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  1. As others have said, it's Klecko, Revis and Fields as the top 3. Hard to just pick one - it's like being asked to pick which of your children you like the most. This list also makes me wish that James Hasty had been a Jet for longer. Loved his game, and he had a really good career - not enough of it as a Jet.
  2. The Jets gave priority to signing Lewis over Van Roten, and gave him a bigger contract. Got to think that means they view Lewis as the starter at LG and Van Roten as the backup - unless he starts at RG if Winters doesn't.
  3. Today's Manish article : "Jets to sign Ryan - smart move by Joe Douglas". Tomorrow's Manish article: "Jets insult Pierre Desir by signing Ryan - stupid move by Adam Gase".
  4. I remember this level of hostility from a beat writer towards a potential coach. Also Mehta, with Doug Marrone. Funny how Mehta lauded Gase as a genius and the correct pick when he was hired. But it took Gase about a NY minute to figure out what Mehta was, and the poison pen has been out for Gase ever since.
  5. Freeman McNeil must have been apoplectic when the Jets had the temerity to draft his backup, Johnny Hector. This is just your typical Mehta bullsh*t. The Jets signed a quality veteran, on a minimum contract, to backup Bell. If the Jets didn't have quality depth, they would get slated. So Mehta slates them for adding quality depth. Gore will be a good soldier, a strong backup, and a good locker-room presence. Mehta will continue to be a desperate troll.
  6. He seems like such a good guy. But a mean guy on the field. Love it.
  7. Yeah, I've really liked what I have seen of Cam Clark. He's got a nasty demeanour and always finishes his blocks. He moves well and looks to have good pass-blocking skills in addition to superior run-blocking ability.
  8. True, that is freakishly short for a guy his size. It almost seems anatomically impossible. Could be they see him as a Guard rather than a Tackle. Just noticed that Cam Clark has decent arm length, so he might not be a cert to move to Guard. We seem to have more Guard candidates that Tackles right now.
  9. I think Hilbers has a solid chance of making the roster as the 4th Tackle. He seems like a the type of guy the Jets like. Versatile enough to play both sides, moves well, basketball background. The Jets liked him enough to give him a sizeable signing bonus as an UDFA. Cager and Huff both have good chances too. Lots of raw talent in this UDFA group.
  10. At least we didn't trade 2 first round picks to get him.
  11. Really strong group. Looking forward to seeing what they can do.
  12. It's just that Gore is so old that he's gone senile and thinks that he likes Gase when, actually, he hates him. That's clearly what is going on here.
  13. Gore had an offer from the Raiders, chose the Jets to reunite with Gase:
  14. Jets also waived DE Charles Tapper, RB Jalin Moore, CB Kyron Brown and WR Keon Hatcher. Making space for the UDFA signings.
  15. Mathius Farley at SS, Bennett Jackson at FS with the UDFA Carter as depth. I still don't think Maye goes anywhere though.
  16. Sad if this closes the door on a Powell return, but really happy to add Frank Gore. He's had an amazing career, prepares like a man possessed, can still contribute, and is a great leader and locker room asset.
  17. Powell has been a really good Jet, and a great team player. Always reliable, and a good runner, receiver and blocker. Thanks for everything, Bilal.
  18. He seems like a good guy, with his head on straight. I've been impressed with his Georgia performances - I hope he can stay healthy and land a spot on the team. We are lacking a big possession WR, so hopefully Cager can be the guy.
  19. Where can I get a gig that pays me $1.1M for doing nothing? I'm ideally qualified for this role.
  20. Jets probably felt they could trade down, still get Zuniga, and add a 5th round pick. Pity it didn't work out - that extra 5th rounder could have been another nice WR prospect like by guy Darnell Mooney or Isaiah Hodgins.
  21. Always looking at the dark side, that Vader.
  22. Maye is a good starter, but he is up for a new contract after the season. If the Jets have determined that they can't pay both him and Adams, it makes sense to consider moving him now if you can strengthen another position or land a good pick. If the Jets can land a starting WR, CB or edge for Maye, or acquire a 3rd round pick for next year, then this would be a move worth making - much as I like Maye as a player.
  23. I hope Morgan can win the job, though it is likely to be Fales in the early part of the season at least.
  24. I wish I could find more game film on Morgan. It's hard to find complete FIU games online. He is impressive in the big win against Miami in 2019, but I'd like to see more full games.

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