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  1. Do you have a link to this video? I must've missed it. Thanks!
  2. Good luck! Had it in December. Bad cold symptoms for a few days, Taste and smell came back in about 2 weeks. Found OTC cold meds helped with the symptoms (if they get that bad and you can take them)
  3. Awesome! They won't be able to ruin my x-mas eve or x-mas!
  4. Happy to hear confirmation that they made an offer to Alexander. May not be a stud, but at this point of FA, would be a good depth piece. ILB depth is danger thin.
  5. Per Adam Schefter's report, he's spent each of the last two days with the Jets. Ogunjobi had a $40.5 million deal voided by a flunked physical, but is a steady rotation lineman who can provide some interior pass rush. Ogunjobi would be a fine depth addition.
  6. Feeney wasn't any better than GVR last year. Why did we bring him back?????
  7. Jets released OG Greg Van Roten. The move clears $3.5 million against the cap. Van Roten, 32, loses his roster spot after the Jets claimed fellow veteran — and younger — OG Nate Herbig off waivers. Van Roten started 10-of-17 games for the Jets last season and has 50 games of starting experience with the Panthers and Jets over the last several seasons. He should land an interior reserve gig elsewhere.
  8. Interesting. This has him as 27 https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/football/nfl/player/51881/nate-herbig He was a 2019 UDFA so this will be his 4th season.
  9. If the reports from last year were true that they were trying to force him to learn all 3 WR spots in a new offense after missing much of the offseason, then I think the coaching staff f'd up a bit. New offense/terminology/concepts etc. They should have seen that he wasn't getting it and his head was swimming and scaled things back. Should have given him a more defined role from 1 (or maybe 2) spot with a limited package utilizing his strengths and the things he had a grasp of. Coach to (and know) what your players strengths (and weaknesses) are and know when not to force feed.
  10. When JD was making the rounds yesterday he said on Rich Eisen's show that she had not had the baby yet.
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