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  1. F00tballGuy69

    Monumental drops...

    Complete 180 from last year. I had him pegged as a lunch pail type, team guy. No sir.
  2. F00tballGuy69

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    I've gone 15+ years without missing a home game, but it's really been a chore this season. We're in the lot by 8 and don't leave until the game clock shows 0:00. When the team is good, there's nothing like it, but these days I find myself looking forward to the away games.
  3. F00tballGuy69


    His team hasn't traveled well ever. That's been consistent throughout the Bowles era. Even if you look at his only good year here, 2015, three out of his 4 road wins were: @ Miami 27-14 - Neutral site game in London. @ Dallas 16-13 - Took overtime in a must win game to beat Kellen Moore - Dallas was one of the worst teams in the league that year @NYG - Great win, but an away game played in our own stadium.
  4. F00tballGuy69

    Terrelle Pryor unhappy with his role on offense

    Should cut him or at the VERY LEAST, coach should deactivate him for Sunday's game. He's already proven to be average at best, unreliable, and now a headache? Move on.
  5. F00tballGuy69

    god I miss rex and co

    Rex had to go when he did, but he was a far better coach than Bowles. Rex's teams had an identity (regardless of how outdated you think it may be). That team was going to run the football and play tough defense. Rain or shine, home or away. We've now seen 4 years of Bowles. What do his teams do well? I knew Bowles didn't have the stones ever since Year 1 Week 17 in Buffalo. The only meaningful game he's ever coached and his team completely no-showed.
  6. F00tballGuy69

    Why did there used to be cars on NFL fields?

    Yes. That's what it was. I believe they stopped doing it after this play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1NzOCftlow
  7. F00tballGuy69

    Kevin green

    I want Bowles gone just as much as the next guy, but it makes no sense to fire him now. The only way I see them firing him mid-season is if the team completely gives up.
  8. F00tballGuy69

    Anyone else completely bail after the pick 6?

    I had a strange calm feeling after the pick-6 and even let out a laugh. Not even a fake "I'm so angry I want to throw something through this TV" laugh, but a genuine laugh. For the first time in a while, I don't have to hold my breath every time our QB drops back to pass. Having said that, It was a great first step, but he also benefitted from 14 points from D & ST, in addition to short fields all night. Everything bounced our way for once. It won't be that way every week, but I'm confident that if we were to get in a shoot-out, this kid can keep up.
  9. F00tballGuy69

    Pettine vs. Rex

    Rex is 5 times the defensive coach that Pettine is, and i truly believe that Rex would still be a Top 3 Defensive Coordinator in the NFL. The problem is no HC would hire him as a DC based on the noise he brings with him. I'm not sure he'd want to work for someone else anyway.
  10. Two Monmouth Hawks on this list gotta love it.
  11. F00tballGuy69

    We called Oak about Mack - Get it Done!!

    Would prefer to go after Fowler for pennies on the dollar, or simply wait until the offseason to go after Mack. We're already down a 2nd rounder next year, and we can't afford to give up any more premium picks. Save the picks and pick players who will aid the development of our QB.
  12. F00tballGuy69

    Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

    Pace put in 7 solid years as our starting outside linebacker. By no means spectacular, especially later on in his career. Would you not trade, say, a 4th rounder for that? I certainly would. Two completely different players, however.
  13. Gottlieb is a moron and should stick to covering basketball. Darnold was not my first choice going into the draft. However, I could not be more thrilled with what I've seen so far from him. In the first game he got the ball out quickly and decisively. When the rush came, he kept his eyes up, felt it, bought himself some time, and he just seems to have a knack for finding the open man, even when under pressure. I say give him the start this Thursday and, as long as he continues to show the above traits, its his job to keep.
  14. F00tballGuy69

    Canuck Watch; WR Chase Claypool, ND

    Will keep an eye out for Claypool in the upcoming season. Thoughts on Anthony Johnson of Buffalo? I really like him as a player and think he'd be a nice compliment to Anderson.
  15. F00tballGuy69

    Bills release Incognito.

    I think his issues coupled with the fact that he's probably not a great fit as a zone blocker in our new system, will make him not an option for this team. I just think we could use some bullies on our O-Line. Our team has not had an identity on offense since Bowles was hired (you can argue the same on defense but thats another story). First time long time BTW. Not sure why this was the thread to do it for me, but glad to be on board.

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