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  1. That's BS because I can think of 2 drops in the Buff game (1 on Crowder, forget the other) and 2 yesterday (Hogan and Herndon)
  2. I'll admit I was ok with going for it. I liked the aggressiveness. Gore was running well and figured even we could get 1 yard with 2 shots. Wrong again.
  3. That was my feeling too JF80 until I re-watched it. We came back and made it 7-3 on a long drive. Even down 14-3 we were on the verge of getting more points off another long drive and imploded on 2 rushing attempts. The defense then spit the bit on the last SF drive of the half and we were done
  4. Pointed it out last week too. Didn't understand it. I get we may want to help pass pro when our RBs are out in the pattern, but it shouldn't be him. On a team devoid of pass catching weapons, he's who we leave in to block????? Isn't that what Wesco and Brown are for?
  5. So I just had a chance to watch the first half for a bit and I noticed something crazy that is happening with Becton. On at least 3 plays in the first half where the run was designed to go away from him (to the right side) and Becton's man was head up or shading inside of him, when he blocked that man he drives him down the line (and back a bit) to the point where that defender actually ends up in on the tackle (or at least the pile). He's blocking a defender on the left side of our formation down to the right side and into the play. Crazy. Truly the definition of overkill and mistaken consequences.
  6. Had a chance to re-watch some of the first half. With about 4:20 to go in the 1st half, we are down 14-3 (thank you defense) and have the ball on about the SF 20 with 3rd and 1. 1 failed rush by Gore on 3rd down and then the 4th and 1 run by Adams for a loss. I think we can all agree we wanted them to go for it there....but hated the call (and who ran it). We also lost Perriman on this dirve. If you look at the game track, we had a 6 play drive (1st series punt), a 13 play drive (ended with a FG) and an 11 play drive that stalled on the 4th and 1. https://www.nfl.com/games/49ers-at-jets-2020-reg-2 Sam at that point was 9 of 11 (or 12) for 65 yards with 1 drop by Hogan. Sam also had an 8 yard run for a 1st down. Most of the routes being run that I could see (without all 22 view) were outs and crosses. Not even sure if anyone went deep so game plan was probably to keep everything short and underneath to negate the SF pass rush. For all intents and purposes, it was working, BUT (and here's the damning part on Gase) once Bosa and Thomas go out, we don't deviate from that strategy....especially after it becomes 21-3. The defense gave up another scoring drive before the half to make it 21-3, Perriman was out, Hogan got knicked up for a bit and Gase didn't adjust at the half. There was your game folks.
  7. My personal preference would have been Gore off tackle as Becton collapsed that side of the d-line
  8. I'm more curious about 4th and 1. No option for your QB to audible to a QB sneak? Really?
  9. Said the same thing when I saw that play. Wonder how many more times things like this are happening beyond the camera angle view.
  10. You make some fair points. We'll agree to disagree on the Herndon throw/catch. I'm petty sure he had both feet in/down when the ball it him in the hands right on the line. I think it was a TD had he caught it. More importantly to me was that, IMO, that ball was thrown in the only place it could be (away from the defender) for Herndon to catch for a TD. I still disagree with your point that Sam has an average arm. He makes throws that I've only seen guys like Vinny and Favre make in a Jets uniform. I think what Sam does very well is throw on the move. What is baffling to me is why Gase doesn't roll him out more. The OT situation seems to be settled at the moment. The interior still appears to be a concern as it seems to be where most of the pressure seems to be coming from. Again - I'd like to re-watch yesterday's game to see what happened. Football, as I'm sure you know, is the ultimate team game. 1 player, however good, cannot simply dominate (especially on offense) unlike basketball (as an example). A good RB can look like crap without a good o-line or threat of a passing game. A QB simply cannot succeed without an O-line and competent NFL level WRs. There were 2 guys playing yesterday (Malone & Hogan) who were not even on the radar at the end of July. I also don't believe Gase knows had to adjust his offense to help Sam have success with the limited players currently available I'm not making excuses for Sam. Yes, he will still make a boneheaded play here and there. I think he played better yesterday than he did vs Buffalo. Has he progressed from year 2 so far....no. I just don't think we can evaluate him at this point. I hope to god Bell, Crowder, Mims, Perriman and Smith are able to play after week 4 to give us a sample to judge with the players JD planed to have around him. I, like others, am beginning to wonder if he is scarred/damaged beyond repair (as a Jet) with what has happened under Gase.
  11. I'd like to go back and watch the tape again in the next day or so to focus on his performance, but what mistake did he make today? What big play did he miss on? I don't recall any. He threw a BB to Herndon on the run in the only spot it could be thrown for a TD and Herndon dropped it. No, his arm is better than average. Has he developed a case of happy feet...yes. Was the throw to the middle of the field in Buffalo dumb....yes. But watch just about every QB in the NFL and they have at least 1 of those throws/plays a game too. Does he appear to be regressing...yes. But Jesus Christ he had Malone, Berrios and Hogan as his WRs most of the game. Hogan had a brutal drop early and the turf monster stopped Berrios from a drive continuing 1st down. A perfect throw to GrIffin but he gets called for PI. Again, where were Sam's mistakes today?
  12. Watch the play where they ran the reverse to Malone and look at what he does to the defender (DB?) 10 yards downfield. The House of Pancakes was open.
  13. One more bourbon and I'm hitting the 401k and I'm in lol.

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