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  1. I liked Bennett Jackson, shame to lose him. The guy we are apparently signing today is a similar player - a CB/S tweener.
  2. CB/S tweener type. Looks like a versatile depth piece. Probably also means that Osemele is heading to IR.
  3. Good news. McLendon is a very solid player in the middle, a terrific leader and a great mentor for the young guys on the line.
  4. Wow, Falk goes from starting one week to not even being good enough to hold a clipboard the next week. Tough business.
  5. And Daddy Dawkins gave him his hat back afterwards, at least.
  6. Fales will definitely be one, and I would guess Daniel Brown who has done little so far. Not sure why we need 10 Olinemen either, when at least half of them are terrible. Can't cut Vyncint Smith - he IS our scoring on Offense.
  7. He's no Kyle Mackey, for guys old enough to remember Kyle Mackey. We actually benched Ken O'Brien for Mackey at one point during the Walton era. He got sacked and fumbled on his first offensive play, and things didn't get any better after that.
  8. Quite strong public feeling in this case. Young guy killed, person who allegedly caused it flees country is not a good look.
  9. She could potentially be prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving, or causing death by careless driving. Hitting someone because you're driving on the wrong side of the road would certainly qualify. Maximum sentence is 14 years in prison for death by dangerous driving, 5 years for death by careless driving.
  10. Smart move. One of the best in the NFL at his position. https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/1180530258346479616?s=19
  11. Jets bringing Fales back to be the backup this week. Not sure who goes to open the roster spot - KO to IR, Powell a temporary cut?
  12. Scherff is a beast. He will be well worth whatever someone pays him on the open market. And to think, I remember how ecstatic I was when Washington "reached" for Scherff in the draft, leaving us with "the best player in the draft" Leonard Williams...
  13. Epic Fales. Guy was so bad, we apparently cut him all over again, without going to the trouble of re-signing him first.
  14. Exactly. If he was healthy and doing nothing, then that would be cause for concern. But he has played one healthy half of football this season. Let the guy get healthy and play, then make your judgements based on that.
  15. I can remember screaming for Godwin when we were on the clock in that draft. The selection of Stewart was....disappointing. Could have had an elite young WR who is getting better every week, instead we picked an over-aged dud whose NFL career is already a distant memory. Yeah....that one still hurts.
  16. Might be worth a waiver claim, especially if he can return kicks. Let him replace Cannon in that role, while you coach him up at WR too.
  17. Nice pickup. Big guy with a big arm. Liked him in the draft, picked by Dallas in the 5th round last year. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/mike-white?id=32195748-4936-7864-3ac7-015862958e61 He was probably the most impressive QB in the Senior Bowl last year.
  18. Yeah...he's a turd. What a terrible pick.
  19. Why? Falk has had one pretty solid game, and one pretty poor game - on the road, against the SB champions, with a team decimated by injuries and suspensions. Falk can be a solid backup for Sam going forward.
  20. David Fales was the guy cut to open the roster spot. A positive sign for Darnold's recovery, waiving the current backup QB.
  21. David Fales was the guy cut to open the roster spot. Looks like the Jets are fairly confident that Darnold will be back healthy after the bye.
  22. Scary thing - I didn't ever consider Leo for the list, which just about says it all. A shame. He seems to work hard and is a good guy, but he just hasn't developed into an elite player. I would have loved to put an OL on there, but Shell has been just OK and Edoga hasn't shown us anything in games that matter yet. The line needs a major talent injection this offseason.
  23. Darnold Adams Bell Mosley Q. Williams Herndon Jenkins R. Anderson H. Anderson Maye
  24. Maybe Cannon to the IR, if his ankle injury is bad?
  25. Vyncint Smith, a speedster from the Texans' PS. No idea who went off the 53 to make room though.

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