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  1. Absolutely not. Marino had stupid hair. O'Brien had a sensible haircut you could set your watch by.
  2. My first Jets jersey was Glenn Foley's. It was a gift. Wish they had just given me a voucher.
  3. Remember when he was everyone's choice as our next HC? Interesting times.
  4. Yup, that's how I'm reading it too. The Jets need Quincy to either retire, or get healthy enough to pass a physical so they can cut him. He has that big injury guarantee for 2020, so he has no real incentive to do either of the things the Jets want him to do. By staying hurt, and not retiring, he collects his guaranteed for injury pay in 2020, then walks away with extra millions in his pocket.
  5. Smart guy. Had a great career, made enough money to set himself and his family up for life, then got out while he still has his faculties intact. With the money now on offer on 2nd contracts, coupled with the growing concern over the physical toll of the NFL, we are going to see more and more of this in the future.
  6. Nope. Darnold is the goods. Younger than Burrow, better than Burrow, and with 2 years' more NFL seasoning than Burrow. Give him a line and better receivers, watch him soar.
  7. Death penalty is the obvious solution. Sensible policies for a better society.
  8. 1 - Tom Shady. Obvious reasons. 2 - Dan Marino. Stupid Hair. 3- Thurman Thomas. He killed us. Every time. 4 - Antoine Winfield. I hold grudges. 5 - Kirk Cousins. I still hold grudges, even if we dodged a bullet. 6 - Jason Taylor. It hurt seeing him play, and quite well, for us. 7 - Randy Moss. Talented douche. 8 - Jim Kelly. He also killed us. Mellowed on him now. 9 - Johnny Manziel. Over-rated egotistical midget. 10 - Ndamukong Suh. Over-rated egotistical dirtbag.
  9. This hire has "poor man's Ben McAdoo" written all over it. Really a bizarre choice.
  10. Maybe it's the old Jets Belichick/Parcells model and Judge is the "temporary" HC until Belichick gets himself out of his Pats' contract. Or, alternatively, maybe the Giants just suck.
  11. Well, at least now we can watch how Rhule gets on as a pro coach without automatically having to root for him to fail miserably. For the record: I wanted him as Jets coach last year, and I think he will do well with Carolina.
  12. Adams won't be traded unless there is a compelling offer (very high first round pick + more). Why would the Jets trade him for a mid or late 1st round pick? He was the 6th overall pick in the draft and, as a Pro Bowler and first-team All Pro, his value has only gone up since he was drafted.
  13. Siemian should definitely be the backup, if he's healthy. Starting experience, knows the system, shouldn't be expensive coming back from injury.
  14. It's worse if you're Cleveland. The Jets just failed to pay to retain Davis as a FA (twice). The Browns had him under contract, and traded him...for Calvin Pryor.
  15. Henry is really rolling already. This is going to be a tough game for the Pats' D.
  16. Gave up multiple picks to move up one spot to make the selection too.
  17. Oh man...after 4 hours of Boogers, now we need to listen to Nantz fellating Brady for the entire game.
  18. Incredible game. That's why we all love playoff football.
  19. Amazing throw by Allen against his body. Pure arm talent.
  20. Dawson Knox has saved him twice tonight. Allen is making some incredibly bad decisions.

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