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  1. Creepy Lurker

    browns fan perspective

    Getting consoled by a Browns fan.....sh*t. This is what rock bottom feels like.....
  2. Creepy Lurker

    Interior D tackles

    We do not need an inflated contract like he will command and we DO need draft picks. I’d trade him in anticipation of a new GM that could draft properly but there’s no guarantee that we fire Mac so I guess we’ll just resign Leo for a crazy amount that he won’t live up to. That 5th year option sets the tone for a big contract.
  3. Creepy Lurker

    Ok I rewatched the game... Sam was fine

    I think he needs to be reminded that this is a terrible place to start at to take it as a challenge and just try to adjust I NFL speed this year. The rest will be cake after this year. Kind of. Keep his head on straight. But yeah, I didn’t think this team would be THIS bad and we run the very real risk of ruining him. My ONLY hope is that he seems like he can handle anything and will somehow persevere.
  4. Creepy Lurker

    Ok I rewatched the game... Sam was fine

    He’s allowed to have bad games. His first 2 were much better. All 3 games have been impacted by horrible O-line. His game against the Browns was bad but not terrible given how bad his supporting case is. He would look great if he had time in the pocket at better weapons. That can be said of all quarterbacks which is why Mac f*cked up badly by neglecting the offensive line.
  5. Creepy Lurker

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Slobber knocker!!!!!
  6. Creepy Lurker

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    That’s even too much for him unless he changes his play.
  7. I will lurk around Florham Park and creep out everyone there.
  8. I tried as well and you can’t contact them. I demand meeting with Chris Johnson.
  9. It’s sad that you are probably right. We won’t let that happen. We march on Florham Park after the season and take control ourselves for once.
  10. Creepy Lurker


    I think after last night, Bowles knows he is done with this team. He milked it for 4 years and will take a year off before becoming a coordinator. We may see a complete implosion at this point because he’s getting fired no matter what at this point.
  11. Creepy Lurker


    Getting rid of Morton was a head scratcher and just goes to show that Bowles has no idea what he is doing. Morton deserved an award for keeping the Jets in games while the vaunted Bowles defense constantly stumbled last year. Instead he gets fired and once again loses continuity on offense. It’s hard to believe this is what’s going on in a professional football organization.
  12. Creepy Lurker


    Well, Robby clearly has lost all trust by Sam and rightfully so. His last 2 fumbles showed me enough to only use him as a decoy. I never liked his thug attitude so I’m not necessarily rooting for the guy either. If he can accept his role and be a team player, I’ll respect him. Unfortunately he seems like a “me first” player and will become a locker room headache for having a terrible year.
  13. I think he’ll be THRILLED come next year with a new coaching staff and this year of torture will hopefully strengthen him. I do really worry that they ruin him though.
  14. This really bothers me. Our offense from players to coaches, is doing a terrible job of supporting Sam. You could see in his face last night that it’s starting to get to him. The pressure of having EVERYTHING on his shoulders because everyone else is useless and it’s too difficult of a task. Tom Brady couldn’t do jack sh*t with this offense/offensive line. I understand why we put him in early to learn since he seems like he is a quick study and can handle pressure but he toffense wasn’t supposed to be this useless. It is so horrible that I don’t think he will learn too much this year besides recognizing blitzing/calling protections and adjusting to game speed. The damage may outweigh the actual growth which is my main concern for this season as it has and will always be about Sam’s progress. F * C K F*CK F*CK F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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