2. Just one more reason to hate the offseason. And Twitter. I miss the good old days when we knew nothing about players' mothers at all.
  3. Guess my Chuma Edoga authentic #75 is now worthless.
  4. There's a decent chance that the Jets may be waiting for Nick Mullens' medicals to check out (he had off-season elbow surgery) before signing him to be the backup. He would be a solid choice - has experience in the system, and has started quite a few NFL games with a decent level of success.
  5. Didn't Smith retire? He's earned a gazillion dollars during his NFL career, and is getting out while he can still walk. Smart man. If we add a veteran backup at this point, it will be someone like Brian Hoyer. Not a lot left out there.
  6. Personally, I'd keep Crowder. But I'm not sure the Jets will feel the same way. Crowder is a better player than Austin, but will also cost about 10 times as much this year - which the Jets will factor in. And, yes, Austin does return kicks and punts. It's probably what he's best at.
  7. If Austin is signed, it's to show Moore the ropes. It would probably also mean Crowder and/or Berrios moving on.
  8. Restrictions increasingly being lifted. Case numbers way down, vaccinations going well. Most UK adults will have been vaccinated by the Summer. Pretty much everything should be opened up by the time the game comes around.
  9. Even Woody's not that dumb. The Jets are a money-making machine for Woody. He would be seriously limiting his earning potential in the UK where NFL football remains very much a minority interest.
  10. Just realised the game is the same day as my son's 10th birthday. He's not really a football fan, so this is going to require some serious creative bribery on my part. Trip down to London, Jets game on his birthday, but then a two-day visit to Legoland Windsor (which he loves) on the Monday and Tuesday, with unlimited souvenir privileges, is my opening bid. Wish me luck.
  11. Love a tattie scone. Got to be Stornoway black pudding, and a good quality Haggis slice too. I'd remove the beans, but maybe that's just me.
  12. Probably makes a lot of sense. Washington is one of the teams with a big following in the UK.
  13. You've met Jets fans before, right?
  14. Just checked the dates. Kids are off school for a week from the Monday, so this could be a great opportunity to combine a Jets game with a trip to Legoland Windsor to keep everyone happy. Will have to throw in a bit of shopping for the wife too. Basically, if this game is on, I'm there.
  15. At least our coaches have plenty of film on Darnold to help them expose his weaknesses. Basically, pressure him and disguise your coverages.
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