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  1. Creepy Lurker

    Brandon Graham as a 4-3 DL placeholder?

    This is who I realistically want. All the other rushers will be resigned. He’s 31 but I’ve always liked him and he will most likely ACTUALLY hit the market. I’ve been targeting him as an actual short term option that will shake free. Sure younger is ideal but I don’t think it’s realistic to expect many younger players to be available and not resigned by their current team. We could use solid veteran/super bowl winning experience in the lockeroom too.
  2. This team would surely destroy any such time machine with the amount of busts that we draft.
  3. I just said that I can’t blame him for not having a great FA. I’m blaming unrealistic fan expectations. I fully blame him for the state of the roster to this point. If given a clean slate, his back is against the wall was my point. Any good GM would have difficulty with our situation this offseason which I’ve said many times. That’s not a knock on Mac at all. In fact, I’m defending the reality of how difficult of a situation he is in regardless of if it’s his fault or not. Sorry you are so sensitive about Mac making mistakes and instantly shutdown and not comprehend what you are reading the second you see something critical yet factual about Mac. It’s true that Mac is responsible for our roster. I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m also defending him in a way because of this difficult task this offseason.
  4. We HAVE to overpay this year or watch the FA train pass us by this year. There are 20 teams with really good-great cap space and most are playoff teams or more attractive destinations than the dysfunctional Jets. The FA pool isn’t great and anyone that is worth signing will surely be resigned or tagged since most teams have a lot of cap space. Prepare for a really disappointing offseason. It’s Mac’s fault that we are in this situation but it won’t be his fault if he can only sign 1 “marquee” player and overpay some “meh” guys. I see all these crazy/unrealistic wish lists all over the internet for/by Jet fans and feel that many fans will be setting themselves up for disappointment. We are in really bad shape as a team and the only thing that can fix that are some great drafts. We draft poorly so I wouldn’t count on that unless we had change to our front office. So here we are.... 7-9 here we come!
  5. Creepy Lurker

    How to fix the NFL - Saints Issue

    I would add tea-bagging as an option and call it a day.
  6. Creepy Lurker

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Well that would be atrocious. I can’t see that either despite how bad our roster is. I’m sure we’ll find something but I don’t think it’s be anything great unless we draft edge high.
  7. Creepy Lurker

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Beggars can’t be choosers.
  8. 1 IND $123,375,678 $115,413,981 2 NYJ $108,637,143 $96,043,062 3 BUF $117,383,123 $80,805,760 4 CLE $167,868,035 $75,197,961 5 OAK $121,106,969 $73,784,412 6 HOU $142,214,785 $61,716,499 7 ARI $137,545,554 $56,348,655 8 SEA $136,709,151 $54,926,840 9 CIN $147,761,779 $49,693,487 10 DAL $149,284,862 $48,525,246 11 SF $168,758,300 $46,077,179 12 TEN $176,968,538 $37,172,070 13 KC $155,464,774 $36,443,381 14 LA $154,374,614 $36,267,550 15 DEN $158,525,120 $36,263,085 16 GB $161,325,438 $33,042,712 17 BAL $167,306,201 $31,638,619 18 DET $164,865,273 $29,992,805 19 LAC $163,541,597 $27,993,743 20 NYG $169,711,056 $25,858,283 21 ATL $172,698,734 $20,967,799 22 NE $172,353,029 $20,896,191 23 WAS $179,426,670 $15,462,356 24 MIA $181,653,863 $14,264,548 25 CHI $180,006,065 $14,178,005 26 NO $178,566,347 $11,901,194 27 CAR $174,904,816 $10,773,723 28 PIT $199,143,753 $9,412,191 29 TB $184,611,551 $6,883,231 30 MIN $188,341,056 $1,256,725 31 JAC $205,620,925 $-10,177,271 32 PHI $211,410,551 $-16,252,816 LEAGUE AVERAGE This is projected cap space before roster movements like additional cuts and restructures. We have ALOT of competition out there for a FA class that doesn’t have too many good players. We also tend to not be a destination that is sought after. Any delay targeting these coveted players due to resigning our own, will surely kill our chances at getting good players. Saying that we will resign our own befor FA is not realistic as anyone with half a brain that survived the season already(not at injury risk anymore), would have to test FA and get max compensation. This is going to be a mess unless we grossly over pay and move quickly. We also need to stockpile draft picks since free agency is not going to solve problems like people think. We would have been solving problems over the last few years with our cap space but these players are being targeted by many teams and we are low on the list of best destinations. It’s not easy and not going to magically happen. Missing on so many draft picks and prioritizing non premium positions is going to kill us. Sam is put in a bad spot. This is why I’d invest in offense as much as possible to give him a chance to develop and focus on that rather than “winning”. He’s our only hope. Support him at all costs.
  9. I’m numb to it at this point and still shocked that they could bring Mac back. Worst decision this team has made in years and they have made plenty of bad decisions.
  10. Creepy Lurker

    I’m tired of losing

    Just realistically enduring the inevitable disappointment.
  11. Creepy Lurker

    I’m tired of losing

    Either Sam will be a top 5 QB and win in spite of this team or he will be a FQB but not great enough to compensate for the poor team/possibly coaching that will surround him. I wouldn’t expect too much tbh. Either way, his team will be holding him back more than helping him in either scenario. Hope for the best but don’t get your hopes up and fall into that gullible/“everything is great” blind fandom trap. Don’t just trust everything that this front office spits out without any questioning. That’s an incredibly naive way to root for this team.
  12. Creepy Lurker

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Goff lacks the confidence and relies on his team. He will surely be intimidated when facing the legendary Brady/Belicheat duo in the Super Bowl of all games. I smell a meltdown.
  13. Creepy Lurker

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Is anyone surprised?

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