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  1. Return of the Hack Attack. I think it will work out better for Denver than it did for us.
  2. I liked the 2013 Bengals - loved the Germaine Gresham / Geno Atkins battle in the Oklahoma drill and all the build up to it.
  3. Damn...really wanted the Jets to get a close look at Dotson.
  4. HMH certainly is a Jets fan, and a very knowledgeable one at that. It's just that, while most of us have a love-hate relationship with the Jets, HMH has more of a hate-hate relationship with the Jets. Every player, coach, owner, official, cheerleader, hot-dog vendor and fan will be treated similarly - they are all equally subject to scorn and ridicule.
  5. Oh, HMH is a Jets fan - and a very long-standing one as well.
  6. Nantz seems a little deflated in commentary. Almost as though he's upset about something that happened recently. Weird.
  7. Not looking so rigged now. Don't leave this kick short, Matt.
  8. Mcvay going to be kicking Cam Akers in the knee after this one.
  9. Rams doing their best to give this game away. Amazing throw by Brady on the TD though.
  10. It's because he wears a stupid, non-CB, number.
  11. Good explanation by the ref on the foul. Bucs thought they were keeping the ball. Shame.
  12. Single rider, head first on a little metal tray, speeds of up to 80mph. Scares the hell out of me, and I'm just watching.
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