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  1. I understand it’s a business etc. but it’s the Patriots. He is forever tainted in my eyes.
  2. Revis is such a turd. He was by far my favorite jet during 2009-2010 because what he was doing was historic. I could not have pictured such a fall from grace and going to the Patriots of all teams. He is a traitor and completely gave up on playing with his late career joke of a performance. F him.
  3. It kills me but then I think about how much more painful it would have been to have Bosa on the board and for Mac to draft Q anyways. I don’t think I could have handled that.
  4. You wouldn’t consider him a top slot corner? Not overall CB, just slot. He did really well.
  5. I have that shirt as well. I think I’m pretty when I wear it.
  6. I always wanted to try black and green and I like the way it looks for something different. The older uniforms are still much better in my opinion. The green color of the new helmets is really nice though. Mixed bag.
  7. Hopefully in a few years, we’ll have a great OL and not enough money to afford a star running back since we have to pay our great OL. Then we can just churn and burn RBs on their rookie deals and let them walk for comp picks. Anyone would look good behind a great OL. I can dream.
  8. I want us to continue focusing on being a young team that can grow with Sam but you can’t fill all the holes in 1 year. Beachum is respected and a good lockeroom guy. He and McLendon can be the older vet leaders for each side of the ball and as depth if we can upgrade. I value the occasional vet lockeroom leader sprinkled in on the roster and I think Beachum can fill the role of Ijalana as a backup swing tackle and be a leader.
  9. Rumor is that Belichick and the Giants have a deal in place. Bill signed a used tissue so it’s pretty much official.
  10. There is nothing wrong with watching DBZ and eating ding dongs.
  11. I bet Brady will chuck it and get a flag so Folk is in range.
  12. They are having flashbacks of Shonne Greene running all over them.
  13. I would love to just torment Mac for the rest of his life if I could.
  14. Am I in the right thread? I’m not a troll but I’m a crybaby. I don’t see an option for that.

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