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  1. I thought I read once that the league does not test or recommend supplements and that the player is responsible for what they choose to ingest. That being said, I think he has a legal case vs the supplement company (I'm not a lawyer) unless there's a caveat on the label about "manufactured in a plant where other ingredients may be present" (like some labels say about products that don't contain nuts but could have traces) The supplement market is not regulated by the FDA (I don't think) so buyer beware.
  2. Great thread Jetstream23! I think it's a case of "what was old has become new again". The difference being a new era FB needs to be more than a blocker. Has to be a solid pass catcher too with the speed to be flexed outside. Call him an H-Back if you want. Richie Anderson was one of those guys. If defenses are gonna get smaller and faster, than having a 225lbs + hammer to take on small LBs is going to help. Don't understand why teams are not utilizing them more
  3. David Dales is back. Wonder if Jets picked up his hotel tab in Florham Park since they cut him but probably told him to hang around
  4. You would have been verbally lynched on this site for saying that 5 weeks ago. But you are right and I agree
  5. I do too. It would be so SOJ to rush him back and have something bad happen and ruin one of the few rays of hope this franchise has had in many years. I hope I am wrong
  6. We'll agree to disagree. Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams' playing always bored the heck out of me. To each his own. Musical tastes are very subjective. I mentioned Metallica because they are more known and mainstream. I like Megadeth. Neither will ever sniff a Super Bowl halftime show. More of an Anthrax fan myself
  7. I can get the Motley hate (even though I like them), but come up with a better option than AC/DC. Every song sounds the same with the same boring drum beat. If we want a little balls, bring in Metallica
  8. Probably called his insurance company to check on his medical coverage and they hung up on him.
  9. Funny..... Yeah, I get he might have sucked. But if Sam doesn't pass the medical tests, we have 1 healthy QB on the active roster and wasted a week brining another in and up to speed on the offense
  10. I'm going to assume that they asked Mr. Fales to not stray too far from Florham Park
  11. I don't recall people wanting Mahomes at 6. Maybe after a trade back to a lower position? I was wrong too
  12. Fair enough. I liked him too....but not at #6.
  13. I can get the Watson argument (although he was not considered a can't miss), but the Mahomes stuff needs to stop. Most thought the Chiefs reached coming up to draft Mahomes. Very few had him rated as a 1st rounder, much less a top 10 pick. Kudos to the Chiefs for taking a big gamble and coming up huge, but let's not act like the Jets f'd that one up. Nobody (except probably Andy Reid) saw that playing out the way it did.

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