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  1. Still a lot of value WRs left for the 6th round. I think we add one there, plus maybe a kicker or punter.
  2. DPJ would definitely be a worthwhile flyer at this point. Let him play STs and earn his way up the depth chart.
  3. Could happen. Joe might want to add some additional picks for next year. I think 10 is plenty for this year.
  4. Yes. The message is "We needed a backup. This guy is it".
  5. Yup. People seem to be forgetting that our current backup is David Fales. Now we have a promising, very naturally talented, cheap young backup in the system for the next 4 years.
  6. Eason is terrible. A thrower, not a passer. Apparently has a long list of character concerns too. I wanted nothing to do with him. Personally, would have gone Fromm over Morgan but he is clearly a guy the Jets liked a lot, so we'll see.
  7. Woooo.....there's your backup QB, boys. I would have gone Fromm, but the Jets have done a lot of work on Morgan and obviously like him a lot.
  8. Perine kinda reminds me of Shonn Greene. Greene was probably a little faster, but Perrine catches the ball better than Greene did.
  9. I'm going CB here - Reggie Robinson. Then I'm getting my RB - Benjamin or McFarland. Final 4th rounder is Fromm (if he lasts) or another WR such as Mooney or Hodgins.
  10. Me too. 4th round is an ideal spot to pick up a quality caddy for Sam - especially with the extra picks we have in this round.
  11. Yup. Was probably a condition of the trade - we'll trade for you, but you need to earn a new deal with your play on the field this year.
  12. DPJ, Quez Watkins, Hodgins or Darnell Mooney today, please.

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