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  1. ....however, I predict that this thread will not have a happy ending.
  2. More likely that the Pats trade Mac Jones for him - Watson seems like Bob Kraft's kind of guy.
  3. White is our backup. Morgan remains a project with upside.
  4. Assume he was cheap. They are possibly still paying Mehta if he left with some kind of NDA after all the crap that he was involved in an the NYDN.
  5. He wants to be a cross between Mehta and Cimini, but he just can't match up to Cimini in the weary-sarkiness department or Mehta in the creepy-evil department.
  6. That's exactly what it is. Bringing in guys with some experience who can quickly get up to speed and take some camp reps. Going with just 2 QBs in camp is tough.
  7. Yup. Former 5th round pick by the Bucs who has been on the roster of about half the NFL at one point or another, including a previous stint with the Jets. Good enough to keep getting chances, but never good enough to be anyone's number 1. A career #2 or #3 guy in the NFL, who has had some success as a starter in lesser leagues.
  8. Mannion is really bad. Johnson has been with the Niners, so is at least familiar with the scheme. I'll take him for camp.
  9. Especially not in such a poorly constructed and unfunny fashion.
  10. Rap's source is clearly Maye's agent, so you can take a pinch of salt with the figures quoted. This was always likely to happen. Maye is a very good player, but not an elite one. He deserves a fair contract, but in no way does he deserve a top of the market deal. It looks like the Jets are happy to let Maye prove it again this year. They are not going to offer a market-setting deal for a 28 year old player they can control with the franchise tag this year and potentially next.
  11. What does he do when the Seahawks accept?
  12. Missing Conor McDermott, who the Jets seem to like. He probably has a decent shot to stick over Edoga.
  13. Happy 4th of July to all you rebellious colonials. Also my cat's birthday!
  14. Best of luck to him. Good player, always seems like a good guy when I have seen him interviewed.
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