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  1. I’m out of the NFL poisoning game and don’t watch football anymore. I only watch ALL of you.
  2. Done. My money is better spent for a great cause for great people than on creepy things like binoculars.
  3. Yeah. I’m disappointed. I was expecting a him to be much fatter.
  4. Rex Ryan should be hired as the team nutritionist.
  5. Let’s be honest, this would have NEVER happened under Rex Ryan. He made sure his players had the best feet in the NFL.
  6. But the only reason that his foot is injured is because he tried eating it.....
  7. It is and they should have someone monitor this stuff to some degree. Especially when they’ve made so many terrible decisions. Maybe not so much now since things seem somewhat organized now.
  8. I enjoyed my Fire Mac holiday. Drank a lot of coffee and completely ruined dinner by picking the wrong ingredients. Can’t wait for next year!
  9. You are not allowed to do that because the hypocritical internet nazi’s won’t allow it.
  10. I can’t wait for Jamal to become a free agent and then the Panthers sign him for a ridiculous deal during Sh*tty Sam’s 5th year option and they completely implode.
  11. That’s actually how I look at Zach’s mom’s eyes through the bushes.
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