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  1. Creepy Lurker

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    McCoy is old and Leo may be viewed as value to them. This league is full of idiots and Todd Bowles is the biggest one that I’ve ever seen. Wishful thinking on my part and a long shot but probably our only realistic trade partner for this situation.
  2. Creepy Lurker

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    Not what I meant at all but funny haha. I meant potential trade partner since Bowles would push for him.
  3. Creepy Lurker

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    Bucs cut Gerald McCoy. Things could get interesting.
  4. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    I hope you are right but that’s not what the official roster says.
  5. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    I doubt Legget could match Tomlinson’s false start numbers. He may be the GOAT for this stat.
  6. Creepy Lurker

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    I wish he had half the brain that Tyrion has.
  7. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    After the Bowles football program, which was a 4 year vacation for NFL players, this is exactly what this team needs. I hope it’s not a disaster but it’s long overdue.
  8. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    I think this is another “statement” move. No more free passes just because you were a draft pick. Smooth brains always argued that Mac had a decent amount of players that were still on the roster but anyone with a brain realized that’s because our roster was trash. It was also due to a conflict of interest where the GM wanted to cover his *ss and kept players on that didn’t deserve to be on this team. Compound this with how many JAGS we have as starters, purely because they are “de facto” starters. For example, Shell and Jenkins would be really good depth though so I’m still fine with them as players. Expect more purging.
  9. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Don’t underestimate Tomlinson. We can’t seem to shake him.
  10. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! How is he still here!!!!!
  11. Creepy Lurker

    Jets Waive Leggett

    The Mac purge continues!!!
  12. For the most part, I prefer this. Obviously the FEW good picks/contributors should stay unless it’s a blatant scheme fit issue.
  13. Creepy Lurker

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Anything that’s the opposite of what casserly says is fine by me.
  14. I don’t even know what to say. The nerve of this moron......
  15. Creepy Lurker


    Ok I guess. Nothing great. Just typical closure. B?

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