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  1. Sauce signed his contract, per Twitter.
  2. Interesting guy. Huge, good athlete who could add a red-zone threat and help on kick coverage. He has talent, but lost his way at Penn State before re-emerging at a lower level. Will be watching him with interest in pre-season.
  3. I like him too. Played hard, and seemed really excited to be a Jet. Hope he lands a good gig somewhere.
  4. He was a desired pick-up...don't make me show the receipts.
  5. Remember when everyone really wanted Van Roten signed in free agency? Good times. He was always likely to go as soon as the position was upgraded this year. Herbig is young, cheaper and better.
  6. Saleh doesn't want some future UPS driver diving into Garrett Wilson's knee. To me, this is a good thing.
  7. Eagles actually did him a solid. He requested his release, and they granted it. Lots of depth on that Eagles interior OL, so they let him go to seek a better opportunity elsewhere. Which is nice for him, and nice for us.
  8. Good pick-up, versatile reserve lineman. Still very young (23) but has solid experience as a starter the past 2 seasons.
  9. Jets bringing in so many QBs is interesting. Apparently, they had in offer in on Jack Coan but he chose to go the the Colts. Might be looking for a developmental guy for the PS, with the intention of only carrying 2 QBs on the 53.
  10. He didn't seem too happy in his interview on NFL Network just after being drafted. He was monosyllabic and gave off the impression that he really didn't want to be there. Either he's very socially awkward, or he's not thrilled with where he ended up.
  11. On Jets forums, such clichés are a dime a dozen.
  12. This is going to be the biggest battleground of camp and pre-season. Far too many guys to keep them all, and some good players are going to be cut. I'd definitely want to keep Huff at edge - he's too talented and productive, when healthy, to give up on now. That probably means that guys like Vinny Curry and Solomon Thomas are very much on the bubble, despite being solid veterans with some guaranteed money. In the end, I think we keep 10: JFM, Lawson, JJ, Clemons, Martin, Huff, Quinnen, Shepherd, Marshall, Thomas. Curry is a tough cut, while Rankins is a cap cut. Carrying 10 DL will mean we have to go lighter at other positions - possibly QB (where we might end up carrying 2 on the 53), FB/TE (Ruckert can play both, potentially making Wesco and Bawden obsolete) or LB (we often only play 2 LBs in base, so can go light there). One significant issue is that, despite carrying 10 DL, we really haven't improved the interior DL against the run. Foley was our best guy there, and he hasn't been replaced. Teams will attempt to run the ball down our throats again, until we prove that we can stop it.
  13. Indeed, though he is listed as a LB on the Jets' website. But, yes, he's yet another guy pushing for a roster spot and PT at edge. It's going to be a huge battle, and some worthy players aren't going to make the roster.
  14. It was an excellent trade from Douglas. Got his guy at 26, and didn't pay a lot. Getting that 3rd round pick swap included allowed him to take Ruckert, a really talented guy who should be a real asset to the team. Bargain.
  15. The pre-season battle for spots at DE is going to be intense. Lawson, JFM, Johnson, Curry, Huff, Clemons, Zuniga, Ward, Rashed, Anae. How many can we keep on the 53 - 4? 5?
  16. I still wonder if the Browns stole him away from us in the 4th. I really wanted him with our 1st 4th rounder - no idea if JD did though.
  17. Not expecting much from this UDFA class. Joe traded all his late picks for a reason - the talent pool really dried up in the later rounds of this draft.
  18. Yeah, the lunges are pretty stark on film. He has good athletic ability though, so hopefully the coaches can improve his technique.
  19. I guess the jump in competition level may have been a factor. Jets coaches obviously saw traits that they feel they can work with.
  20. Chargers just picked UCLA DT Otito Ogbonnia, who I wanted for us in the 4th. Nice value, big run-stuffer on the interior.
  21. JD said in the Day 3 press conference that Mitchell was practising at every line position during Senior Bowl week. Thar kind of versatility and team-orientated approach probably went a long way towards him getting drafted.
  22. Hmmmm....not in love with the Clemons pick. A solid player, but think there were better options on the board. We have million DEs now - the competition is going to be intense.
  23. I like him a lot. I'd go Otito Ogbonnia, but would be happy with Ridgeway too.
  24. Got to love Rich, pointing out that the Jets got Jonathan Marshall, Breece Hall and Max Mitchell from trading Sam Darnold. Great trade.
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