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  1. We couldn't just wait until he was cut?
  2. He needs PEDs to be such a bad player? Yeah, he's gone. Add a CB or WR with the roster spot.
  3. Every time he misses, we can all say "that Ficken kicker". Good luck to him - I hope he nails down the job.
  4. There's a chance that happens. Looking at the list of fringe guys, it could be that they are looking to boost Vedvik's confidence by having him "win" a competition for the job. I guess we'll find out later today or tomorrow.
  5. All young guys, not a vet kicker among them. Looks like the Jets are determined to go young (and cheap) at kicker. Joseph would probably be my pick, from that group.
  6. He stumbled trying to get up and fell to the turf. Get glasses. Was Allen hurt? He barely even seemed to notice.
  7. Yup, Raiders have re-signed him from the Jacksonville PS. They had to give him a sizeable bonus, and guarantee his salary, to get him to agree to come back as he originally turned them down and said he wanted to stay with the Jaguars. Personally, I thought the Jets should have claimed him off waivers for our 53 when he was originally cut. He's a nice prospect with size, speed and good hands.
  8. Lighten up, folks. It's a poll on an internet message board. It's not going to have any impact on which kicker the Jets pick. Lots of people have voted for her. Which mainly shows that a lot of our fans don't know football, or have ceased to care.
  9. I've seldom seen a less dirty play in the NFL than that first play. The second one? It was a kicker, so looked worse than it was. Throw that block on a reserve DB and no-one bats an eyelid.
  10. I agree that the idea that she could just step onto the field and be a legit NFL kicker is fanciful, no matter how good she is at kicking a ball. But people keep asking for her, so she's in the poll.
  11. I don't think the results are legally binding. Besides, there are actual Jets fans who genuinely want Carli Lloyd to be signed as our kicker. But, I think it's clear that Jets fans want Cody Parkey as our new kicker. That's the correct choice, IMO.
  12. He wouldn't necessarily have gone for it, but the chart might well have said he should if he was up 15-0.
  13. Apparently, Tom Shady has said that Brown can come and live with him until he finds a place of his own. I hope his furniture is bolted down.
  14. Would he be in shape and ready to kick though? He might weigh 300lbs by now.
  15. He did both in college, and some teams like him as a Punter while others see him as a Kicker. Actually, trying to be both may have hurt his chances of excelling at either. He needs to pick one spot and concentrate on that.
  16. That would probably be fair. Tough gig for Vedvik with so little time with the team, no chance to kick in the stadium before warm ups, plus the poor snap/hold on the FG. But Gase sure sounded like he was ready to move on from Vedvik after the game, so we'll see what happens.
  17. It was a low snap, and Edwards struggled to get the ball up and the laces spun round, which knocked the timing of the kick off. The missed FG wasn't all on Vedvik, but the missed XP clearly was.
  18. Can't argue with any of that. The poor play of the O, plus the late collapse of the D, were much bigger factors than the kicker. However, I still expect the kicker to be the scapegoat.
  19. The Seventh circle of hell is reserved for fans who switch allegiances.
  20. Nice to see that Vedvik is reading the forum, and decided to cast his vote.

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