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  1. Another slap in the face to those of us who are PSL owners. What a joke.
  2. +1. I wouldn't give more than a 3rd. Good player, but not worth a 1 due to age, and the fact that he hasn't played a full season since 2013.
  3. Haha CJ is a "back-stabber" because he looked into replacing the league's worst HC & GM? Bowles had 4 years here. He got his fair chance. He went 24-40 & couldn't get his team to show up for the biggest game they ever played for him. Same goes for Mac, he had plenty of time and resources to build a solid team, and failed. Its CJ's duty to find the best people to help this organization win. It's not backstabbing, it's business. Manish is an idiot.
  4. Wow what a stretch! It's a picture of Manish superimposed on a pile of sh!t. Essentially depicting him as a piece of sh!t, which he is. Not sure where race comes into play.
  5. Yup. It's amazing how many people want to crucify the guy for being a little bit abrasive, after 4 years of complaining that Bowles was a pushover.
  6. Santonio Holmes was the best player on the field for us over a couple of years. Odell Beckham is the best player on any field he steps on. Terrell Owens was the best player on every team he's ever been on. "Me" guys don't win championships. They cause headaches until you get sick of them enough to finally ship them out. That's the reason we got him in the first place. The problem with a guy like Bell is that those types don't tend to improve after getting their big payday. Hope I'm wrong, but we've seen this movie before.
  7. We're beating a dead horse at this point. No one's going to change anyone's mind regarding how they feel about Bell being there or not. The fact is, I believe we have a 90 man roster right now, if I'm not mistaken. From what I've seen, 89 men are there practicing, one is not. If you think that doesn't create resentment amongst some other players in the locker room, you're fooling yourself. I don't care what anybody says in the media, because no one's going to trash the guy for it, but I guarantee you there is resentment amongst some.
  8. Your correct, he does have the right to sit out. Just as I, & others here, have the right to think he's a "me" player for doing so.
  9. By this logic why don't they just have everybody show up to the stadium the morning of September 8th for Buffalo.
  10. 12 million dollars a year is free? And yes I routinely go to things I'm not necessarily required to go to. Dinners, gatherings, holiday parties, etc.
  11. Bingo. This is 100%, undeniably, a troll job on Manish and all the other idiots willing to run with this. Love it.
  12. Brandon Moore. Was a very good right guard for many years, and is now known mostly for being the butt in the "butt-fumble".
  13. Why? Cuts won't be made for 2 and a half months. College football won't be played for 3 months. If ever there was a time to not have a GM, it's now. When the time comes, we'll have a GM, and he will most likely be better than Mac was. No need to panic.
  14. All these "sky is falling" articles are ridiculous. Westhoff must not realize that Gase is our INTERIM GM. "What has he done to earn it?" We fired our GM and our VP of Player Personnel. He is our INTERIM GM by default. Were they supposed to promote the head of Strength and Conditioning? He'll spend all of maybe 7 days in that position, and then we'll hire a GM who couldn't possibly be worse than Mac.
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