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  1. That was Darrell Bevell. He was a hot HC candidate himself until that one.
  2. Yup. Schotty has the personality and leadership traits to be a good HC, if he is prepared to let someone else call plays on O. He missed his chance when he was a hot name early in his Jets' career, but he might still get another shot off the back of the Seahawks' successes.
  3. Only 2 WRs left on the field - Berrios and Malone. Hmmmm...maybe activating another WR to that open spot on the roster might have been a decent idea?
  4. Where the hell are "the unicorn" Chris Herndon and "the griffin" Ryan Griffin? Maybe it would be an idea to throw them a ball or two at some point?
  5. Quinnen. Sam. Mekhi. Braden. Frank Gore is the future at RB. That's it.
  6. My fantasy opponent this week, desperate for TE help, picked up and is starting Jordan Reed. Well, that's just peachy.
  7. Cut Henry Anderson at half time. Doesn't do a thing all half, then hits the QB late to gift a 1st down when the secondary just made a great play to halt the drive.
  8. Anyone still want to complain about the Wesco pick? Dude is an animal as a blocker. Hope Bosa is OK.
  9. Gore 12-15 carries, Adams 8-10, Perine 5-7. Ballage, I think, will be used more as a receiver and on STs.

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