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  1. My 2 favorite teams....... This is why I’m almost 100% done with sports.
  2. That doesn’t address any of the points that I made and the reason why it doesn’t make sense for the Jets to have a player like Adams. You are just trolling so whatever.
  3. You are disregarding the many in depth, rationale and sane arguments about how Jamal Adams did not make sense for the Jets given their current roster construction and desperate need to transform the ONLY asset that we had (at peak value too), for OFFENSIVE assets or draft capital to support Sam Darnold. Now that Sam is officially done, we need those draft assets WAY MORE now than ever. Adams was a very good player but he was overrated and a liability in pass coverage and did not make sense for the Jets in their current state. The Jets are a team that was built completely backwards and incorrectly (THANKS MAC!!!) and need to invest in offense first and PREMIUM positions (LT,Pass Rusher, WR, CB, Oline), with high draft picks and build a core. A very good box safety is a luxury and not valuable to the garbage Jets. It makes sense for a team like the Seahawks to value him more as a missing piece on a Super Bowl run than us. He has been horribly in coverage so far and I would have never traded for a very good box safety like they did. As far as Jamal Adams the human, he is a whiny, selfish, self-centered piece of human excrement and most of us are happy to see him go and will gladly root AGAINST his bitch ass. Clear enough?
  4. That’s going to be the tipping point for most fans. We go 0-16, worst year ever and secure the top pick. Generational QB prospect and we have the coveted top pick. He refuses to play here because we are a complete disgrace of a team and miss out on him after the false hope. It’s going to be INSANE when that happens. I’m serious when I said they should just get rid of the Jets and add a new expansion team somewhere. Mutually beneficial for all parties involved. NFL should force the Johnson’s out and pay them accordingly.
  5. Are their consequences for the man behind the suck, Chris Johnson? This is why he needs to announce that JD will be hiring the new head coach on his own and has 100% control of the coach and roster. The NFL needs to know that the Jets are actually serious. Anything short of this, is a complete failure and on ownership. So I fully expect them to f*ck things up.
  6. Todd Bowles was a QB whisperer and a true genius.
  7. That’s the stat that made Chris Johnson want to hire Gase. He must be thrilled that he was able to replicate this feat already.
  8. Even Woody must be disgusted. I always said Chris Johnson was way worse and it’s totally looking that way.
  9. He can’t figure out how to tie his shoes and get to the press conference to announce that he’s firing Gase.
  10. He would never come here. Trade for picks. We’ll have no choice and we have about 20 holes to fill.
  11. It’s his time to shine and shake things up. Put that little bitch Chris Johnson in his place, fire Gase and take charge. It’s going to be a LONG and ugly ride if we have any hope.

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