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  1. I didn’t see your post quoting me. Do I really have to list the many horrible moves? This conversation is getting ridiculous and is wasteful. We are spinning wheels and going over obvious jet history. I don’t know what point you are trying to make. Enjoy the game.
  2. Serious question/hypothetical scenario: Do we acquire real ball hawking FS, move Maye to SS and use Jamal almost exclusively in the box with more of a big nickel base package? You can’t deny Jamal’s talent in the box but he’s not being used like a traditional safety. He seems to thrive in this role though and maybe it’s a good compromise and better way to use him while helping the secondary.
  3. Yeah I get it. I was just telling you my opinion that it’s not as bad as other CRIPPLING moves. I’m not arguing opinions with you. You are entitled to yours and I am entitled to mine. I agree with your points for the most part.
  4. I was referring to prior to getting Bridgewater. It was a great FA signing but the moves in the year prior were way more of a blunder than trading him in my opinion is all.
  5. Shame because everyone was expecting a lot from Herndon. What a disaster of a season for him.
  6. Well it’s not as terrible to me because the bigger issue is that you don’t destroy the offense and OL before bringing in a rookie QB or even a FA QB like Bridgewater. Our team was ruined right before finding a QB or 2 with Darnold and Bridgewater. I’m not nearly as upset about losing Bridgewater as I am about the systematic destruction of the already bad roster that Big Mac inherited. This is like the 20th worst thing on my list haha.
  7. Agreed man. It’s just not a terrible as many other decisions is all that I’m saying. Sam is not looking good though so this decision is being amplified.
  8. I’m hindsight yes. It was a calculated gamble to say we are committing to our young QB, do not want a QB controversy and do not want to waste cap space paying Bridgewater since he was going to be a FA. We found more value in adding a top 100 draft pick to hopefully help support Sam. I can’t kill the rationale even though I hate Mac and would love to bash him. I hate bad decisions/draft picks based on what’s known at the time that decision is made. I don’t like to play the hindsight game to this degree. I do agree I’d much rather we kept Bridgewater.
  9. Yeah but Sam’s bad throws have been UGLY this year and not the same as just slinging it. USC QBs man. This is why you don’t crown anyone until they prove it. Next year will be crucial for judging him since we should have the offense at least serviceable.
  10. He is what he is. If he can become like Favre, I’ll be happy.
  11. He’s a beast in the box and makes an impact there. By far the best safety in the NFL with the most impact inside the box. I’m not sold on his coverage skills, don’t care for his attitude and would prefer fleecing a team and reinvesting the assets into glaring holes that we have at more important positions. Use his value to our advantage. I still feel exactly the same about him but can still give him credit for continuing his ascension as a really good player who does some things great. I am purely looking at it as how can we fix this team the quickest and create enough draft capital to address multiple glaring needs that are more important than a safety (OL,Pass rusher, WR and even CB). Jamal is our only realistic shot at getting 2 1sts or a 1st and a 2nd which is more valuable to this team than a susperstar box safety. Also, when it comes to safeties, I prefer ball hawking safeties and having a good front 7 that creates the pressure. I just don’t like how poorly this team is constructed and I’m just thinking big picture and timing of contracts and having to pay top dollar for Jamal long before we are even competitive. It’s not efficient and wasteful. Just my opinion though. Hopefully that makes more sense then blind Jamal hate without context.
  12. We needed to build around our potential FQB so I’m not against the trade and at least we tried drafting at a position of need but Mac is just terrible. At least it wasn’t a DL or something.
  13. Wow. This guys is TERRIBLE. I understand trying to see what you have in him since Shell is probably a goner but geez.
  14. Replacing Winters made the biggest difference. It’s still bad but much better. Can’t wair to cut that bum.
  15. Come one Jamal. Pad those stats more so we can trade your *ss!!!
  16. Giving notice would have went a long way. That’s what irks me. It’s bare minimum to give notice and I’m disappointed in him.
  17. It’s unfortunate and I was naive to think much of it was gone but now I question it. This offseason will be interesting.
  18. That works for now given how atrocious our CBs are and it’s just to “survive”. It’s by no means a sustainable or smart strategy in my opinion. We will see. I’d still trade him for 1st and a 3rd to save having to pay him so we can invest in higher priority positions that we are so very behind on. His mouth and attitude make it easy for me. He’s a great box safety, unproven in coverage and a loudmouth. I’m fine moving him.

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