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  1. Actually I’m not too sure how the salary situation worked. I thought that you were comparing the 3rd from the giants as being worth the same as the potential comp 3rd a year later.
  2. I’d like nothing more than their dynasty to end with a GIGANTIC ASTERISK and for their fair weather/front running fans to freak out at the first signs of adversity. Pathetic fan base.
  3. I figured. It was just odd to picture REM and think about how not metal they were haha. I love metal.
  4. I was hoping someone recognized that lyric. Although REM is absolutely not metal.
  5. I could not tell him apart from Fitzpatrick. They are apparently the same. 2 grizzled vets battling today.
  6. Awesome. I thought they couldn’t while injured. I must have forgotten with the flurry of great news that’s always happening in Jet world....
  7. I will not rest until they are off the roster.
  8. Yep. I can’t wait to sh*tcan Winters and OldSmelly.

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