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  1. Ha. You can't hit what you can't see lol
  2. Apparently our coaching staff likes short RBs (Walter listed as 5'8)
  3. https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/rankings/afc-udfa-class-rankings 1. New York Jets Name Rk Pos Ht Wt RAS Comp Kenny Yeboah 173 TE8 6'4 250 5.93 Chris Herndon Hamilcar Rashed 214 EDGE27 6'2 251 8.31 Harold Landry Mus
  4. I think that may be the only reason they brought him in for a look. Guess it could also mean Moore won't be handling returns.
  5. Isn't that what being a Jets fan is all about? I believe that's been the case for me for about 45 years now.
  6. You're right about Farrior and Douglas. I agree with your premise that system coaches do fine......as long as they are given the right personnel. Was just pointing out that on occasion the great ones get it wrong too.
  7. I didn't say he played for Parcells. Groh ran the same system as Parcells. You're right about Abe only playing 6 games in 2000 and his sack #s being decent given the # of games played. I missed that. Only had 15 total tackles in those 6 games. However, I do recall discussions on another board back then where we were wondering why they were asking him to drop in coverage when he had never done that at SC and was clearly better rushing the passer.
  8. Yes and no. John Abraham struggled because the Parcells/Groh defense wanted him as a standup OLB (a la LT) with coverage responsibilities. It wasn't until Herm came along and let him put his hand in the dirt as a DE and not drop into coverage as much did he flourish.
  9. As @choon328 said, it's not an issue due to the different types of personnel packages and coverages that are run within the scheme. Example, in the 4-2-5-, the 2 "strong safeties" (of the 5 DBs) could be more LB types or more CB/safety types based on down and distance and opposition personnel. The 4 man line can have different mixes of rushers and run stuffers based on down and distance and opposition personnel. Same with the 2 LBs. Plus no defensive coordinator in the NFL these days plays one type of front/LB pairing/coverage.
  10. Agree, but I'm surprised there isn't another QB there (Morgan) to give him a break
  11. I guess there really is no concern about Zach's shoulder because he seems to be the only QB at camp and is doing all of the throwing.
  12. Jets released WR Josh Doctson. New York also released CB Kyron Brown, TE Connor Davis, OL Leo Kolamatangi, K Chase McLaughlin, and WR Jaleel Scott. McLaughlin has bounced around as a spot starter and will likely catch on with another team this summer. Docston, the 22nd overall pick by Washington in the 2016 NFL Draft, opted out of the 2020 season. He's now three years removed from his best pro season -- a 44-catch campaign in 2018. Doctson, 28, should be able to land on a practice squad in 2021.
  13. Don't some rookies sometimes miss rookie mini-camp due to school/class obligations?
  14. He didn't just pull it. It required surgery (prior to him choosing to opt out). https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/08/cj-mosley-ready-for-training-camp-new-york-jets-injury-report-groin-surgery/
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