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  1. I definitely feel like Murray to Arizona is more than smoke. If it's not, they have done a bizarre job of making their current QB feel unwanted for no reason. Personally, I've never been sold on Rosen's pro potential and I think Arizona decided quickly that he isn't the long-term answer for them. I suspect he gets traded for less than a 1st round pick by draft day.
  2. mrcoops

    What is Jeremy Bates doing?

    Bowles really messed up Bates by making him the OC. He was doing well as the QB coach, and didn't want the pressure of being the OC after his previous experience in the league. He was eventually convinced to take the job, and then it went poorly because he wasn't suited to the job. He is a good QB coach but is over matched as the play caller at OC. Nice job Bowles, you moron.
  3. This is true. We also have to consider bang for buck. The top blocking TEs on other teams are pulling down $4M-$5M or more per year. The Jets just resigned Tomlinson, a good blocker, probably for less than the $2M low tender they refused to use on him. He's a cheap option as the blocking TE. Like kicker, it's just a position where the Jets just don't ever want to spend big money.
  4. mrcoops

    Update on Justin Houston

    Will probably have to overpay him, similar to what we did with Mosley, if we are to pry him away from playoff level teams. Give him 3 years, with the first 2 guaranteed. Guy is still a productive pass-rusher, and would be the best we have had since Johnny Abe.
  5. Both re-signings are fine. Tomlinson gets a bad rep because he has had penalties, but he's easily the best blocking TE on the team and one of the better blocking specialists in the league. For a cheap #2 behind Herndon, he's more than adequate. Qvale can play OT or OG, and adds versatile depth. Again, he came cheap. Both guys could be upgraded if someone else emerges from FA or the draft, but they are both good guys to have around as veteran depth and competition.
  6. mrcoops

    AAF players who can potentially be a Jet this year

    John Wolford, Jalin Marshall, Charles Johnson - they would all have a shot to make this year's team.
  7. Both Tomlinson and Qvale re-signed, per Twitter.
  8. mrcoops

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    On the bright side - I did enjoy the Da Vinci code, though I felt the rest of his books are a bit too formulaic.
  9. mrcoops

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Fells is 32, turns 33 later this year. He is a terrific blocker and would have been a good signing. I don't understand the Brown move. He's not a blocking TE, which we need, but a converted college WR who played special teams almost exclusively last year. Unless the plan is to sign another blocking TE and use Brown mainly on specials, I'm not sure he makes the team.
  10. mrcoops

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Hmmm...I have literally no idea who he is. I hope this isn't our plan for #2 TE.
  11. Jets also in on Brett Jones, according to Mehta: Either Wisniewski or Jones would be good signings. Versatile veterans who can compete to start at Center, and add interior depth.
  12. mrcoops

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Nice depth at Tackle. An improvement over Qvale, and insurance for Shell coming back from injury.
  13. mrcoops

    Robert Quinn

    Could be the Phish want to trade him rather than cut him because they know the Jets will pounce if they set him free.
  14. Washington apparently also intereted: On another subject...how cool is Dave's last name? I want to be an Assman - I've always been one at heart.
  15. Where would he play in a 3-4 though? Jets already well stocked at ILB with Mosley, Williamson, Hewitt and Wint. Plus Lee, while he is still here. Burfict isn't a pass-rusher, so OLB in the 3-4 doesn't look like a fit.

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