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  1. True, that could be one way out of paying that $4.1M. But I just can't see him ever passing a physical to be medically cleared, either this year or next. And, yes, his 6M this year is locked in - it's guaranteed for injury, and he is out for the year.
  2. Yeah, that was the main thing I took from the article too. I had no idea he had ANOTHER $4.1M in injury guarantees for 2021. Basically, Quincy just needs to pretend that he wants to play again, turn up for rehab, and pocket another $10.1M over 2020 and 2021. Everyone, including Quincy, knows that his playing career is done. Not blaming Quincy, who is just playing the game based on the contract he signed, but his agent really did a number on Macc with that deal. How can you give so many injury protection guarantees to a guy who is always injured?
  3. He wants to be a Jet, obviously, and Joe Douglas will end up signing him to a 1-year deal for $5.5M.
  4. Shepherd played really well last year, and looks like a keeper as a versatile DL reserve. His grandchildren must be very proud.
  5. This is true, though it's very possible that he had Mims, Claypool and Jefferson - who were all on the board at #48 - quite closely ranked, and felt confident of getting one of them at #59. No doubt he was fortunate that Mims was the guy who was left though.
  6. Weird that folks are still so critical of drafting a developmental QB with a 4th round pick. Smart teams do stuff like that all the time. We also drafted a 3rd string RB and a developmental OL in that same round, but no-one seems to be questioning that. Flacco is here for 1 year - to backup Darnold and to help groom Morgan as next year's #2. I like the Flacco signing - he's a seasoned vet with big-game experience, and he came very cheap. Jets might have to carry Fales early in the season though, if Flacco isn't going to be healthy to start the year - unless they are comfortable with Morgan as the #2 in the early going.
  7. Agent with client who wants new contract, but who is under team control for 3 years, attempts to create leverage where he has none by spinning "talks break-down" story to willing writer. I'm sure JD would be willing to sign JA to a new contract that takes into account the fact that the Jets already control his rights for at least 2 years (3 with franchise tag) on manageable salaries. What he won't do is effectively throw away that advantage by signing JA to an excessive contract that ignores this reality.
  8. Forgot to mention Hilbers, thanks. Jets clearly think he's got some ability, and he could be the 4th tackle or move inside to OG. The DT is a real surprise. Not going to pretend I know anything about him though.
  9. Interesting stuff, made more annoying by Mehta-isms such as "peeling back the curtain". F off, Manish. What is interesting is Carter getting a larger guarantee, and Guidry getting way more than Jackson. Also the Jets must like Cager quite a bit more than Campbell, based on their respective deals. Huff at the top is no surprise. He's got a legit shot of becoming an NFL pass-rush specialist.
  10. Having AA play man-up on Gronk was one of Rex's best coaching decisions.
  11. That Hobbit has done very nicely for himself. Got to be a QB at a major college, married a cheerleader, and has gone on to climb the NFL coaching ranks. I suspect Gandalf may have been helping him out here.
  12. Josh Rosen to the CFL seems more realistic.
  13. Oliver way outperforming Quinnen here. Driving drunk, AND while illegally carrying. That's so much more impressive than QW's declaring a legally held weapon in the wrong state.
  14. I think Edoga makes it as the 3rd Tackle, backing up on both sides. Not so sure on Cashman. He looked good when he was in there, but his injury history is extensive and the Jets have added loads of depth at LB.
  15. Well you can see why Tomlin would want to knock a key player like Mohamed Massaquoi out of the game... I had forgotten that Mohamed Massaquoi was ever and NFL player.
  16. Geno's always had some talent. It was his consistency and maturity that let him down with the Jets. You could do a lot worse for a backup than a guy who has physical talent, 31 career starts and who went 8-8 as a raw rookie starter.
  17. Happy Birthday! Your signing was a great move, and not in any way an insult to anyone. Looking forward to seeing you in Green this year, supporting Bell and mentoring Perine, Adams, Dixon and Cannon.
  18. Loved him coming out in the draft. His athletic skills haven't translated into much pro production thus far, but we can live in hope On the plus side, he does an amazing job as my designated pass rusher on 3rd downs in Madden.
  19. As others have said, it's Klecko, Revis and Fields as the top 3. Hard to just pick one - it's like being asked to pick which of your children you like the most. This list also makes me wish that James Hasty had been a Jet for longer. Loved his game, and he had a really good career - not enough of it as a Jet.
  20. The Jets gave priority to signing Lewis over Van Roten, and gave him a bigger contract. Got to think that means they view Lewis as the starter at LG and Van Roten as the backup - unless he starts at RG if Winters doesn't.

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