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    Canuck Watch; WR Chase Claypool, ND

    Will keep an eye out for Claypool in the upcoming season. Thoughts on Anthony Johnson of Buffalo? I really like him as a player and think he'd be a nice compliment to Anderson.
  2. F00tballGuy69

    Bills release Incognito.

    I think his issues coupled with the fact that he's probably not a great fit as a zone blocker in our new system, will make him not an option for this team. I just think we could use some bullies on our O-Line. Our team has not had an identity on offense since Bowles was hired (you can argue the same on defense but thats another story). First time long time BTW. Not sure why this was the thread to do it for me, but glad to be on board.
  3. F00tballGuy69

    Bills release Incognito.

    Not sure how this latest issue will shake out, but he's made the pro bowl every year since 2015. Would help bring identity to an offense that severely lacks it.
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