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  1. Why bother arguing with Paccagnan at this point? He’s died on the Mac hill a long time ago and is just a rotting foul corpse at this point. It’s entertaining though.
  2. I always felt that you draft high floor/motor/character guys early on that can still develop due to their drive. Take your shots on players with checkered pasts or great physical/combine numbers, later in the draft and try to develop them. Some of these GMs get way too cute.
  3. Bingo. I’ve always said he’d be great depth and hopefully swing tackle depth like A better Ijalana. So many fans on this board are insane with their player evaluations and overvaluing our players. Nothing wrong with Shell and I like him for depth but he’s not a good starter. He’s serviceable at best.
  4. Opening game is going to be awesome. So much energy. Last year was a blast even though the weather was terrible. I fully expect to have a great time again. Thanks again @Maxman for putting this together. See everyone there!
  5. He is so awesome. He and Mosely will be a hard hitting ILB duo.
  6. You are right about the rest of the league. So let’s split the difference and say 1 year. By playoff team, I mean solid 11-5 type team. They could be a wild card team this year. I just don’t think so.
  7. If Darnold progresses, anything is possible. He is the key.
  8. I think we are 1-2 offseasons/drafts away from building a playoff team. Just need to fill out depth, glaring issues like OL and CB AND get everyone used to a solid system. I’m optimistic for once.
  9. You need a QB like Darnold anymore. Offensive lines are not what they used to be and pocket passers are doomed.
  10. It’s tough. The message board name trumps all. That’s just how we know each other. I’m looking forward to this.
  11. Who the hell would trade for those garbage players? Some of our fans are delusional and think teams would trade for our trash. That’s not how the NFL works.
  12. Kickers are extremely important. It sucks to have to sign guys at peak value after a pro bowl year but Myers was awesome. I forget what he was paid and it may have been too much for a kicker. It’s just a tough pill to swallow accepting that we HAD a pro bowl kicker and let him go. Hopefully we can find someone serviceable. We aren’t a playoff team anyways this year so it doesn’t really matter. Just keep developing Sam and fill the gaps this upcoming offseason.
  13. I dislike Brown so much. When I ran into him randomly in Pittsburgh back in May, I didn’t give 2 sh*ts or even acknowledge him because I have ZERO respect for players like him. Can’t beliebe people actually wanted him on this team. Many players aren’t “choir boys” nor should that be the requirement to be a Jet. Especially because beggars can’t be choosers and we have been perennial trash. But players like AB do not belong anywhere in the league and I could not accept the Jets getting a player like this. I’d hate him and boycott it the whole time.
  14. Too bad. I’ll see you around some other time or next year.

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