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  1. Agreed. But even if they don't officially reduce the salary cap, that won't keep some owners from spending below it in 2021 (depending on new CBA rules). Since 2017, teams were required to spend 89% of the total cap over the 4 years (2017-2020). https://overthecap.com/minimum-cash-spending-in-2020/
  2. Me too. Regarding the "swiss army knife" comment - I think you have to look at it a different way. Adams is a SS with some FS & small rush LB capabilities. Sounds like Davis is a FS with some SS & CB capabilities. Both "swiss army knives", but with some different skillsets
  3. This. Actually, I think it may be after 2022. Sam is in his 3rd year. 1st round rookie contracts come with a 5th year team option (I believe) and then there is a the franchise tag option for year 6.
  4. Really can't respond to this without knowing a) what the contract would be that he would accept and b) what the trade compensation would be. 2 huge factors. I like the guy as a player but will he cost to keep? Who (player) or what (picks) would a team be offering in a deal?
  5. Another variable in this whole situation and possibly why the Jets are holding off on addressing Adams' contract is no one knows how this season, possibly without fans in the stands, may impact the 2021 salary cap.
  6. At a quick glance, I don't see anything wrong with that. Ensures you can keep more than 1 guy happy over a couple of years. I would say that 1 year number should be limited to a % of the salary cap for all teams (ex. 25%)
  7. Thanks for posting. Much stronger group when compared to this year's.
  8. Or Huff.....or Basham. I'm not gonna be picky on who can do it, just as long as it improves.
  9. Wow, this question made me think. The funny thing is the top 3 now were picks I hated at the time they were made (Davis, Clark, Mann). All 3 are now close in terms of liking them once I thought about the reasoning a little more. Gun to my head - Davis. Sounds like a Honey Badger type player. Didn't realize at the time of pick that Maye's deal expires after this year. Some early mock draft/draft reports had him as a low 1st rounder
  10. No question Hall will make the team, but the big question is will he be a 100% and how much he will be able to contribute after the gruesome ankle injury.
  11. Poole was a great acquisition.....and a great re-sign for below market value. As others have said, a good case could be made for Crowder as well.

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