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  1. It’s not ridiculous. JD’s roster building has had extreme ups and downs (excellent trades VS. TERRIBLE high draft picks/FA signings). This only seems “good” to Jet fans because the late Tanny era, Idzik and Big Mac have been terrible. The thing that makes the decision to fire JD really easy for me Is the fact that he hired Saleh and the team is actually worse than Gase era even with his “rebuild”. JD has been here since June 2019. He completely botched HIS head coach hire and very possibly the #2 draft pick QB. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am one that believes in continuity and that constant firings/change are very bad for a franchise. When things are constantly this bad, it’s not from all the changes. It’s from constantly hiring the WRONG people and always going with first time GMs/Coaches. It’s insanity and not working. Start over with an EXPERIENCED GM/COACH combo.
  2. It’s sad that this is the rebuilt Jets after a major injection of high draft picks and free agents. It’s the same team as it’s been for years. Same issues too. So bizarre.
  3. I want Zach Wilson to start so we can just get past this horrible Saleh regime already. The Jets are better off completely failing this year so Saleh is gone ASAP.
  4. They actually had a stop for once and then panicked because it didn’t feel right. That’s why JFM committed the dumb penalty.
  5. There’s a lot of talent on this team. With the right head coach, they can be really good. I like LaFleur though.
  6. The Zach Wilson/Flacco conversation is not what anyone should be focused on. Not having a remotely good head coach is a way bigger issue. Last week was a fluke. No young QBs until you find a decent head coach.
  7. The scheme is so bad. Way too boom or bust and relies on too much having to go the right way. It’s not good.
  8. Saleh greater than Vince Lombardi haha!!! It is cool that the miracle win has gotten around though.
  9. They are waiting until he’s 110%.
  10. I see him becoming a leader by the end of the year and hopefully a captain next year if his production warrants it.
  11. The perfect man for the job! JD needs to hire him as a consultant.
  12. It’s spelled “potty”. But yeah toilet/potty bowl.
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