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  1. JD said in the Day 3 press conference that Mitchell was practising at every line position during Senior Bowl week. Thar kind of versatility and team-orientated approach probably went a long way towards him getting drafted.
  2. Hmmmm....not in love with the Clemons pick. A solid player, but think there were better options on the board. We have million DEs now - the competition is going to be intense.
  3. I like him a lot. I'd go Otito Ogbonnia, but would be happy with Ridgeway too.
  4. Got to love Rich, pointing out that the Jets got Jonathan Marshall, Breece Hall and Max Mitchell from trading Sam Darnold. Great trade.
  5. Mitchell is a nice pick for us. Improves the depth, can be a valuable swing tackle. Happy with that pick.
  6. My next DT target is Ogbonnia from UCLA. Winfrey would have been awesome, but Ogbonnia is a very nice run-stuffer at DT. Or a G/T type would also be good.
  7. Damn Browns. I really wanted Winfrey for us. Steal at this point.
  8. If it's me, I am aiming for DT (Winfrey?) and OT depth (Walker?) today. JD has nailed all his picks so far, so feeling good about today.
  9. I think we traded both our 5ths in the trade ups for Johnson and Hall. That leaves us with the two 4ths and then we are done, unless JD acquires more picks today.
  10. Just wait until Joe lands Perrion Winfrey and Rasheed Walker tomorrow in the 4th.
  11. Ditto. Really wanted Winfrey, but very happy with the Ruckert pick. He's a real talent. We have a serious TE group now. Winfrey might well still be there for us tomorrow, or we could go with someone like Ogbonnia from UCLA. Plus OT, someone like Rasheed Walker.
  12. Hoping for Perrion Winfrey for us at 101. Then OL (Rasheed Walker? Darian Kinnard?) and LB (Tindall? Clark? ) or TE (Ruckert? Likely?) tomorrow in the 4th.
  13. Track record of Baylor WRs in the NFL is not great. Was actually just wondering if Mims gets moved today or tomorrow, for a pick. He has no role on this team any more.
  14. I'm shocked we went RB this early. I felt for sure we were waiting until day 3 for a RB. Great player though, and he will be a terrific complement to Carter. Jets have a legit O...amazing.
  15. The delay is Revis is holding out for a new deal for reading out that card.
  16. I think soon-to-be Hall of Famer Darrelle Revis will be announcing our pick in the 2nd.
  17. I am feeling DT for us in the 2nd. Travis Jones would be a great addition.
  18. Willis seems like such a good guy. Really grounded, with a good personality. I hope he lands in a good spot, and I will be rooting for him. Unless the Pats or Phish pick him. Then, he's dead to me.
  19. That was Jameson Williams. That interview was embarrassing. He either couldn't string a sentence together, or else he just had no interest in speaking to her. Either way, it wasn't a good look.
  20. Forget Deebo, he's San Fran's problem. They had a chance to trade him, to us, for a good return but they passed on that and we have moved on. Let them worry about finding a way to keep him happy.
  21. Would love Travis Jones in the 2nd. I've had a feeling about him as a Jet since the Senior Bowl. The two DL who consistently dominated opposing OL throughout the week were Jermaine Johnson and Travis Jones - we've got one of them, hopefully we can add the other one too.
  22. I think they keep him in a cupboard until it's time for him to speak to the guys the Jets just picked, because the damage he can do at that point is limited.
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