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  1. I'm really beginning to feel that the Browns are taking Mayfield. And I do think he was the Jets' target at 3. Would take Darnold as a consolation prize. Never suspected I would be saying that on the day of the draft.
  2. This "Rosen is the Jets' guy" stuff is like the "Mayfield is the Jets' guy" from earlier. Looks like the team protecting itself in the event they end up picking that guy. Maybe the Jets truly have been locked on Mayfield, but now believe the Browns are actually picking him at #1. If that was the case, this "Rosen is their guy" stuff leaking out now would make sense.
  3. The late swing could also be an indication that the Jets think the Browns really are taking Mayfield, so the Rosen info coming out protects the "he was the #1 guy on our board" claim if he becomes the Jets' pick. People thought the "Mayfield is the Jets' target" was just protection in case Darnold / Rosen were not there. This could be the same thing with Rosen, in case Darnold/Mayfield aren't there. So maybe Mayfield really was the target all along. Maybe Rosen was. Maybe Darnold was. I hope Allen wasn't. Basically....who knows.
  4. mrcoops

    Fanspeak mocks

    This one is from First Pick, not Fanspeak, but it went too well not to share: Round 1 Pick 3: Darnold, Sam, QB, Southern California (A+) Round 3 Pick 14 (K.C.): Gesicki, Mike, TE, Penn State (A+) Round 4 Pick 7: Hines, Nyheim, RB, North Carolina State (A+) Round 4 Pick 22 (K.C.): McIntosh, RJ, DT, Miami (FL) (A+) Round 4 Pick 24 (K.C.): Jones, Jamarco, OT, Ohio State (A+) Round 5 Pick 20: Holland, Jeff, OLB, Auburn (A+) Round 6 Pick 5: Flowers, Dimitri, FB, Oklahoma (A+) Round 7 Pick 17: Watson, Justin, WR, Pennsylvania (A+)
  5. ...and while I am reminiscing about good late round Olinemen, who remembers Dwayne White - 7th rounder out of Alcorn in the Blair Thomas draft. Looked soft as hell, but a ferocious run-blocker with good feet. He and Terance Mathis (6th round) were easily our best picks in that draft.
  6. Depends on the definition of great. Jason Ferguson, mentioned up thread, is a great call in value terms. If It's about value, I'd like a shout out to Jason Fabini. 4th round pick as an RT, solidified the LT spot for 6 or 7 years.
  7. Browns...please pick Allen and guarantee us one of Darnold or Mayfield at 3.
  8. Cimini proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Mayfield is the right pick.
  9. I could see him as Eli's successor. They even look similar, have similar body types etc. Rosen could learn for a year or two, then still become the starter at age 22 or 23.
  10. I'm becoming more of a dog person.
  11. Jamal has been told to hold back on the Mayfield love, until the Jets pick him. Just playing his part for the good of the team.
  12. Josh Rosen doesn't recycle. Sam Darnold eats his roommate's Doritos. Josh Allen only tips 10% in restaurants.
  13. If that happened, they should just disband the team. And that's coming from someone who loves Barkley as a prospect. QB, or disband. Those are the choices.
  14. I'm fairly left in UK political terms (or very far left in US political terms. Many of you guys would probably view me as a communist....which I am most defintely not). Anyway, I prefer Mayfield over Rosen for a whole host of reasons. None anything to do with politics. I couldn't care less about their politics. What matters is on field ability, production and pro projection. For all those reasons, I go Mayfield over Rosen.
  15. Does Ohio State play any good on D? Pretty sure Mayfield was the QB that led his team in there, put in a dominant performance, and willed his team to a huge road victory in a place where the visiting team almost never wins. "Best performance by any opposing QB in here, ever, against us" says Urban Meyer, or words to that effect. But Mayfield never beat a good D...
  16. I do think the Jets would pick Darnold in that scenario. I think Mayfield is the likely pick, Darnold the dream pick for the Jets.
