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  1. We would need to trade assets to acquire Trent Williams, not liabilities.
  2. I can't vote in such a biased poll. Gase has had 2 games, with key players sidelined through injury. This is just stupid.
  3. Certainly has the feel of a guy who wants to be traded, or thinks he is about to be traded. For a first rounder+, I would consider it. Even though I love the player.
  4. Shortest contract hold-out in NFL history.
  5. "Dude...what HAVE we done?" (Pic - Jets Facebook page)
  6. Look how bad he played even though he knew the playbook, though. I'd rather we sign David Fales, as painful as that was to type.
  7. Looks like the curse of the mrcoops jersey purchase strikes again - 3 for 3 on the year. Darnold (White), Enunwa (Green) and Adams (Black). Money well spent!
  8. He has a reputation for being a bit of an agitator where he doesn't start. I don't want a guy like that behind Franchise Falk.
  9. I'd rather have done both. I've no problem bringing in vets, but I would like to see some young prospects added too. I really wanted Keelan Doss when the Raiders cut him originally, and now they have brought him back on a guaranteed deal to prise him away from the Jacksonville PS.
  10. We needed a WR with Quincy done for the year, so JD traded for one who knows the Gase system. It was a 6th round pick - in 2021! That's about as close to nothing as you can get. We're not dealing from a position of strength here - these are the types of moves we're going to have to live with this year.
  11. He took a whuppin' from Garrett. Not sure why we left him on an island all game trying to block one of the best young defensive players in the NFL.
  12. Falk definitely played well in the circumstances. 3rd string QB, just signed off the PS that day, very limited reps and no time to build chemistry with his receivers, playing behind a swiss cheese line. But he didn't embarrass himself at all, and led the team well. Decent numbers too. Something to build on for him.
  13. John Wolford? Was with us in preseason last year, made the PS, then got cut when Davis Webb was signed. Looked very good in that other league that lasted 10 minutes before folding. Now on the Rams' PS, I think.
  14. I think I had lost interest and gone to bed by that point but, yes, I also read he was benched for Harrison in the 2nd half.
  15. Nailed his FG with no difficulty, kicked off well. Announcers said he looked great in warm-ups too. Maybe we have finally solved that particular problem.
  16. He would probably want to start though. And I don't want him to start. Stick with Falk, and sign him a backup.
  17. Yes, his name is the icing on the cake. A gift for the beat writers.
  18. Wow. Looks like we are going to be carrying $20M+ in cap money for Johnson and Enunwa next year, even if neither guy is on the team.
  19. David Fales, who was with Gase in Miami for 2 years, is probably arriving on a Jet plane as we speak. No point in trading for a guy who will take months to adjust to the scheme. Roll with Falk, and sign a Fales as his backup.
  20. Yeah, looks like he will be gone. He showed so much promise early in his career, but has completely disappeared over the last couple of years.
  21. He did play well. Tight coverage for the most part, and very physical too. He was a significant upgrade over Trumaine Johnson.
  22. Not being coached by Williams has really "freed" Garrett up to show up his full repertoire of dirty hits.

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