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  1. mrcoops

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    Karl Dorrell - the only guy with legit HC experience.
  2. Bowles should be fired in-season, but probably won't be. If it was me, I would fire him at half-time. He's done. The best interim candidate on the staff is WR coach Karl Dorrell who has HC experience at UCLA.
  3. Webb activated, Sterling to IR.
  4. mrcoops

    CB Justin Burris signed to Browns

    Well, that sucks. Oh no, wait...he sucks. No loss at all.
  5. mrcoops

    Caption this pic

    "Want to share a cab?"
  6. mrcoops

    Possible HC Candidates

    I would really like an experienced HC from the offensive side of the ball. Really no idea who that might be, as quality experienced HCs don't shake loose too often. Of the hot OC names, I'd go for DeFilippo.
  7. No. Well, they might be trying but they won't succeed. Darnold is legit. Just get him a real coach, and an Oline.
  8. I'd be absolutely devastated. But I'm not going to be absolutely devastated. This kid ain't Sanchez. He's the real deal. Now, we just need to find someone to coach him and some talent around him on O - especially on the Oline.
  9. mrcoops

    NFL Transactions

    I would take Chad all day over Bradford. Chad won games and made the playoffs, and won there. Bradford just collects money.
  10. mrcoops

    NFL Transactions

    How the hell does this guy keep getting $20M a year contracts? Has there ever been a player in NFL history who was paid so well, year in year out, while producing so little? Edit: career earnings to date - over $130 million.
  11. mrcoops

    Miles activated

    Campbell was always just a placeholder until 'Tez got healthy. Welcome back. A huge boost for the special teams and for the leadership on D.
  12. Darnold, Burnett and Roberts were real positives yesterday. Each played very well, all things considered. Darnold will solve our QB position for 15 years, while Burnett and Roberts are exceeding expectations and offer hope for the future.
  13. I think he might see some decent PT from the slot. Kearse and Anderson wide, leaves Roberts, Peake and Burnett for the slot. I think Roberts and Burnett both see time in there. If he is in the game, Sam is going to look at him. So 2-3 receptions seems like a reasonable bet.
  14. Yup. The Equipment guys unofficially retired #80. They just don't offer it to anyone.
  15. Yes, Practice Squad players practice with the regular 53.

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