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  1. This is all a waste of time and a mess. No one is going to trade premium draft capital (1st and a 3rd minimum) AND pay him a ridiculous contract. It’s just going to be a messy relationship where JD gets the most out of Adams for 3 years and moves on. He will not be resigned long term because he is looking for north of $20 mil/per which is ludicrous and no team is going to trade for him. Prepare for non stop drama but hopefully good production for 3 years while we build up the team. It’s far from ideal but it is what it is.
  2. I’m not sure. Even a proven player is not worth the prospect of having drama and arguments for 3 years. Just ask yourself, what would be better for @Maxman? Jamal Adams drama is his golden goose. This board has exploded because of it haha.
  3. I’ve changed my stance on Jamal. As much as I’d like to trade him for premium draft assets to help get this roster on track, I’d much rather have the drama for the next 3 years. I think the insanity on this board would be entertaining enough to justify it.
  4. The Jets believe in equality. No matter what race or religion, we will find a way to hire the least qualified coaches and GMs. It’s just about finding the person that’s worst for the job and the Jets do it well. They lead the NFL in providing opportunities to idiots of all kind. The only qualification is if the candidate has their head up their *ss.
  5. I was thinking this too but hopefully it’s a reminder that being patient for that abomination who didn’t have a plan, should allow us to be patient with a GM who has shown signs of potentially having a plan. We’ve had a horrible decade of GMs and can’t be impatient and rushing bad decisions or having unrealistic expectations as fans. He was left with a roster that was good in all the wrong positions and terrible in all the important ones that support a young QB. Let’s let JD do his job and if he turns out horrible after 3 To 4 years, start calling for his head.
  6. The “fire Maccagnan” thread was shamelessly bumped by me at midnight to celebrate this glorious day. It will forever be a holiday.
  7. It was a bizarre day for me. I was in Pittsburgh training for a new job and the guy in my class looked exactly like Mac. Then the news was announced. Freaked me out. THEN I left the training building to go back to the hotel and ran into Antonio Brown. He was in Pittsburgh for a court date even though he was already traded to Oakland. I hate that bastard and didn’t want anything to do with him. Very bizarre day.
  8. It was later revealed that this was just the price Favre charged for revealing d*ck pics on onlyfans.com. Totally legitimate transaction. Mississippi knew what they were paying for.

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