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  1. Loved watching Sanders play. There's never been another back quite like him.
  2. We've got an extra 6th in 2020 because of the Darron Lee trade. If the Jets like Simms, they should bid with a 6th rounder. Anything earlier is too high a price, IMHO.
  3. Horrible. I guess they had to amputate to save his life, but what a difficult decision to have to make.
  4. Jared Lorenzen dead, at the age of 38, following serious health problems linked to his weight. Rest in Peace. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/03/jared-lorenzen-dies-at-38/
  5. I think your sarcasm detector may need some adjusting, Phil. Herndon had a very impressive rookie year - despite lots of Jets fans wanting him cut during his first game.
  6. He's still technically under contract with the Jets, so he probably can't say anything without risking forfeit of money he is still owed.
  7. Douglas building a great front office. A similar approach to that the Browns have taken with Dorsey over the past year. Build a strong front office, and a strong roster will follow.
  8. Herndon has worked out OK for a guy that half the board wanted cut after his first game as a rookie. The signs are good - looking for a year of solid growth from him, with 55-60 receptions.
  9. Resigning Steve McLendon was an under-rated move. A real leader, who will be an excellent guy for Quinnen to learn from.
  10. It wouldn't be my top priority.
  11. I think the Jets really like Wesco and Daniel Brown as the potential #2 and #3 behind Herndon. Wesco can block and is very versatile, while Brown is great on special teams and a solid pass-catcher. Tomlinson (or someone else that is yet to be signed) could stick early if Herndon is suspended, but I think Herndon, Wesco and Brown will be the 1,2,3.
  12. Douglas won't be the Jets' GM, because Macc is absolutely secure in his post.
  13. Looking forward to all those dysfunctional Texans stories in the media. Fired Gaine in June, after letting him run free agency and the draft. What a circus.

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