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  1. He's performing better than Trevon Wesco, Kenny Yeboah and Lawrence Cager! Which is...encouraging, I guess?
  2. Vrentas is an excellent journalist. I have no doubt her article is very thoroughly researched, with all sources vetted extremely carefully. Watson is clearly a very troubled individual with a real control/power fetish. No way can the NFL continue to ignore this.
  3. Player picked in top 5 should be very good player - more news at eleven.
  4. Exactly. Players used to care, a little, about the Pro Bowl when their contracts were worth a lot less and they could make a little extra money and spend a week in Hawaii. Now, with even average starters making $10M a season, no-one cares about playing in the Pro Bowl for beer money.
  5. Get well soon. Still having breathing issues after a bad bout in January, hope your own symptoms are mild!
  6. Nice. He's going to fit like a glove in the Jets' system.
  7. I refuse to believe this until Brady Quinn provides his opinion.
  8. Hopefully, the change back to #15 helps Mims find his mojo. If he can become Brandon Marshall, that would be nice. JJ gets his college number too. No matter how much these guys like these new number rules, 11 on an NFL DE will never not look weird to me.
  9. Moore looks great, and is primed for a big year. It's genuinely exciting that both Moore and Wilson are young, fast WRs with a lot of talent. We haven't seen that for a while. Both guys and, also, Corey Davis can play inside or outside, which will give MLF a load of flexibility to be creative. Can't wait to see them in action this year.
  10. Funny thing is, I don't think he was ever actually a Jets scout - as in, he wasn't assigned games or players to go and scout. From what I can see, he was a very low-level employee in the scouting department. The sort of guy who cuts up tape on players and does statistical reports.
  11. This guy was as low level as they come with the Jets for about 10 minutes. His self-promoting hot takes are as worthless as they are dull.
  12. Meanwhile, Dan McGwire has us going 15-2.
  13. Sauce is a very good prospect, but he will inevitably have an adjustment period in the NFL. He often played against lesser competition in college and was rarely targeted. That will change in the NFL, and it will be a challenging experience. I don't think he'll go through entire games with being targeted in the NFL, so he will have to adjust to that. Since we picked him, I've gone back and watched quite a few Cincy games. Gardner is very impressive, but he does have things to work on. He can get a bit grabby on longer routes, which he won't get away with in the NFL. His tackling will need to improve in the NFL too, especially when playing in zone. He's not Revis, who is the best technical CB I have ever seen, but Gardner is extremely talented and can become a top-tier NFL CB in time. He's sort of a cross between Antonio Cromartie and Richard Sherman, with the ability to be as good as those guys once he adjusts to the NFL game.
  14. When coach talks about London/Wilson and the Jets pick at 10, he says that "he was the number one WR on our board, that's been well documented at this point", is he talking about London or Wilson? I think, from the context, that he's talking about Wilson, but it's not absolutely clear. Anyway, I much preferred Wilson so am happy with how that worked out.
  15. The Twitter comments on this throw are hilarious. Even Phish fans are piling on, asking for it to be deleted to hide Tua's criminal underthrow. Miami has a Ferrari being serviced by a Fiat mechanic.
  16. This would be an excellent signing. Give him Rankins' money and roster spot.
  17. I was also #42 during my playing "career". Played DB, wanted to be like Ronnie Lott. I wasn't like Ronnie Lott.
  18. Only two things will survive a nuclear war: cockroaches and Tom Brady. We are never going to see the last of the smug cheater.
  19. FS - Joyner is the early leader, but I would love to see Pinnock seize the job LB - Jets seem to like Sherwood a lot, so he's probably the front-runner. Nickel - Carter II did a good job last year, it's his job until someone beats him out.
  20. We already signed him - he was one of the 5 UDFAs signed right after the draft.
  21. mrcoops


    Can't say I haven't thought about it. I would have taken Thibs at 4, Wilson at 10 and then a Corner in the 2nd round. Very happy with the guys that the Jets eventually got in Gardner, Wilson and Johnson. But, when it was our turn to pick at 4, Thibs was the guy I would have gone for at the time. We haven't had a pass-rush in so long, and he is the most naturally gifted pass-rusher from this year's draft. Hopefully, Gardner and JJ make me look foolish once they hit the field.
  22. I've read good things about Calvin Jackson, and he has some nice highlights - such as this one:
  23. Funny that he got called out for essentially ignoring the Jets, and their generally very highly praised draft, in last week's stream of consciousness. This week's piece about the Jets reads to me as something he was told to do by his editors, so he has done it grudgingly. I hope it was painful for him.
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