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  1. Second overall pick is...

    Barkley. Giants already have Webb and can add another prospect at QB in round 2 or 3. Eli has a few years left, and the Midgets want to give him a chance to win again.
  2. I have been picking Flowers it the late rounds of just about every mock I have done recently. Love his game. A really versatile and valuable guy to have on your team.
  3. I would go Rosen, and cross my fingers that he stays healthy.
  4. I heard from a reliable source that Baker Mayfield has furry feet, once misappropriated a magic ring, and joined up with a group of dwarves and a wizard to steal some gold from its owner, a dragon.
  5. Yet Jets internet insists we didn't have to move up from 6 to secure a QB...
  6. Offer them #3 in exchange for both. Hey, it's the Browns so they might take it.
  7. Mayfield and Darnold. Rosen's frame and injury history scare me. Josh Allen just scares me. Get me Mayfield or Darnold.
  8. How can anyone be certain that a certain player would be there at pick #6 in a draft that hasn't happened yet? In the event that the Browns shock by going Mayfield at #1, or someone trades up to #2 to take him, will the Jets then get killed for not trading high enough to get him? QBs are likely to go fast and early. Staying at 6 risked the Jets being shut out, or left with the 4th or 5th guy. Now let's see what happens...and hope the guy they pick ends up being a franchise QB.

    Youth movement going well.
  10. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Personally, I would take Mayfield. I think the Jets would take Darnold. The top 2 QBs in the draft, so either one would be a great pick at 3.
  11. FFS

    Having a gay QB worked out well for the Pats.
  12. Mayfield and Darnold going 1&2 is pretty much my worst nightmare, as I want one of those two guys - preferably Mayfield. So, the Jets luck being as it is, that is probably precisely what will happen. I'm not as high on Rosen as many others, though I do get the appeal. Not interested in Allen that high at all.
  13. I feel the same. Like Mayfield, want Mayfield, hope the pick is Mayfield. But suspect all the Mayfield to Jets talk could be cover for the Jets' true intention. Actually, the guy we have seen linked to the Jets least is Allen. That could be significant...though I hope not.
  14. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    I've been thinking the same thing. Mayfield is probably the most likely out of Darnold, Rosen and himself to be there at 3. So making him feel like he's your #1 guy no matter what makes sense. They would probably pick Darnold over Mayfield if they were both there, but I do believe that the Jets really like Baker. As they should, and as do I.