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  1. It was not. Didn't tap the toe until it was on the white. Bad call.
  2. Don't let him get away, Giants. He's worth the investment. Yours sincerely, Jets fans who recall past 4 round picks like Leon Washington, Kerry Rhodes, Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith.
  3. Terrible call on that roughing flag. Wasn't late, low or to the head.
  4. I love Bilal Powell. Hope we bring him back again for 2020.
  5. Mersereau and Gerald Nichols were a really solid and under-rated combo at NT. Mersereau was picked up off the street, and Nichols was an undersized 7th round pick. Both good Jets.
  6. No, just "designated to return" from IR. They can practice and Jets have 3 weeks to either activate them, or else shut them down for the year.
  7. Nice plan. Beachum and Harrison would be fine with quality players beside them. Getting Adams in the 2nd round to play RT for a year, then hopefully moved to LT in year 2, would be a very smart move.
  8. Beachum is a guy I would bring back, short-term, as insurance in case a rookie LT isn't ready to start. He's gutting it out on two bad ankles right now, and he had a poor game yesterday, but he's generally been a solid player. Harrison can also stay as a versatile reserve C/G.
  9. Bless Austin - looks like a legit, starting quality CB. A true draft steal. Ryan Griffin - a cast-off, who was signed very late in pre-season as depth. What a quality signing he has proven to be. Nathan Shepherd - we were all writing him off, due to his age and suspension. We were all wrong - he can play.
  10. This thread has only served to remind me of the unfulfilled talent that was Johnny Mitchell. Remember his game against the Eagles in his 2nd year, when he caught 7 passes for 146 yards and 3 TDs - including an incredible 65 yard tackle-busting effort? Guy had all the talent in the world. Pity he lost interest in football and never lived up to his true ability.
  11. Great hands by Poole on the pick. What a terrific play.
  12. Sam and Gase silencing the doubters today. The team is rolling. Playing smart, tough and fast.
  13. The CBs are really hitting today. Austin and Maulet came to play.
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/22/jon-gruden-quinnen-williams-the-reason-why-jets-have-no-1-rush-defense/ Jon Gruden: Quinnen Williams the reason why Jets have No. 1 rush defense Posted by Josh Alper on November 22, 2019, 10:42 AM EST Getty Images The Jets made defensive tackle Quinnen Williams the third overall pick of this year’s draft in hopes that he’d improve the defense by acting as a playmaker on their defensive front. A look at Williams’s numbers might call into question his playmaking ability. He has 1.5 sacks and two tackles for loss so far this season, but this weekend’s opponent sees where Williams has improved the Jets defense. Williams draws double-teams often and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden believes the attention paid to him has helped the Jets become the top-ranked run defense in the league. “They’re the No. 1 rushing defense in football and he’s the reason why,” Gruden said, via Newsday. “He’s healthy and moving around much better than he did earlier in the season. There’s a lot of stuff you got to learn in your first year in the NFL, especially when you play for Gregg Williams. It looks like he’s playing with a lot more confidence, energy. He’s a force in there. It’ll be a challenge for us.” The Jets have been far less successful stopping the pass, which may also explain why the team isn’t yielding much on the ground but Gruden’s comments suggest either answer will still result in a lot of attention being paid to Williams come Sunday.
  15. There was a play late in the Washington game that showed how good, and aware, Austin is. QB scrambles outside the pocket, looks deep for the WR on the sideline. Bless is with him stride for stride, QB looks his direction anyway. Bless looks back inside for the ball, but never loses track of his WR on the outside and uses his body positioning to steer the WR out of bounds. That ball was either going to be intercepted or incomplete, there was no way it was going to be a completion. Kid's just got it.

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