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  1. I don't believe this is correct. The 5th year option for Darnold will be > $25 million. However, I believe Darnold's cap cost for his 4th year (2021 season) is around $10 million.
  2. I get that calling Cover 0 in certain situations may not be smart, or even downright dumb, but these are professional athletes. If a DC calls a Cover 0 he is expecting that his DBa should have situational awareness and know not to bite on anything short or play off enough not to get beat deep...because there is no one back there to help them.
  3. I watched a lot more of him his last year and thought he was the best QB coming out. I too was dead wrong (to this point).
  4. Still not clear on how you really feel about Darnold 😏🤣
  5. Pitts reminds me of Waller on the Raiders.
  6. This. I heard someone say that may have been one of the reasons the Jets interviewed him (to be a possible DC candidate).
  7. Not sure it matters much now that JD picked the coach and their contracts are co-terminus. As an aside - it looks like Jax is going with the Coach>Owner GM>Owner Jaguars coach Urban Meyer said he won't call plays. The Jaguars will hire an offensive coordinator, potentially LSU's Scott Linehan to handle playcalling. We'd still expect Meyer to be heavily involved in Jacksonville's offense, but this should help lessen the load in his first season. Owner Shad Khan confirmed Meyer will be involved in hiring the next GM and have input in roster decisions. Both Meyer and the GM will report directly to Khan.
  8. This is big. Players (FAs) will actually want to come play for this guy.
  9. B+ for me Dinged a notch for not having any HC experience and not knowing yet who his complete staff will be, but otherwise very happy.
  10. Awesome job guys! Appreciate all of the inside info. Thanks @Mogglez & @football guy
  11. I still think the Jets will draft a QB at #2, but that doesn't mean Sam is gone in 2021 either. If the Jets draft Fields//Wilson (or other), they would still need to go out and get a vet QB to compete. Why can't that be Sam for 2021 since he is already under contract for 10 million? If no one is offering more than a 3rd for Sam, the Jets can just settle for the compensatory pick in 2022 should they not bring him back. The 5th year option is 25 million, and realistically at this point, Sam's not getting that on the open market in 2022 (barring a major tunraround).

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