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  1. CTJetsFan

    2019 Center Prospects

    I've seen Michael Jordan (Ohio St.) rated high as both a guard and a center on some sites
  2. Possibly. His value, based on reports, is low now. I hate selling an asset when its value is low. If Rosen has a solid preseason and a team suffers an injury at QB, they can get more. What if Murray struggles? Will be interesting to see how it plays out
  3. Maybe, but you can almost look at it like the situation we had with Teddy last year. Once we drafted Sam (and signed McCown), it was assumed he was trade bait. Some said we pulled the trigger on the trade with the Saints too soon. There's no rush to trade him (if you're AZ) unless someone blows them away with an offer
  4. CTJetsFan

    AAF players you would like to see at Jets camp

    I mentioned that possibility in a thread last week. I wonder if there is a center they already like and are waiting for the AAF season to end to sign
  5. I wouldn't be so quick to trade Rosen if I'm AZ. Murray gets hurt training or something and they don't have a QB
  6. Braden was much better
  7. CTJetsFan

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    That came out of left field
  8. Harrison's draft profile. Sounds like someone we'd want the Jets to draft if he was coming out this year: Overview High school teammate of former Gator and current Buccaneer Jeff Demps. Redshirted in 2009. Primarily a reserve/special-teams contributor in '10 when he played all 13 games, drawing his first start at right tackle against Penn State in the Outback Bowl. Started all 13 at center in ;11 (played left guard against South Carolina). Started all 25 games at center 2012-13. Hurt his right elbow against Vanderbilt in '12. Was ejected from the '13 Arkansas game for accidentally touching an official -- Harrison claimed he was complaining about defenders using racist language. Team captain. Analysis Strengths Outstanding size and arm length with good overall body thickness. Plays with fine balance and knee bend. Sits to anchor and can stop a charge. Matches up well vs. size and power. Strong run blocker -- can generate some movement. Sets the protections and makes the line calls. Keeps his head on a swivel -- shows awareness to switch off blocks and pick up the blitz and handle stunts. Good work ethic. Well-respected, articulate team player. Weaknesses Average athletic ability. Could stand to improve sustaining and finishing blocks. Lets quick penetrators cross his face. Average recovery speed once beat. Lacks ideal foot quickness and agility to pull and cut off linebackers at the second level. Can do a better job replacing his hands (tends to grab). Can learn to keep emotions in check. Draft Projection Rounds 4-5 Bottom Line Very good-sized mauler functions well in a phone booth. Possesses the strength and power to match up vs. big bodies. The farther he is asked to move, the more he will struggle and would be best in a man-blocking power scheme. -Nolan Nawrocki
  9. I may be remembering incorrectly (and I'm not using PFF grades), but my recollection is that Harrison didn't play poorly after he took over for Long. I would say his play was at least average (between good and poor on the scale). Am I way off? I always think of Jonathan Goodwin. We had him for a few years as a backup G and who then went to NO and SF and had a very good career as a center
  10. Agreed, but we weren't even hearing about guys coming in to meet with us.
  11. Glad to hear. Was getting worried hearing nothing but crickets coming out of Florham Park. Hope he can still be productive if we sign him.
  12. There really wasn't a #1 WR available in FA. Are you looking for a trade or to catch lightning in the draft (trade back or Rd 3 or later)?
  13. CTJetsFan

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    Unger retiring in NO. They may replace him with a 2017 UDFA https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/10141/max-unger
  14. Cool. Surprised he got that much guaranteed year 1. They must like him.
  15. Nice job. Thanks for doing this. I know Roberts' deal was reported to be 3/18 million, but didn't see any details on guaranteed money/year 1 hit.

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