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  1. Creepy Lurker

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    I knew that wasn’t coffee in his cup!!!
  2. Creepy Lurker

    Albert Breer: Top 25 Cornerbacks In NFL History

    Changed my mind, F these other corners, 10 is a good number for Mevis but 09-10 were the greatest performances by a cornerback ever which is nothing to sneeze at.
  3. Creepy Lurker

    Albert Breer: Top 25 Cornerbacks In NFL History

    In my opinion, Revis had the 2 most impressive seasons ever by a cornerback during he 2009 2010 seasons. Shutting down REALLY GREAT #1s on an island is unheard of. Then his play was solid until he came back to the jets but it’s wasnt “great”. Tough to rate that because of the difference in performance levels and how his career ended on such a sour note and dogging it which no “great” cornerback should do. I honestly don’t have a problem with 16 but can’t understand Richard Sherman being that high.
  4. I was so happy when Cook was still available. Really thought we’d draft him. I’m fine with Maye though. He broke the 2nd round curse. Too bad we have to wait until 2020 for our next 2nd round pick to see if the curse is gone for good.
  5. Hello no. That is not how you build a team. Spend/overpay for OL and throw anyone behind there to run. 3 good backs are better than 1 superstar IMHO. He’s old for 27 with the way Pittsburgh is running him into the ground. That’s the smart way to handle a great running back. Run him into ground, franchise and dump. 6 years is more than enough.
  6. Creepy Lurker

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    I agree about Stewart and was really excited for him after we drafted him. He seemed like a gritty YAC guy like a small Enunwa that would fit in a WCO well. His highlights looked good but all highlights look good. He looked horrible last year though and I was really surprised/disappointed buy his rookie season but he needs a chance and reps to develop. I’d be thrilled if he and Hansen get some solid footing this year and can work towards being a long term #2 and #3.
  7. Creepy Lurker

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    So I guess the Jets read Jet Nation Considering the timing of this release and the other Devin Smith thread that was started.
  8. I don’t think it does. I was saying that even though people have noticed his awkward motion, he ended up having a really fast realease time which is awesome/interesting. Just edited this to add a comment. Thank you for the video. This isn’t the one that I was talking about but damn it’s impressive. I hope he is just physically a freak at QB and his throwing motion is actually a benefit and because no one else can do it. We may have something special here.
  9. I do feel bad about the beating dead horse thing. Fans that don’t like this topic probably don’t like seeing this crap being repeated so I get it. Seeing that 2015 draft class of ours got me going this morning. Slow summer is fair game for anything because like you said, anything is better than nothing haha.
  10. Very true and I agree. Is it possible that Bowles is really behind all the play calling on defense which is why it’s better to have a puppet like Rogers their? It explains his hands off approach to offense and reason why he can’t/won’t hire a real Defensive coordinator. If this is in fact the case, damn he sucks as a coordinator and really has no place being a head coach if he can’t even handle that responsibility let alone coaching a whole team.
  11. I pretty much agree with all of this but I feel that “he” didn’t get career years out of Fitz and McCown. The offensive coordinators did and that has still been a revolving door which nullifies it in my opinion. Normally you give a head coach credit for everything when it comes to the team performing but he has been so hands off and inept with offense that you can’t. Plus his revolving door of offensive coordinators shows that he has no idea what he wants or that he has a clue on offense. The ONLY reason the jets weren’t as bad as everyone thought was because of the offense and McCown completely over performing. Normally you would keep an OC like Morton just based on being part of that unbelievable performance from our talent depleted offense but instead we move on. It’s just bizarre and I can’t give Bowles any credit at all. I am hopefull about Mac and honestly 2018 will tell us all that we need to know about the both of then. Even with Mac seeming to be improving, we can’t take any half measures and need to start fresh and with an offensive minded coach for Sam. Sam is all that matters for the future going forward even if we keep our current head coach and GM.
  12. Yeah sorry for beating a dead horse if that’s what you meant and I didn’t mean to vent and derail things. This dead horse is always getting the sh*t kicked out of it though. It’s just that mind boggling to me is all.
  13. Good point and I remember that but still can’t wrap my head around it haha. I kind of just block it out because it was such a bizarre year. That may be the most impressive coaching ever considering how bad Geno is haha.
  14. I think Rex was definitely better than Bowles but he was terrible after the AFC title runs so I am going off his 2014 total body of work to that point and looking ahead at his Buffalo meltdown. The last 6 or so years of his career were pretty bad. The whole inheriting a great roster for 2009 and 2010 does seem like a valid argument with how bad he ended up being. That being said, even Rex at his low point is way better than Bowles. I’ve never been more disappointed in a coach than with Todd. We had to move on from Rex, I think we all can agree but holy crap. Bowles is the worst coaching hire that we could have made considering what we just came out of with Rex. Definition of insanity.
  15. Bowles and Mac are eerily similar. They are both very similar to their predecessors and worse (Bowles) or slightly better (Mac) IMHO. Like, how the hell do you replace your entire front office with essentially the same thing? Conservative, defensive minded rookie head coach with zero feel for offense and an old school mindset that doesn’t work with new rules. Bean counter GM that gives in to mental midget coach’s demands of needing defensive players for their system to work and also being terrible at evaluating talent. Completely backwards since the defensive expert coach can’t develop and coach up guys while using premium picks on offense. Why replace the old regime with a carbon copy of what they already had that failed? This regime is quieter and doesn’t leak things. Big freaking deal! Now it’s DUI mania in Florham Park. Arrrgghh!!! Ok sorry, I’m done venting haha. I usually don’t get off topic like this and I’m not trying to hijack a thread but my god, when I see that 2015 draft, it just gets my blood boiling about my Beef with this team and how ass backwards they have been. I’m very optimistic now but can’t see how anyone can drink the kool aid with our history. It’s show me or shut up Jets. Darnold needs to take over and lead by example. Rooting like hell for this kid.