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  1. F00tballGuy69

    Let’s make Keenum a backup

    Maybe they'd give us a pick in a trade to take on his salary. Something like: Jets 7th rd pick for Keenum & Denver's 3rd rd pick, and we'll take on his salary. We can certainly afford it this year. Similar to what Cleveland did with Osweiler a few years back.
  2. F00tballGuy69

    Ronald Darby

    I liked Verrett coming out, but he cannot be relied upon. He's been in the NFL for 5 full seasons and has suited up for only 25 games (out of 82). His last 3 seasons ended with ACL, ACL, Achilles. If they want to take a low risk flyer I won't complain, but you can't count on him to replace Skrine or Claiborne IMO.
  3. F00tballGuy69

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Can't complain with this. This would go a long way towards rebuilding our O-Line.
  4. AB is not what this team needs right now. He's completely unraveled over the past few months & he's on the wrong side of 30. OBJ on the other hand, is a generational talent & still has his best football ahead of him. I'd give them our early 3rd rounder this year or a 2020 2nd, or maybe they want to get creative and involve some sort of a first round swap this year. But it doesn't matter, because even if the Giants were to trade him, they would NEVER trade him to the Jets.
  5. F00tballGuy69

    Williams defense~Who stays? Who goes?

    At minimum, we need 2 ends and a linebacker. I agree with most of the above posts that Jenkins is not a 4-3 end. Keep an eye on linebacker Kwon Alexander (TB) in free agency. He's everything we expected Darron Lee to be. If Bowles is bringing his 3-4 to Tampa, I don't think they'd see him as a fit. Pair him with Lee & Williamson and that's a solid starting 3.
  6. Former Jet WR Jalen Marshall has a TD catch & a TD throw in the other game (not televised). Playing for Orlando.
  7. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Really enjoying this. 35 second play clock, barely any commercials, & it's not being over-officiated. But hey, I'd watch a pee-wee game this time of year. Anything beats the NBA.
  8. F00tballGuy69

    D.K. Metcalf

    +1. This would be ideal if Mac could swing it. I'd have no problem if they took him at 3, and I think after the combine it won't be considered out of the question. He comes from a family of All-Pro's. His Grandfather, Father, and Uncle all played for many years in the NFL. Those type of guys almost always pan out. I like the Brandon Marshall comp for him. Kelvin Harmon, IMO, is closer to Braylon Edwards, and would be another guy to target in a trade back. I really like both guys.
  9. I'm willing to give Williams the benefit of the doubt, although he was clearly dogging it most of last season. It can't be very motivating for someone to go to work everyday for a constantly rebuilding team, with no shot to make playoffs, and take orders from a coach who is inept & soon to be gone. I'd like to see him get one more chance under Gregg Williams, playing a position he's better suited for, on a team that hopes to be playing meaningful football in December/January.
  10. Robert Quinn is the only guy to catch my eye on this list. Only 28 years old still. He'd be the best 4-3 DE on our roster.
  11. F00tballGuy69

    Greedy Williams CB LSU

    Definitely a position of need, but I've seen mixed reviews on Williams and I've seen several people call him overrated. It's tough for guys like us to really scout CB play, as we can't really get a full view at the top of the route. For now I have him in the group of guys I'd be fine with if we were able to trade down to 7ish, along with Ferrel, Rashan Gary, Jonah Williams, etc, but I'll leave it up to the guys with the All-22.
  12. F00tballGuy69

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I would not be surprised if they used that circular logo. They gave us season ticket holder hats this year with a logo similar to the below.
  13. F00tballGuy69

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    These are the best I've seen yet. I would love for them to use that logo.
  14. F00tballGuy69

    4 Down Linemen 2019

    Hope you're right, but my gut tells me the quarterback hype of late has been driven by the teams, like us, who don't need a QB. I just don't see a top 5 QB this year.

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