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  1. Never speak ill of the dead, Polite is dead to the Jets, but no need to dance on the grave of his Jets' career. Gase gets that, Cimini doesn't.
  2. Interesting when asked if Qvale hadn't been placed on IR yet was a sign he would be back in a couple of weeks (as opposed to 8 weeks for short-term IR): "We'll see what happens. We still have time to make some more moves". Said that with a wry smile on his face, so it looks like something else could be in the works.
  3. Guys we are adding to the PS that we just cut can be signed straight away, guys we are adding from other teams cuts probably have to come in and take a physical before they can be formally signed and announced. That's my guess.
  4. Although he's a little shorter, Berrios plays a lot like Adam Humphries, who many on the board (including me) wanted us to sign in the offseason. He adds some depth at slot, and he will be the starting punt returner. Let's hope he can stay healthy and bring his college production to the pros.
  5. Could be we are going to add some vets after week 1, when their salaries would not be guaranteed. I expect McClellan back after week 1, for that reason. Maybe that's when Qvale heads to the IR.
  6. With the current shape of the roster, it sure looks like the Jets are going to be a creative 3-4 / 4-3 hybrid scheme. Luvu, Jenkins and Basham have all played OLB and DE in the past. Langi can be an OLB or an ILB. We saw some of Phillips as a stand-up edge late in preseason. Kaufusi has also played down or as a stand-up edge. And the guy we got from the Rams, Franklin-Myers, also has the ability to play as a DE or as a stand-up big OLB. The Williams scheme is going to be creative, and it's going to be the key to generating a pass-rush with the players that we have.
  7. Yes, he's on waivers for 24 hours. It was posted on Twitter (by his agency, I think) that he wouldn't be signing with the Jets' PS and was going to "explore other opportunities".
  8. Can play both CB and S - another versatile guy for a coaching staff that values versatility in its backup players.
  9. Sounds like Dortch is gone for good. Shame - a fiery little dude, and I was rooting for him. I do appreciate the need for versatility in backups though. If the Jets didn't think he could do anything except return punts, then I understand why they see Berrios as a potential upgrade.
  10. Really liked him in college. One of those guys who always just gets open and catches the ball. He made some huge plays for the Hurricanes. I hope he and Dortch both stick.
  11. I think Miller signed with the Bengals, and don't think Morgan was re-signed to our PS. The Josh Adams thing isn't confirmed yet, though I hope it's true.
  12. We only have 8 LBs, so I don't think Langi gets cut. I think he's actually the starter right now opposite Jenkins.
  13. Sounds like Deontay is shopping around. Hope he comes back.
  14. So, our PS so far is Falk, Braden and WR Jeff Smith. 8 more to go, assuming Holmes returns.
  15. Jets have handled this well - they worked out guys, and claimed a guy they like. They can have a look at Vedvik this week, and move for a guy like Parkey if they need to.
  16. It is a little odd. Bennett Jackson can play CB too though. Berrios is a Gase style receiver - he loves those little quick guys.
  17. I'm guessing Qvale to IR, and Shepherd, Middleton and Bertolet cut.
  18. I'd rather take a flyer on Keelan Doss. Rookie UDFA cut by the Raiders with size, speed and good hands. Very surprised he got cut. Plus, you'd have contractual control over him for a minimum of 3 years.
  19. Me too. Not sure how much I trust Chad Forbes' insight though.

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