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  1. This thread just reminds me that the Jets could just have drafted Robinson (Jets preferred useless tub of lard Jace Amaro) and Godwin (Jets preferred useless lump of wood ArDarius Stewart) if they had just listened to me and my complete lack of knowledge of scouting. Thanks IdzikMacc.
  2. Does Jet-hater Florio stick with his "Jets shouldn't hire a defensive coach" line when speaking direct to coach Saleh? Somehow, I doubt it.
  3. Don't mind this. Boyer has generally done a good job. Special teams were bad this season, but a lot of that is down to poor talent on the roster. When you have backup level players as starters, your backups and special teamers aren't going to be up to much.
  4. Staley is an impressive guy. Very smart and a really creative coach. I liked him a lot for us, though very happy with Saleh. Would have been difficult to get him out of LA once the Chargers became interested, though. He will do a good job - nice hire by the Chargers.
  5. Doesn't look like it. Miles Austin was hired as WR coach, and no assistant WR coach has been named. Jets retained a few lower-level assistants, but haven't seen any position coaches brought back.
  6. It rivalled the Gase press conference for weirdness. And Detroit gave the guy a 6-year deal.
  7. Last year's Oline coach signed with the Bengals. Can't remember seeing anyone else getting picked up elsewhere so far.
  8. Not decided yet, apparently. He might be kept, or he might go. Secondary coach Dennard Wilson is in the same situation.
  9. Complete change of staff in Atlanta, so I wouldn't read too much into it. There were a few teams linked to Ulbrich as a potential DC. Saleh knows him and rates him, so that's good enough for me.
  10. Nice to see the standard of NYDN journalists has remained consistent after Mehta left.
  11. Calabrese as QB coach rather than Knapp, with Knapp as "passing game specialist". Had been reported as the other way around. Saw on Twitter today that the Jets made a late run at Rich Scangarello to coach QBs, but he decided to go to the 49ers.
  12. Saleh says he won't be calling plays on D. Says he has the ultimate faith in Jeff Ulbrich to do that.....so guess that confirms who our D-Coordinator is!
  13. Stop asking Chris Johnson questions. It's a waste of bandwidth.

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