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  1. I've got the Rams' D in fantasy...do I get bonus points for this hit?
  2. He sure did. I've been very critical of him this year, but he was terrific yesterday. Breaking up passes, punishing receivers, tackling well, and with 2 huge INTs into the bargain.
  3. Jim Sweeney was a terrific Jet. Played Tackle, Guard and Center at times during his Jets career, and was a really good pivot for several years. Rest in Peace, Jim.
  4. Any team can sign a PS guy from any team. They have to be signed to the active roster, not the signing team's PS. No compensation is paid to the team that loses a PS player.
  5. Just read up on this guy (hey, I can't sleep): looks like he has played all 5 line positions at points of his NFL career. That probably explains the move - Jets looking for versatility in their bottom of the roster and PS guys.
  6. We were out of timeouts, so couldn't stop the clock. Thinking is, if Chubb hadn't scored, the Browns could basically have kneeled on the ball for 4 straight plays and run out the clock for the win.
  7. Kid just gets open, and has some ridiculous moves. A superstar in the making.
  8. Great onside kick from Mann too. Kudos young man, kudos.
  9. It was never in doubt. What a finish. I have always loved Ashtyn Davis.
  10. Oh, Garrett...got to catch it before you turn upfield. Rookie mistake, but a huge drop.
  11. Great to see Garrett Wilson embarrassing pro Corners.
  12. Looked like he may have hit his head when tackling Cooper low. Concussion protocol.
  13. Great stuff from Echols on that drive. Feisty little dude with legit man-cover skills.
  14. Clowney on Mitchell a clear mismatch. Got to give the rook some help there.
  15. What the hell kind of coverage was that? A crappy cover 3 at the goal-line? Terrible.
  16. WTF?!? That is never a catch, at any level of football. Bizarre call by the zebra.
  17. Definitely a catch. Still not a fan of the play call.
  18. Hall was pretty bad last week. Also possible that the Jets want an extra safety up - Parks - because of Whitehead's injury status and Joyner's general suckiness, so they had to leave a CB inactive this week.
  19. I never did get that text. Or a HC job.
  20. I guess this means that Mann is good to punt tomorrow, and that Ruckert may be inactive again along with CJU.
  21. Mahomes is just jealous because Mike White's jersey is in the HOF.
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