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  1. mrcoops

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    John Clayton: 'I Absolutely look like a Penis with glasses on' JOSEPH ZUCKERMAY 17, 2019 Don Wright/Associated Press
  2. I hate the offseason. So does Adam Gase.
  3. I won't believe any of this until I hear it from Matt Simms.
  4. Douglas either wants the job, or he doesn't. If he can be tempted to stay in Philly for a new job title and a raise, he wasn't the right guy for the job anyway. If he wants to be his own man, he will take the Jets' job. I have a feeling he takes our offer.
  5. If this was all we were going to get for Lee, probably should have just dealt him during the draft for KC's 2019 7th. Pretty clear that his value was very low around the league. Chiefs used their 2019 7th on versatile Illinois Center/Guard Nick Allegretti - and it seems they think highly of him as a quality backup and potential future starter. Not like we could have used a guy like that...
  6. At least we might now find out the answer to the biggest question of the offseason: what does Darron Lee think of the #newjetsunis? "Well, to be honest I think we should have just kept the classic Jets' unis from the most successful period in franchise history"...
  7. Rapoport thinks so little of Darron Lee, that he can't even be bothered to spell his first name correctly.
  8. Best thing about this firing is watching Mehta having a full-on meltdown on Twitter. He is not a happy camper. Which makes me think this is a very good thing. The hack just lost the source of 99.9% of his stories.
  9. mrcoops

    Put a bow on the McCagnan administration

    He brought us Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams, for which I will be eternally grateful. Otherwise, meh.
  10. mrcoops

    Fire Gase

    Undefeated as Jets' head coach.
  11. Douglas plus Jeremiah would be a big upgrade over Macc. Dinger seemed like a good guy, but was tied to Macc. Jeremiah knows his stuff. If Mayock can be a GM, Jeremiah can be an assistant to a GM.
  12. The signs have been there since Gase was hired. From the introductory Press Conf, where Macc sat there and didn't utter a word, to Gase's disappearance during the draft, to the stories about the discord and the Jets' sniffing around other GM candidates around the league. It's shocking because of the timing - shortly after Macc and Dinger landed a franchise QB followed by spending $100M in free agency then presiding over another draft - but it's still not a surprise. Jets will bring in a personnel guy that Gase is comfortable with, and move on from there.
  13. He does looks good in his highlight clips. Already 25 years old though, so hopefully he can adapt to the NFL quickly before it's time to retire.
  14. mrcoops

    What Is The Best Position?

    Definitely Center - we've had some great players there over the years in Schmidt, Fields, Sweeney, Mawae and Mangold. Even Roger Duffy was pretty good for a fair few years. At no other position have the Jets had such consistently good play over such a prolonged period.
  15. Very good player, injury prone, can't run 100 yards without collapsing.

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