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  1. I would have kept Burnett. He was really impressive in college with Darnold, and played well for the Titans in preseason.
  2. mrcoops

    Todd Haley in 2019

    I'm on the Haley bus. A strong offensive coach, with a no nonsense attitude. A Jets pedigree - though not necessarily a strong selling point. Plus, a big plus in my opinion, he has experience as a Head Coach. Many HCs learn from their initial mistakes and are much better at the 2nd attempt. No more rookie coaches, and no more defensive coaches. It's time to go on the offensive, with someone who has been there before.
  3. mrcoops

    Baker looked legit

    Well said. Coming in to the draft, I wanted Darnold or Mayfield. I thought they were the two best prospects at QB in the draft. I still do. Nothing I have seen has made my change my opinion on either guy. They are both very good prospects, who can have long and successful pro careers.
  4. mrcoops

    Baker looked legit

    Mayfield did look good. This is not a surprise - he's a good QB with a load of starting experience in college. The Jets' D helped him out a lot though. They didn't adapt when Tyrod went out of the game. Mayfield's strength is quick passes inside the numbers. The Jets let him do it all through the 2nd half, without ever adjusting to the change of QB.
  5. mrcoops

    Bench Darnold, sign Kaep

    This thread sucks.
  6. Jets definitely need to upgrade WRs not named Quincy. Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen are available.
  7. Jets playing dumb football right now. Trying their best to let Cleveland back into the game.
  8. Way to stay classy there, Crowell. Jeez...what a moron.
  9. Now that Stewart is gone, I'll go with Jordan Leggett. Has the look of a guy who will produce literally nothing as a pro.
  10. mrcoops

    Where's Braden?

    I'd say the other PS OT whose name I forget might be the guy to go if Stewart is brought back.
  11. mrcoops

    Where's Braden?

    Whoever maintains the Jets' website is terminally slow at updating the roster. Braden is on the PS - the website has just never changed to reflect this. He was listed on the active roster for several days after being waived.
  12. mrcoops

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    What's really amazing is that Macc spent so much time scouting Hackenberg without thinking, "hey, this Godwin guy he is throwing to is pretty good". It's like when Tanny spent all his time scouting Vlad Ducasse...and completely failed to spot his team-mate Victor Cruz.
  13. Absolutely the correct decision. He's not better than Enunwa, Anderson, Kearse or Pryor and he's not a special teams asset like Roberts and Peake. He might come back on the PS - as long as it's not at the expense of Deontay Burnett, who I like better.
  14. And there we go. Complete WR washout in last year's draft with the Stewart and Hansen picks.

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