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  1. Don't forget multiple drug related suspensions. Add in the fact that good running backs seem to grow on trees, and I have no problem at all if Gase wants to use him to send a message. No player bigger than the team.
  2. I've been hard on Lee, but this is awful value. I'd have been content with a pick somewhere in the middle of the 5th, but this will be a very late 6th, pretty much a 7th rounder. Would have rather seen him stay as a backup with the off chance he played well enough to sign a decent contract somewhere else next year to fetch us a comp pick. I'm sure Gregg Williams wanted nothing to do with the guy.
  3. Gase will not be the Jets long term GM. That would be insanity. They're going to bring in a guy who Gase knows well and sees eye-to-eye with (a la Douglas). They will be conjoined. Yes, they did it backwards, but we're getting the same result in the end, which is Coach & GM mutually agreeing to work with each other in a cohesive effort. One thing is clear, Gase no longer has a scapegoat here. He is the reason Macc is out. If Gase stinks, Gase will obviously get the blame. If the new GM that Gase hand-picks stinks, Gase will also get the blame. This is what he wanted.
  4. Have Douglas and Jeremiah worked together in the past? Perhaps a combination of Douglas - GM / Jeremiah - Head of Player Personnel could be attractive. I like Jeremiah on TV, but it'd be a huge risk to bring him into the top seat.
  5. To be fair, I'm sure the majority of the board would've said Myles Jack was a far better player than Darron Lee on the night before that draft. He was an absolute beast at UCLA. As fans, we don't have access to the medicals, interviews, etc, so it is what it is. But the fact is, there was a player still on the board, playing the same position as Lee, who many people, myself included would've rather had. That's not hindsight. Lee is exactly who we thought he'd be.
  6. Williams strikes me as the kind of DC who would rather play with 10 than have a softy like Lee on the field. Just my opinion.
  7. He's truly one of the softest, least instinctual linebackers I've ever seen. I know it's a big ask for a 5th rounder, but the more I watch of this kid Cashman, I think he takes Lee's spot sooner rather than later.
  8. As long as we're winning I think we're getting a good player for 2-3 years. If we're not winning, I could easily see him becoming a headache & clashing with Gase.
  9. Here's a list of pivotal draft picks who could potentially save Macc's job by looking good this season. -Nathan Shepard: Was terrible last year, but if he shows enough this year to earn a starting job for the 2020 season, and allows us to let Leo walk without missing a beat, Good on Mac. I have my doubts. -Derrick Jones (CB): Showed some promise towards the end of last season. If he were somehow able to show he's a starting corner, this would look like a great pick in the 6th round. Again, not likely. -Leo & Darron Lee: Both are in contract years. As former first rounders, they'd both need to play at a pro bowl level to be worthy of their draft spot. -Herndon: Improve enough to be considered a legit top 5 TE, than this pick was a home run, and one of Macc's best. -Blake Cashman: I gotta admit I'm intrigued by this guy. Has the athleticism of Lee, but better instincts & toughness. -Polite: Earn a starting job and put up 7+ sacks this season -Edoga: Show enough to earn one of the starting tackle spots for 2020 and beyond -Wesco: Become a threat in the passing game. I think it's a given that he'll be a good blocker, but that alone is not worth a 4th round pick. If all of the above things happen, Mac deserves to stay, but I highly doubt this will be the case.
  10. The fact that he said Shepard is "pretty good" discounts the entire quote. He was awful last year. Anyone who says he was "pretty good" did not watch a snap of Jets football last season.
  11. Unfortunately that's where we're at on the O-Line at the moment.
  12. I'm not saying he's pulling a no show. I'm saying he's attending the things that are required, and not attending the things that aren't required. I like to call that "The bare minimum". He's completely within his right to do so. Now that I've been at my same job several years, I do the same thing, but it wasn't like that at the start. I agree that this particular absence has no effect in the grand scheme. But again, if you had a team full of players who do "the bare minimum" it will certainly show. I'd also argue that a pre-planned vacation is a bit different than skipping to work out with your buddies, but it's great to see him working out nonetheless. As a pro athlete, I'd expect him to be doing that regardless. I enjoy the debate, my friend. It's what makes this site the best on the internet.
  13. I think this would mean his contract is done AFTER this season, not that he's released immediately. If I'm wrong, definitely bring him in. I don't know all that much about him, other than the fact that he was a high pick a couple years ago.
  14. I'll put it this way, say you take a new job. You're not scheduled to start until May 15th, but your new boss calls you and says "Hey JiF, I know you're not scheduled to start yet, but we're having this dinner on the 10th it'd be great if you could make it." Unless you had a solid excuse, you'd go, right? For the opportunity to get started on the right foot and show you're willing to go above and beyond, meeting your new co-workers, etc. I agree with you that it will have no effect on the team's W/L total this season. But this thread was about Bell, and reasons why Gase may not want to coach him. If the report is true, then I'd guess that's the reason.
