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  1. His chances of sticking on the practice squad have recently gone up. By a lot.
  2. On the plus side, many were hoping we'd only have 2 QBs on the active roster this year.
  3. Not official yet though. "Agreed to terms"...yeah, we have been here before.
  4. Duane Brown not answering Joe Douglas's calls right now.
  5. So, so Jets. Playing behind two backup tackles in pre-season, decides to cut back on a scramble for an extra pointless yard rather than run out of bounds. This team is ridiculous.
  6. That's just to make his rags to riches story even more interesting for the inevitable movie.
  7. Will Parks seems to be ahead of both Davis and Pinnock on the depth chart. He was out there early with the 1s, but has been on the sideline for a while while Davis and Pinnock are still out there with the backups.
  8. Streveler going to come in and Kurt Warner it. Superbowl.
  9. No on Jimmy G from me. Injury prone and expensive, and I doubt we can take on his contract. Flacco and White, with Streveler poised for a fairytale Kurt Warner style emergence.
  10. It's Streveler's world...we're all just living in it.
  11. Well, it's half past midnight here, I am just up from a very unsatisfactory nap, and it's time for Jets football, baby! Watching on Gamepass, and listening to the announcers chat to each other and complain about feedback from their mics in their headphones. Weird that you get to hear this stuff live.
  12. Colts just cut OT Jason Spriggs, the former Packers' 2nd round pick. Not a great player by any means, but he is best in zone schemes and could possibly be worth a look as a potential 4th tackle swingman.
  13. The Offensive Tackles. Fant probably won't play, Brown definitely won't, so let's see what Mitchell, Edoga, Benenoch, Hermanns etc have to offer. Mitchell is making the team, but the other guys are all fighting for jobs - let's see if anyone can step up.
  14. #1 is definitely easy with Munoz, but it's all very subjective after that. Lots of great Tackles on this list.
  15. Feeney, Herbig and a Tackle to be named later. Right now, McDermott but I think the Jets may look to upgrade.
  16. He's an absolute iron-man compared to Mekhi.
  17. Benenoch does have some starting experience as a Guard, but he was pretty bad. I don't think he has started at Tackle. Glaser is a rookie UDFA who is best suited at Guard. McDermott and Chuma are pretty bad, but are both probably better tackles than the new guys if healthy, IMO.
  18. I don't think either Benenoch or Glaser are worthy of a roster spot. Can't see either of them as legit options as the 3rd Tackle.
  19. Indeed. Jets thought they needed a veteran backup Tackle before Becton got hurt, so they still need a veteran backup Tackle now. I'd bring in Shell too, who has played both sides at times in the NFL. He's at least low-tier starter calibre, which Edoga and McDermott absolutely are not.
  20. He might have signed for that pre-Becton injury, as a backup. Once Becton got hurt, the price went up and it was always going to be in the $10M+ per year range, I think.
  21. I had my doubts this was going to happen when it dragged on all week. Glad it finally got done. Interested to see who plays LT and who moves to the right. Fant is better equipped to make the move, though he is better on the left. Brown has never played on the right at all. The 2 year thing is interesting, and I am keen to see the structure. Could well be that the 2nd year is a phony one to spread out the cap hit. Jets were originally looking at Brown as a backup, but probably has to get creative to pay him more as a starter following the Becton injury. My guess: 2 years, $25M with a $2M base this year and an $10M signing bonus. Edit: Just saw the actual figures of 2 years and $22M. The structure will tell us a lot, once that is available. But the numbers aren't out of whack based on current market for starting OTs.
  22. Yeah, I agree with this. There isn't too much I can disagree with in Sabo's projection, but keeping Wesco over a guy like Pinnock is a strange one - and I don't think it will happen. I also think the Jets like Nasirildeen, so he makes it - possibly with a guy like Ashtyn Davis being traded to open up the roster spot.
  23. Hamilcar could be a nice fit in the Pittsburgh scheme. Just watch, as he emerges as a legit force opposite TJ Watt.
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