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  1. The Rookie Beach Bowl....what a doozy that one was.
  2. I still think he's getting cut. Too much cap-killing money at stake for the Raiders to squat on him in the hope of finding a trade partner later. Even if they did that, other teams would know the Raiders are caught between a rock and a hard place. The offers would be like a conditional 2026 7th round pick type of thing. It's not worth the risk for the Raiders.
  3. I dunno....I would think this was pretty ridiculous, no matter what they called it. These guys are football players, the best of the best. I don't need to know how good they are are at hacky sack, or cornhole or whatever. Obviously, the pro bowl game ceased to be a spectacle a long time ago. Just gather these guys together, give them a nice meal and hand out some awards. Replacing the pointless game with even more pointless games just seems a bit...pointless.
  4. Just when you thought that the Pro Bowl couldn't get any more ridiculous...
  5. I generally don't have much interest in non-NFL professional leagues, but I am a fan of the War on the Floor. It's different, it's fast-paced and it's enjoyable to watch.
  6. Tannehill is a much better QB than he generally gets credit for. He's my preferred fall-back option if the big moves for a Rodgers or Carr don't come to pass.
  7. He can be the GOAT and a prick at the same time - which he absolutely is.
  8. Wash your mouth out with soap for such profanity.
  9. And one of those 12 was Aaron Rodgers. He hasn't missed a start in 5 years.
  10. A guy like Bortles or similar only works if you have a guy like Rodgers or Carr, and you want a minimum salary vet to help out in camp and in the meeting room. Most likely, if the Jets land a Rodgers or Carr, Wilson is the backup and Streveler or a rookie is the 3rd guy earning the minimum.
  11. They would produce some very annoying children.
  12. They will be looking at the same QBs as us - Carr, Jimmy G, Tannehill etc. Can't see the Pack trading Rodgers there though.
  13. Yet Brady is still a prick. Glad to see him gone from the NFL - although this does hurt the Jets, as there is one less veteran QB to go around which will drive up competition for guys the Jets are looking at.
  14. Bortles, you can get for vet minimum or very close to it. He's earned practically nothing the last few seasons. That's if he wants a job - he quietly retired a short time ago.
  15. $5M-$6M a year seems about right for Mike White, as a solid backup option. Anyone paying more than that is overpaying.
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