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  1. Thanks for the reports, guys. Lots of good stuff. Tevaughn Campbell at starting CB is interesting. He's gone from a long shot camp body to a guy with a legit shot of making the team. He looked pretty good against Atlanta. Like the info about Miles too. Getting Rontez on the field more will bring some additonal attitude and physicality to the D. Burnett climbing the depth chart again. Good to hear.
  2. I remember it well. Satele was a guy many people thought was going to be something. Not Westhoff though!
  3. Brashton Satele, right?
  4. Fry definitely worth a waiver claim.
  5. I'm going 7 DL, 9 LB and 9 DBs - 5 CB and 4 S. Not sure we currently have 5 CBs worth keeping though.
  6. We will carry more than 6 LBs. In a 3-4 scheme, you want 8 or 9 LBs on your 53.
  7. I think we carry at least 8 LBs, quite possibly 9. Inside, Mosley, Hewitt, Cashman and one other guy. Outside, Jenkins, Copeland, Luvu, Basham and Polite. I wouldn't be shocked to see Polite IRed with a mystery ailment either.
  8. I'm carrying all 7. More than we carried last year, but they all deserve to make the team. I don't want to let a quality player go just to carry an extra crappy CB or something. If I had to cut one, it would probably be Shepherd. But I hope all 7 guys make the 53.
  9. Neither - Falk to the PS Powell Burnett - Thompson a very tough cut. Both - Fatukasi has played really well. Both - Love Luvu, and Basham has consistently pressured the QB in preseason.
  10. I hope we bring in another guy to compete this week. Cody Parkey, Matt McCrane, Caleb Sturgis...there are plenty of options out there. Get a competition going for the final 2 preseason games, and keep an eye on cuts for potential upgrades.
  11. Foley deserves to be on the team. He has played very well so far. Wint is a guy I like a lot, and his chances of making the 53 just went way up with the Williamson injury. I have a feeling about Justin Alexandre for the PS. Small school guy who needs polishing as a possible edge.
  12. That sucks. Why was he in there so late in the game? Big loss, but a big opportunity for guys like Cashman, Hewitt, Wint and Langi.
  13. Siemian is a serviceable backup. Falk can stick on the PS to run the scout team. Webb is useless. Hopefully, none of them ever have to play much.
  14. Myers #32 is an aggressive and active little dude.
  15. Yeah, he looks like a good project for the PS. I think #59 Alexandre also is worth developing as an edge.
  16. Tevaughn Campbell, the Canadian guy. He has looked pretty solid tonight. Runs fast and hits hard.
  17. He's probably the 6th WR right now, but doesn't have much value on specials which will hurt him. I really like his game though, so I hope there is a spot for him on the 53.
  18. Bellamy is making the team. He was in there with the 1s, and came out when the 1s came out. The other 6 guys are keepers too, if we can carry 7 WRs.
  19. Falk is so much better than Webb, it's not funny. Burnett looking good, but on the bubble to make the team. I hope he makes it.
  20. I like Wint. Probably an extreme longshot to make the 53, but maybe he makes the PS again.
  21. He's got talent, but we haven't seen enough of it. Looks like he is thinking too much right now.

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