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  1. Creepy Lurker

    Offensive Minded Head Coach

    Unless it’s ours. No one wants our trash/busted draft picks.
  2. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Good GMs love projects or to have a low risk/high reward situation with other teams’ failures. The fact that pretty much all of our failed picks are out of the league at young ages, is very disturbing. It’s basically the 2 years of Idzik incompetence spread out over 4 years. Idzik was too much in such a short period that it blew everyone’s minds. Mac is just as bad and that’s almost unbelievable to me.
  3. Black Friday? Are they shopping together? I know what you meant haha.
  4. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Coaching is probably the most important aspect of a good team. Coaching is a huge issue with the Jets and I agree with the both of you. Flat out misses in the draft and incorrect drafting philosophy or understanding of value/utility is 100% on the GM though.
  5. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I think it’s be pretty close and that we are more or less back to square 1. It’d be the ugliest game ever if they played each other. I think I’d give 2014 the edge because our o-line is so useless and wouldn’t be able to handle the Sons. My point was mainly that even if you think 2014 was a terrible roster, what is the excuse that we are basically back to square 1? There’s no excuse which I’m sure you can agree.
  6. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Colleges are not making o-line like they used to which is why it’s such a premium now. Misses are ok with o-line because you HAVE to try and draft anymore to even have a shot. It’s a shame.
  7. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I don’t think the expectations were unreasonable at all. We expected a rebuild after Idzik. Mac wanted to do a “competitive rebuild” which is fine in theory and the only reason why we are in shambles is because the first 2 years, Mac drafted like complete trash and missed on young free agents like Buster Skrine and Marcus Gilchrist. ALL GMs have misses and are allowed to, I agree. NOT ALL GMs miss as badly as Mac has and have a bizarre philosophy for building a team/drafting which includes and emphasis on non premium positions with high draft picks and completely neglecting the offense when you know you are brining in a rookie QB at some point in your tenure. He’s absolutely terrible and we can agree to disagree. I have no other points to make or that haven’t already been made. I respect your opinion but disagree.
  8. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    He had the Sons and that’s about it. I AGREED with you that it was a terrible roster but it’s been 4 years. It’s taking longer than 4 years because of all the misses that Mac has had. 4 freakin years is more than enough time to show progress, not be a 4-12 team again which is where we are heading. Not sure what your point is.
  9. Creepy Lurker

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    Well then that guy is awesome and thanks for sharing it. It’s so true.
  10. Creepy Lurker


    Well any GM with half a brain would keep Sam and BUILD A FREAKING OFFENSEAROUND HIM so the GM knows if Sam is “the guy” and if not, draft a replacement that will come into a situation where the offense isn’t complete trash and going to ruin him. The new GM has the built in excuse that Sam wasn’t his pick which gives him a longer leash.
  11. Creepy Lurker

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    That’s awesome that you sent this to those sh*tbags. Thank you for your service.
  12. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    That’s the point. It seems pretty obvious.
  13. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    No. He would not have had to hit on EVERY pick and sign EVERY free agent. That’s not realistic at all. What he had to do was replace and aging Ferguson and Mangold while solidifying the rest of the o-line (that was already neglected for years) in lieu of the inevitable rookie QB that we were drafting so the offense could at least function while he gradually added pieces. Defense had some pieces (all that we moved on from) and keeping a piece or 2 would have helped. Resigning wilkerson while knowing internally that he was consistently late and had questionable commitment Was stupid. Fans that weren’t privy to that information wanted him resigned and resigning him would have been the right move if he wasn’t late malcontent with no work ethic which again, fans didn’t know.
  14. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I agree with the QB situation which is why I said he liked 2018 QB class better. Nothing wrong with that. But to praise him for finally getting one like it was some huge feat is crazy. Consistent top 10 picks and after missing terrible and overdrafting Hackenturd by 2 whole rounds, he HAD to find a QB. He was at the end of the rope in that regard. He didn’t know who would be there at #3. Luckily it worked out and as I said I GIVE HIM CREDIT for trading up early (keeping the price down) and being in position for “a” QB(not necessarily the one that he wanted because there was no guarantee that he’d be there at #3). So he gets credit but not to the point of making him untouchable and it absolutely does not give him a pass for the ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE job of drafting that the so called scout did during 2015-2017. 2018 is too soon but I still had issues with it on draft day given our needs (o-line in 3rd maybe? late round return specialist?). Herndon and Nickerson seem like they may be nice depth and I hope Shepherd pans out (I HATE Older draft picks which is a Mac specialty).
  15. Creepy Lurker

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Well I have 2 eyes and know what I’ve seen from this team the last 4 years. This isn’t an “admit you were wrong”/hindsight 20/20/I told you so stance either. It’s that regardless of how much you hate or like Mac, the right move is to move on AT THIS POINT. We have gotten to that point where it will hinder things going forward.

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