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  1. I actually agreed all season until the offseason seemed to separate the two. Allen is definitely the better athlete but I think Polite has more tools in his toolbox due to the fact that he couldn't win consistently on speed alone like Allen could.
  2. Gotta let it ride at this point. Players tend to play well on the last year of their deals. If he plays well and signs a big contract elsewhere we should be in line for a comp pick. Or, if we're out of the hunt by the deadline, consider trading him then.
  3. Doing what the smart teams do, picking guys that fit roles for this team. They must be high on Harrison. The odds of finding a starting O-lineman at this point in the draft is slim. It's not like they rotate O-Lineman, so If you're taking an o-lineman who cant beat out your starter, what are you really getting? A guy who will play 0 snaps and probably be inactive all season barring injury. They took a blocking TE, and a 3rd Down Linebacker/Special teamer with the outside chance of him being our regular weakside Linebacker. These guys fit roles and can contribute to the team immediately even if they're not starters.
  4. I've been pretty much on board with every pick so far, but this one's a head scratcher. They had Harmon & Ridley still on the board. I liked Moreau from LSU as a better blocking TE/Tomlinson replacement with some upside.
  5. Yes. He lined up mainly in a 2 point stance and he played both sides.
  6. I've been on the Polite train for a while now. I would have been fine with Winovich, who was probably the safer pick, but Polite definitely has the higher ceiling. Is Kelvin Harmon still out there? IMO he's a steal at this point in the draft.
  7. Love this pick. This guy was considered a top 10 talent for much of the football season. I'm comfortable with our front 7. Time to focus on the offense now.
  8. I think we're one edge rusher away from a solid 4-3 base defense Lee Mosely Williamson ??? L Williams Q Williams J Jenkins I think if Jachai Polite is there with our early 3rd rounder, you have to take him. I know most would hate to see us draft more defense, but Edge rusher is perhaps our biggest need still (along with Center). Another guy I like, maybe in the 4th, Is Joe Jackson from Miami
  9. I'm not All-In with Allen either, but the way I see it, Allen & Oliver are both High Risk/High Reward prospects. In this case i'd go with the bigger need, which is clearly edge rusher. Even if we take Oliver and he ends up panning out, our defense still has the same problem it's had for the past 20 years. Good against the run, but no "closer" on defense and horrible 2 minute defense where our team never seems to get off the field when it counts.
  10. I don't hate the guy, and if they were to trade back outside of the top 5 I'd be fine if they took him. But we're talking about the number 3 overall pick here. This guy had 5 Sacks, 5 Sacks, and 3 sacks in 3 seasons playing for Houston. I prefer we pick the guys who actually get sacks, rather than the guys who look like they should get sacks, but don't. At least one and probably two of Bosa, Q Williams, & Allen will be available. My preference is a trade back, but if we're stuck at 3 i'd prefer any of the above guys (in that order) to Oliver.
  11. Yes his 3 sacks last year playing Division 3 teams certainly shows that.
  12. If there's one thing Macc loves its D-lineman who don't get anywhere near the QB, and safeties who can't get within sniffing distance of an INT. This would make a lot of sense unfortunately.
  13. I'm a big fan of Bosa, but that return would be way too good to pass up. The 2020 1st could very well end up being a top-5 pick, assuming under this circumstance they'd have a rookie QB out there next year for at least part of the season. Without that 2020 1st I'd probably go Bosa.
  14. If we were able to trade back to 15 and land Hockensen I'd lose my sht in a good way.
  15. If he is 6'1 232 there are plenty of Linebackers who succeed at that size. However, Lee plays like a cornerback in a linebackers body. His lack of size doesn't bother me, but he simply just doesn't have a linebacker's mentality or anywhere near the required aggressiveness to play the position.
  16. I still believe the plan is to run a 4-3 and all of this 3-4 talk is to disguise our intentions in the draft, especially as it relates to edge rushers. I find it hard to believe that Gregg Williams is coming here to run a defense that he's never run before (to my knowledge).
  17. I think Bosa's injury concerns would give Chubb the edge. When both are on the field its neck and neck.
  18. I really liked this kid coming out of Pitt. He was electric with the ball in his hands and a great weapon for returns, end arounds, screens, etc. Very Percy Harvin-like. He hasn't been able to stick anywhere yet but you never know.
  19. I am all for the Eric Allen conspiracy theories, but if that's actually him, it gives me more confidence that these are NOT the uniforms and the team is putting this out to trick us. The quality of this whole mock up tells us that these are either A) the new uniforms, or b) a design presented to the Jets that missed the cut. Hoping for the latter, but it's clear that these weren't done by some kid sitting in his basement.
  20. IMO if Murray goes 1, we're not going to get a strong enough offer to trade back. IF Bosa/QWilliams go 1/2, a lot of teams will be calling to try and jump Oakland for Murray. If your goal is to have the best possible player available at three, root for Murray to go #1, but if your goal is to get the best value in a trade-back, you want Murray still on the board when it comes our time to pick.
  21. There's not many guys I'd want less. Coples 2.0
  22. Agreed on Maye. Nobody talks about how bad of a pick this was - Not only was it back to back safeties, but Maye was a basically a poor mans version of Adams. Mac took 2 strong safeties back to back neither of whom were good in coverage. Not to mention Eddie Jackson, Marcus Williams, both better in coverage - still on the board, if you absolutely HAD to take another safety. Others i've hated: L Williams Darron Lee - Another guy who turned out to be exactly who we thought he would, but worse in coverage. Wilkerson Kyle Wilson Coples (Everybody but Rex and Tanny knew that Ingram was the correct pick here) Dustin Keller Loved: Darnold Hackenberg Sheldon Richardson Sanchez Revis Gholston
  23. Loser mentality. Thats our division rival. You kick their ass any chance you can get, no exceptions.

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