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  1. He hits hard, but often seems to arrive just a beat too late to force the incompletion. Hopefully that improves as he gets more experience, because his athletic ability is top- notch.
  2. 1952 - George VI, who died that year and was succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth II.
  3. Indeed it does. Hasn't come up as an issue much recently, though.
  4. I thought: 1) Catherine Jenkins is quite hot, even though she's Welsh. 2) She can really belt out a tune. 3) Whoa...that's REALLY high. 4) It's OK...she has a safety line. 5) The US national anthem is really long compared to the British national anthem (although that wasn't the full version). 6) It's game time!
  5. Glad I chose my son's birthday party over going down to London for the game. Supervising trampolining 10 year olds > watching the Jets play football.
  6. He looks incredible today. A WR running up the gut and dragging DLs with him for 8 yards.
  7. That roughing the passer call (which was bogus) totally seemed to suck the life out of the team. We've been terrible since that point. D playing on the back foot, O looks inept once again. This team just can't start fast.
  8. We paid JFM like he was Revis, but can't expect him to cover like #24. Bizarre coverage scheme there.
  9. Where is Ashtyn Davis? Was listed with the starters, but it's been Neasman and Wilson out there all drive. I hope he didn't injure himself eating a steak and kidney pie.
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