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  1. I thought I read (when free agency started) that he is recovering from an injury and/or surgery. Maybe not recovering as well as hoped hence the lack of interest?
  2. He did, but as Losmeister said, he's stepping up in class where almost everyone is as fast, or faster, than what he saw in college. That's the one thing just about all rookies say about the difference between the NFL & college....the speed of the game
  3. I'm all for being optimistic, but his "big games" came against Towson, Tulane & Rice https://godeacs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=926
  4. If true (as reported), the funny thing is Webb is from the "old regime" and Siemian is a Gase acquisition (even though Macc was here when they signed him).
  5. He didn't time that well (not sure if due to recovering from an injury), but being 5'7/173, he needs to be able to do something unique that makes him standout. Since he probably ain't gonna grow much more, he needs to have some wheels.
  6. For what it's worth at this time of year (from Connor Hughes): Jets QB Trevor Siemian was jumped by Davis Webb on the depth chart late in OTAs. According to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, the Jets are currently more confident in Webb than Siemian if Darnold were to go down with an injury. At the time of Siemian's signing, it was assumed that the backup job was his, but the backup battle is apparently closer than anticipated. The duo will fight it out during training camp and in the preseason. Related: Davis Webb Source: The Athletic Jul 9, 2019, 3:00 PM ET De'Angelo Henderson RB, New York Jets Jets RB De'Angelo Henderson was stealing reps from Elijah McGuire in OTAs. There is a battle between Henderson, McGuire, and Trenton Cannon for the assumed fourth active running back spot. McGuire and Cannon were both drafted by the Jets, Henderson wasn't, but the new coaching staff isn't likely to play favorites. The trio of backs will be battling it out in training camp and in the preseason. All three are names to keep in the back of your mind for preseason DFS but are obviously way off the re-draft radar. Related: Trenton Cannon , Elijah McGuire Source: The Athletic Jul 9, 2019, 2:52 PM ET Greg Dortch WR, New York Jets The Athletic's Connor Hughes believes undrafted rookie WR Greg Dortch is in a "prime position to make the 53-man roster." Dortch (5'7/173) is an undersized slot receiver with returning experience. At Wake Forest, Dortch caught 89 passes and had the sixth most punt return yards (276) in college football. Dortch ultimately went undrafted after running a 4.59-second 40-yard dash at 173 pounds. It's unlikely Dortch is more than a special teamer and depth option in the NFL. Source: The Athletic Jul 9, 2019, 2:47 PM ET
  7. Damn....it's gonna be a long 2 weeks. CAN'T WAIT!
  8. I won't be wasting any money in July going to Mets games. I can put those $s towards another Jets game (or 2) in the fall.
  9. We can go on for hours/posts on the multiple points. I don't want to hog up (more) thread space on the subject. It's been beaten to death and is senseless. Like I said, I hesitated commenting because I didn't want to give it more fuel. But after getting my 4th call in a week from the Jets asking me to call them to buy tickets, I had to speak my mind after your umpteenth thousand post about tickets and PSLs. I appreciate your civilized and thoughtful response . We'll agree to disagree on a few points and leave it at that. I'm not blowing you off by not counter-pointing. Just been too much on the subject already and I'm sure most people are sick of seeing it discussed. Everyone can form (or has formed) their own opinions on the subject. You're happy with what you got, great. Enjoy them. I know I can get tickets whenever I want, wherever I want and I'm good with that. For the record, I prefer the 200s end zone mezz because you're close enough to hear things and read #s, but still get a coach's "all 22" view. To each his own. Enjoy your seats and enjoy the season!
  10. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts as a PSL holder.
  11. I hesitate to do this. I get that most of what you say is just to piss people off and get reactions/replies, but ya gotta stop with this BS (yeah, I know you won't) There was a season ticket wait list in the 90s. I know because I waited for 4 years. There is none now. You can get whatever you want...or can afford. 1/2 the stadium is non-PSL. The Jets call me (and I'm sure others here) every year to buy season tickets...after they have already put single game tickets on sale (thru Ticketmaster - see below) and before they offer the 3 game packages. No PSLs. But wait - the Jets sell tickets to Ticketmaster (probably to circumvent NFL blackouts) who in turn add promotions (ex. on field experience) and try to re-sell them for a premium over face. Be patient, the same seats will be available for face or less on gameday...maybe without the bonus experience. You can't give away pre-season games yet pay full regular season price for them. If the Jets are out of it in December (as they are the majority of the time), you're almost guaranteed to lose money on the secondary market. Check Stubhub and NFL Ticketexchange to verify. Ok - so maybe you can sell your tickets to the Giants and Cowboys games for a profit (if you can't or don't want to.go) this year because of their fanbases in the area. Maybe even the Steelers game if they are still in contention in December. Jets season tickets (especially with a PSL) will never be a profitable "investment". If you feel you are getting maximum enjoyment and entertainment for what you chose to spend....good for you. Enjoy it. Something's value (ex. Jets tickets) only appreciates if a) the buyers' market perceives the value to be more than your cost (or asking price) and/ or b) demand exceeds supply. I haven't seen either happen in 25 years for Jets tickets (I didn't pay attention to ticket prices before then). Maybe a game here and there, but that's it. Enjoy the season! I know I will from wherever I choose to watch.
  12. I'm growing numb with age and almost a half century of lowlights so I'm down to "care deeply"
  13. One of the funniest gifs I've ever seen here 😂
  14. Good stuff. Thanks for posting. Interesting to hear what Joe thinks about who we have on the roster (albeit from limited exposure).

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