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  1. Just noticed, the Iggles added both Hightower and Watkins late. That's some serious speed added at WR late in the draft for them.
  2. The lack of WRs is the only disappointment for me. Hopefully, we get a prospect with our final pick (Hodgins, Hill) and add some quality UDFAs too. Although, to be fair, Josh Doctson has been killing it for me on Madden. 18 TDs in my most recent season, way ahead of Perriman and Crowder.
  3. He's definitely getting paid, but I expect him to be on PUTP or IR while he is earning it. Then he's gone next year.
  4. Still got another pick (211) from the Darron Lee trade. I'm using that for the best WR with ST value left on our board. Quez Watkins for me.
  5. Watching those Mooney highlights hurt. Love that guy - he just blows past corners with ease. Quez Watkins is a similar player. He's my pick for us at #191.
  6. What WRs still on the board have the most ST value? An important consideration for a potential 5th or 6th guy on the depth chart.
  7. Bears took my guy, Darnell Mooney. Damnit. Chicago is my brother's team, so now I have to dislike Mooney,
  8. Bears just took my boy, Mooney. Damnit.
  9. Really like Quez Watkins. Also Darnell Mooney. Two smaller, speedy guys with good leaping ability and big play skills. Hodgins, Proche, DPJ all worth a late pick too.
  10. Still a lot of value WRs left for the 6th round. I think we add one there, plus maybe a kicker or punter.
  11. DPJ would definitely be a worthwhile flyer at this point. Let him play STs and earn his way up the depth chart.

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