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  1. Time for a little bit of the bubbly.
  2. Please start next game thread. You have the hot hand now!!!
  3. Interesting how the offensive players are interacting with GW.
  4. I can’t even say the Jets are choking because of that confusing barrage of flags.
  5. It’s not enjoyable at all when it could be an exciting point in the game.
  6. What ref team is this? Geez. It just ruins the flow of the game.
  7. What I said is a fact. That’s not the #1 offense out there because 3 key starters aren’t playing. Go crawl back up Mac’s *ss where you belong. I’d rather not engage you and your stupidity while enjoying this game.
  8. Yeah but it’s a big difference and significant/key offensive starters missing. What’s on the field isn’t the #1 offense in the league. Jets are still playing really good defense against a talented offense.
  9. With many key injuries like starting offensive tackles and #1 WR. Not the same thing.
  10. This is why I go crazy when I think that we lucked into Sam and could have potentially ruined him with trash roster management. He can be saved!!
  11. All I want is a bend don’t break defense that creates turnovers.

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