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  1. I thought the constant bickering made me sick. Then all these sh*tty walking sh*t gifs appeared.
  2. I’m just kidding about the downvote haha.
  3. The strategy of best RNA available and non premium RNA didn’t work.
  4. And women love to pet my balls and take them for a walk in the park.
  5. I approve of this message. The current fire Joe Douglas thread is premature. Only I can decide when it’s ok to fire the GM. My ex-captain status grants me those powers.
  6. Bingo. He gets a B- at best because the early returns on his first draft are “meh” and he needs to be great at drafting. He has so much ammo these next 2 drafts. We will be able to completely judge him after the 2022 draft and after a year of the new coaches installing new systems.
  7. He’s so incompetent and ineffective at his job that he should really look into a career in politics.
  9. I hope so. Many of those later picks are most likely meant for flexibility with trade ups and downs. I can’t see JD drafting that many late round players that probably won’t pan out.
  10. I can’t believe we ONLY got a 6th rounder for him.
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