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  1. This development makes his release even more suspicious Eagles LB Paul Worrilow has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and will miss the 2018 season. Worrilow was a mere depth signing in April, but his loss is a blow for a team that just released Mychal Kendricks on Tuesday. Worrilow, who was a part-time player for the Lions last season, turned 28 earlier this month. The Eagles should be in the market for linebacker help. Apparently coming off an ankle scope: Eagles released SLB Mychal Kendricks. The move will create $6 million in cap space if Kendricks is designated as a post-June 1 cut, leaving behind just $1.6 million in dead money. Kendricks' release comes after the Eagles (again) failed to find a trade partner for their two-down thumper. Kendricks wanted to play all three downs. Going on 28, Kendricks had one of his best seasons in 2018. Provided he's healthy — Kendricks is recovering from an ankle scope — he won't be on the open market for long. Linebacker is a position of need for the Eagles.
  2. CTJetsFan

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Thanks for doing this PK!
  3. CTJetsFan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Fascinating item #2 is the relationship between Jets' FO staff and Colts' FO staff and the Jets willingness to pay a little above trade value chart value so the Colts wouldn't go out and shop for a higher bidder for the 3rd pick. This is stuff we bicker about on message boards but have zero insight into knowing the "why" and "why not" of things our beloved team does.
  4. CTJetsFan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I think the most fascinating insight in this article is that Macc and the organization made a conscious decision before the 2017 draft that they were willing to forgo the QB position and go all in on the 2018 class....HOPING that Darnold, Rosen & Allen would declare. If that is in fact true, and he shed assets like Decker, Richardson & Harris with that in mind, it must've killed him to see us win games early in 2017.
  5. CTJetsFan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Yeah, but have you watched their o-line the past 2 years. If you think we've been neglectful....geez. The only thing saving Wilson from ending up like Luck are his wheels.
  6. CTJetsFan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Friggin awesome!! CAN"T WAIT!! Thanks for posting.
  7. So much to remember from that bizarre night. I took my dad to the game. I had just started a new job so it was a PITA to get to the stadium in time. I had also blown my ACL the day before (didn't know it yet) and my seats were 3 rows from the top in Giants stadium. Needless to say I was miserable by the time I sat down. Left early in the 3rd quarter (more miserable due to score) and actually got back home to CT in time to watch the end of the 4th qtr and overtime. One of those nights you never forget.
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    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Crap. Sounding like they may have lost him to another team
  9. CTJetsFan

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Bummer. Wonder if he had a school commitment? Hope they didn't lose him.
  10. CTJetsFan

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    I think it's because list is tryout players only. Doesn't show any UDFAs they signed.
  11. CTJetsFan

    best free aggent signing

    I agree and you would think so, but who knows with this coaching staff. They're the same ones who had Sheldon trying to play OLB
  12. I find this really fn disturbing. Not only the fact that the kid needs to "re-work" his mechanics, but the fact that it is being done IN HIS 3RD YEAR IN THE LEAGUE! WTF has our coaching staff been doing for/with him the past 2 years? Damn.
  13. CTJetsFan

    Petty Cut

    This. 3rd spot is a battle between Hack & Bridgewater. Barring injury, I expect that decision to come at the end of training camp. Edit - even though it's a battle or the 3rd spot, I don't mean 3rd string. If Teddy shines this summer, I think he could actually start for us. Not the same for Hack
  14. Great read! Thanks for posting..
  15. CTJetsFan

    O-Line - Not just us

    Chiefs declined OL Cameron Erving's 2019 team option. The former No. 19 overall pick in the 2015 draft, Erving was acquired from the Browns last summer and made four starts -- three at right guard and one at left tackle -- while amassing 276 snaps. He's simply competing for a job this year, but Erving's ability to play all five spots makes him valuable.