  15. Our last 2 coaches with man boobs made the playoffs in their first year. I can tell he's been working on those bad boys. Smart man.
  16. It can't be quantified. You'd hope that one of your best & most highly paid players would set a better example for the younger players to follow. Look no further than a guy like Leo who followed the example of Sheldon & Mo Wilkerson. Can you get by with one or two of those types on your roster? Of course. But if you have 53 guys doing the bare minimum and only showing up when required, you're not going to get very far. We differ in opinion on this one. No worries.
  17. You're missing the point. I'm not saying he'll forget how to play football if he doesn't attend voluntary workouts. If he had a legit excuse than I completely understand and I'm wrong for doubting him. But my point is that to be a championship team requires buy-in and sacrifice from your players. There were times we had to have our parents drive us home early from a weekend at the beach to make "voluntary" 7 on 7's in the summer. We did it because it was the right thing to do, and because we were focused on winning as much as we possibly could. The guys who didn't show were normally the ones who showed up on day 1 huffing and puffing after warm ups, riding pine all season, and complaining how coach is unfair or doesn't like them. Obviously won't be the case with Bell, as he's our starting running back Week 1 regardless of what he does, but my point still stands.
  18. I am sure you played sports in High School and perhaps beyond growing up. I played at a HS that took athletics extremely seriously. I played a fall sport (football), and a spring sport (Lacrosse). If there was a season where you weren't playing a sport (for me it was winter) you were expected to be at "voluntary" workouts/practices/summer camps, etc at least 2-3 times a week. We had basically 100% attendance amongst the kids who weren't currently playing another sport, because we knew the type of buy-in it took to compete for a state championship. If you weren't at the "voluntary" workouts, word got back to the coach, thru the captains, and noted. If I was able to understand that at 15,16,17 years old, there's no excuse for a 27 year old man who is fresh off of signing a contract to make 12 Mil/year.
  19. Same here. I don't think anyone's arguing that he's a worse player for it, but you're missing the point. When you've been suspended 2x for weed related offenses you're under the microscope & tested more heavily than others. And after that, then you post pictures on Instagram with joints in the background, you're even moreso under the microscope. And not showing up for work on the first day is the cherry on top.
  20. I'm not worried it would effect his play on the field, and I'm certainly not some anti-marijuana guy. But when you give $12million/year to a guy who's one slip up away from an 8 game vacation, and he cant even be mindful enough to keep the weed out of his instagram posts, it's a cause for concern.
  21. I'm not asking you what you think were in them. I'm telling you I KNOW what was in them. I've (not proudly) smoked hundreds of those things. They're pre rolled marijuana joints. Clearly not empty in the photo towards the bottom of the link I sent. Look, I'm not dumping on the guy and I think he's a great player, but here's what we know: -2015: Was arrested for posession & driving under the influence of marijuana - Suspended 3 games -2016: Suspended for the first 4 games of the season for skipping a drug test (next time he's caught it will be 8 games) -2019: The aforementioned instagram post which clearly shows a half empty pack of pre rolled joints Maybe he was staying with a buddy who was doing all the smoking, who knows. His track record suggests otherwise.
  22. Buddy, if you want to believe those are stuffed with tobacco then go right ahead. But they're pre rolled joints, the kind of pack you can buy in a state like California where they're legal. I'm familiar with the brand. Believe what you want.
  23. https://www.sportsgossip.com/leveon-bell-posts-ig-story-with-pre-rolled-joint-papers/ This was on Feb 18th of this year. I think I sold him short by saying 12 pack. Looks more like a 20 pack.
  24. No one's making that up. He sent out a video of himself playing video games this offseason with a pack of pre-rolled joints clearly sitting on his table. So he's either dumb as rocks, just doesn't give a sh!t, or both. In my experience, someone who has a 12 pack of pre rolled joints on their coffee table isn't just an occasional smoker or a "weekend warrior". Look, i don't care whether the guy smokes weed. I'm certainly not one to judge. But when you don't show up on the first day of work, it becomes a problem. Don't act like there's no merit to the weed talk. The guy has been suspended for failing/skipping drug tests, and clearly hasn't kicked the habit.
  25. This would be consistent with how Gase ran the show in Miami. Sounds like he didn't want Bell for the same reasons many of us didn't want Bell. I, for one, am glad we now have a coach who will hold the players (and the guy who picks the players), to a higher standard. Voluntary or not, the guy was out of football for a year. Most guys would've been chomping at the bit to get back on the field. It's clear we signed a guy who doesn't give a sh!t & Gase is well within his right to call Macc out on it.

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