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  1. CTJetsFan

    OTAs start tomorrow

    Don't know PK. Just saw the dates here. https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/04/jets-2019-offseason-workouts-schedule-announced-when-are-organized-team-activities-minicamp-what-are-rules-for-contact.html
  2. Could this just be another "camp leg" signing or is Gase wanting a legit competition?
  3. God knows we can all use some good on-field news. Not sure if voluntary or mandatory though. Anyone know?
  4. CTJetsFan

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Joe Douglas for the win please
  5. Well, you got me to click on this thread.
  6. Is it me or does today feel like Mike McCarthy in January all over again?
  7. Manish is just getting pissy because people around the league (probably including Douglas) knew Macc was probably getting fired before yesterday....when he found out like the rest of us
  8. Or as Glazer reported during the draft, the impending firing of Macc was known for some time and feelers were put out. He may also want to backfill in Philly if we get Douglas. Or he wants a job at NFLN replacing Jeremiah.
  9. Exactly. He had to know what was going to go down here with Macc
  10. Let's not make it sound like this is highly unusual in the NFL. Owners hire GMs they are familiar with. GMs hire coaches they have had a working relationships with in the past. Coaches hire assistants they've worked with in the past before. Lots of nepotism. This is just happening in reverse.

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