  17. Jay Bromley also amongst the group working out. I'd definitely sign him - has some talent, still young (not yet 26), can play DT in a 4 man line or DE in a 3-4.
  18. These workouts could also send a message to Hankins that the Jets are prepared to move on, and won't wait on him forever. My feeling on Hankins is that he is holding out for a bigger contract than the market will offer. He was overpaid by the Colts, and no-one else is prepared to make the same mistake.
  19. College QBs play in gimmcky schemes. It is what it is. Mariota played in a gimmcky system and went, what, #2 overall? That was a projection selection, based on his talent. Trubisky took about 95% of his snaps from the shotgun, and isn't much taller than Mayfield. Went #2 overall. Projection selection. Mayfield? Same thing. Great production, best of the bunch, questions over scheme. But he has the talent to go very high, and to play very well in the NFL.
  20. Suspect the Jets will add one pre-draft. Macc likes to go into a draft with no glaring holes. I would go for Walker.
  21. There are things I like about all 4 (actually all 5, as I like Jackson too), but there are also some things to be concerned about with all 5. My preference is Mayfield or Darnold. Mayfield grades highly on just about every metric, apart from height. But he is taller than Brees or Wilson, and just slightly shorter than guys like Favre or last year's high pick, Trubisky. He has shown he can overcome the height questions. Yes, the scheme stuff is a question but many college QBs play some kind of spread, quick rhythm passing scheme - you can't rule them out for that reason alone. Mayfield has the production, the accuracy, the arm, the leadership and the work ethic to be a franchise QB. He led his team into a hostile Ohio Stadium and beat the Buckeyes on a field where they almost never lose. Last time I checked, Ohio State play pretty good on D. Urban Meyer said that Mayfield took over the game, and played better than he had ever seen any QB play against the Buckeyes on their home field. Last time I checked, Urban Meyer was a pretty good coach who knows a thing or two about football. Darnold is my 2nd choice. He is not as good as Mayfield right now, but he has the higher upside. He has all the tools to be an elite QB, top 5 in the NFL, but he will need some time - and he may not get there. It's not so long ago that we were tanking the season, or planning to trade 3 years worth of top picks, to land this guy. He didn't become a bad prospect, he just hasn't developed as quickly as anticipated. The funky release and the turnovers are the big concerns, but he has the arm talent, the size, the cool head, and the quiet leadership to become a franchise QB. Will probably need to watch and learn for a while, but would benefit greatly from being in a QB room with guys like McCown and Bridgewater. As to the other guys, Allen has the size, the all-world arm, the work ethic and the guts to be a terrific QB. The level of competition and the accuracy are serious and entirely legitimate concerns, and he has the biggest boom or bust potential of all the top QBs. Should we pick him, I will cross my fingers and pray that we can develop him properly. But, wow....we should all enjoy that arm wherever he goes. He seems like a good guy, so I wish him all the best - if he can reach his potential, he can be an incredible QB. I'm less sold on Rosen than many others are. I get that he is smart and technically very good, but he doesn't wow me. I think he will be good but never great, if he stays healthy. His arm is the weakest amongst the top QBs (it's not weak - he's not Steve Walsh or anything) - I think his arm is good, not upper tier. The injury issue is the big one. He's not mobile and seems less solidly built than the other guys - he has the potential to be frequently dinged up in the NFL. However, he won't bust, if healthy. Jackson is being under-rated, and his lack of an agent may be a major factor here. Other guys have agents banging the drum for them, and feeding info and tales about how much teams love their guy to anyone that will listen. Jackson has himself and his mother. He has improved each year, running a pro style scheme, and is developing greater consistency as a passer. His athletic ability is obviously the best of the bunch, but it's passing skills that matter the most. If he gets onto the right team, where he can learn from a veteran guy (Chargers? Ravens? Cheatriots?) then watch out. He is another guy who could be an injury risk in the pros, especially if he continues to run the ball almost as much as he throws it.
  22. Riser: Lamar Jackson (top 15 pick) Faller: Calvin Ridley (bottom of 1st to early 2nd)
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