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  1. Guess he’s hitting something. Sure as sh*t ain’t wide receivers.
  2. They started messing with the ratings a few years ago to make the elite players stand out more and make them “noticeably” better than the very good players. Make them seem like true superstars and game changers. It’s weird but I get it.
  3. It’s been a complete joke. ESPN 2k football game was great for competition.
  4. I’ve haven’t been nearly as active posting since Mac got fired. I’m just very content and still glowing from it. I read the site constantly and I’m really excited about the future. I just don’t have the “urge” to post like I used to. I guess I have a long refractory period haha.
  5. He and Darnold were my 2 favorite jets last year. Honorable mentions for Herndon,Williamson and Jamal.
  6. Hey. Kind of off topic but I’m driving to Raleigh Friday night. My brother just bought a house there. I’m only there for 2 days before Florida. I forget where you said you were from but remember you mentioned NC.
  7. I will be well rested and fresh. No Metallica at Penn State the night before and zero sleep. Plus, it won’t be a freezing windy mess.
  8. Just ordered 2 tickets for upper level. Everything worked perfectly. Thanks again @Maxman
  9. I’m haven’t stopped smiling since he was fired. Sweet victory!!!

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