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  1. Yes, he was a LB in college then coached D. But then he moved to O. Rick Dennison played LB in college and the pros, but now he is our offensive line coach and running game coordinator. Does that make him a defensive coach? Rhule is a well-rounded head coach, with an appreciation for and experience of both sides of the ball as a coach. He's not just another defensive coordinator getting a promotion.
  2. Who else was interested in the guy that the Packers hired, or the guy that the Browns hired, or the guy that the Broncos hired? We don't know who else was interested in Rhule, because we didn't even know for sure about the Jets interviewing Rhule. But the Baylor AD mentioned in his interview yesterday that NFL teams, plural, were interested in Rhule.
  3. He's coached on O for the past decade. He's not a first time head coach. Apart from having all the facts wrong, your post is accurate.
  4. More "insider" stuff, allegedly, from a guy at CBS New York:
  5. Kingsbury, because Mehta loves him and he's "flashy", and would attract the MILF dollar to buy merchandise.
  6. If they listen to the fans, they would never hire anyone because every candidate allegedly sucks. They need to tune out the noise and hire their guy - whoever it is.
  7. Just ******* hire someone. Stop dithering - assistant coaches are going to get scooped up real fast by all these new HCs. Pick your guy. Hire him.
  8. A blend of the air raid style and pro style.
  9. Interesting stuff from a Texas sports reporter: Looks like Rhule could be in, or out, very soon.
  10. Recommended to new Jets HC Matt Rhule by their mutual friend, Andy Reid.
  11. I'm waiting on Amazon. One hour delivery window, my ass.
  12. And the old pals network marches on. Kacy really must have some embarrassing photos of Bowles or something, to explain his continued employment.
  13. Could be. We're all just guessing at this point. I do think the Rhule interest is real, on both sides. I'm fine either way. Ultimately, I think either McCarthy or Rhule gets the job and I am fine by both guys. Probably slightly prefer Rhule, but McCarthy's track record is hard to ignore. I think Rhule will be a good NFL coach for someone, soon. I would like it to be for us.
  14. He would be ill-advised to bring either guy - especially Mcadoo, which would be a PR disaster.
  15. To me, the fact that Rhule hasn't ruled himself out is telling. Look how quickly he withdrew his name from contention for the Colts job last year when news of his interview leaked. He's a college coach in the middle of recruitment, trying to get players to commit. Yet he hasn't come out and said he's not interested in the Jets job. Why not? If he's staying at Baylor, it's in his interest to make that clear and carry on with the job of recruiting. But he hasn't. To me, that looks like he is interested in the Jets job and thinks he has a good chance of getting it. This public 'come and get me' from McCarthy only adds to that belief. Jets want Rhule, and Rhule wants the Jets.
  16. Yeah...and now the Jets are going to screw it up by getting new jerseys.
  17. Smart move by McCarthy putting this out there. This tells me he thinks the Jets are after someone else, probably Rhule, and so team MM puts this little nugget out. Puts the pressure on the Jets big-time. Would they really have the balls to bypass a Superbowl winning coach who is openly courting them? Fascinating times.
  18. Good. Time to close the deal on Rhule or McCarthy, with Gase as a backup option. My pick: Rhule.
  19. Precisely. This team doesn't need a young, cool HC who can go MILF hunting with the players on Friday nights. They need someone to instil the discipline the team is sorely lacking. Give me McCarthy, Rhule or even Gase for that role.
  20. After essentially losing an entire roster following the fallout from the sexual assault scandal.
  21. I'm thinking Rhule at the moment. Only potential sticking point, bizarrely, might be salary. Allegedly, he is on $4.5M a year at Baylor. Bowles was/is on around $4M a year from the Jets. By the time you pay Bowles his due, and potentially give Rhule a raise over his Baylor salary, you might be looking at upwards of $10M in head coaching costs. Hopefully, the Johnsons will pay up, but you never know.

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