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  1. I'm actually a big Duke Johnson fan and think he'd be the perfect compliment to Bell. That said, we have so many other needs. McGuire's style is similar to Johnson (very very poor mans version). We no longer have a 5th, but if they'd take one of the 6th rounders I'd consider.
  2. Very tough to dedicate a roster spot for a return man in today's NFL. Crowder can return punts, and rule changes have made kick returners insignificant.
  3. Can't make it this time, but saw them at the Cap not too long ago. Excellent as always. I'm a Jerry guy as well but just glad the music lives on.
  4. Yes McGuire and Henderson are sufficent back-ups. The problem is, what happens when they're forced into starting? You need to plan for your RB to miss 2 games in a lucky year. We need someone who can hold the fort, and I don't see the sense in cutting Crowell to save a measly 3 Million this year.
  5. For only 3Mil in savings, I'd rather they keep him as the backup. Fully comfortable with Bell-Crowell-Mcguire going into the season.
  6. Looking back at his brother's cryptic tweet now, perhaps he was talking about our GM Mike McMagnet & QB Sam Doornald?
  7. As others have said above, I think they have their eyes on SF's pick, which would give us a shot at Bosa.
  8. Crazy. I truly believe the AFC will run through Cleveland for the better part of the next 10 years.
  9. Give me the guy who will make an actual difference in the W/L column. I have not been a "sign Bell at any cost" guy, but no one can deny he's a game changing talent at the RB position. Sign Wisnewski & draft Risner or Elgton Jenkins in the 3rd and we're set at C for 1/3rd of the cost.
  10. I'm with ya man. I cant even pretend to have watched Paradis. I do know he had surgery on both hips before this past season. He still managed to play well i guess, but hip injuries never fully go away and can kill careers. I wouldn't be angry with the signing, because the money has to be spent somewhere, but my gut tells me he's not a guy who'll still be great into his mid 30's.
  11. I'd rather have Wisnewski on a short term deal than to sign Paradis for big money. Plenty of options in the coming draft. Theres no need to spend 13Mil/year for the next 5 years on a center.
  12. This offense desperately needed a quick slot guy. Q is great but he's better with the catch & run stuff. We needed a route runner and Crowder is certainly that. Would've preferred Humphries but Crowder can play also. Q's contract at 8M/year doesn't look so bad anymore
  13. That seems high. I'm guessing it took a 5th, unless we're swapping picks.
  14. Let's see what we gave up, but I like the player. Made first team all-pro in 2016 & pro-bowl in 2017. I think he's our starting LG and can play tackle in a pinch.
  15. The Cardinals would be stupid to take anything less than a 1st for him. At worst, he's the #2 QB prospect in this years draft (I'd have him #1). If I'm Pittsburgh, Chargers, Packers, or Pats I would not think twice about parting with my late first rounder this year.

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