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  1. Great job as always @KRL. Thank you!!
  2. Becton is gonna be challenged this camp. Will need to up his game.
  3. Sounded like (from the tweets) that White showed a little better than Morgan. Not sure what to make of that or if it really means anything at this point.
  4. & Mike White seems to be better than both of them
  5. @SAR I Yeah, I know it is Manish, but not sure how you can think this is on JD?
  6. If they knew they couldn't afford to pay the signing bonus due the #2 pick, they should have traded the pick. This is a professional sports franchise in the NY market for Christ's sake. Stop acting like a small market team.
  7. And I'll respectfully disagree. While I believe Joe now has autonomy on football decisions (which may include contract length and dollar values), I believe (just my opinion) that the offset policy and the need to spread the signing bonus comes from the people who watch the checkbook and write the checks....and that's not JD. I'm sure the people I mentioned have right of refusal on anything financial that JD discusses or proposes. We can agree to disagree.
  8. As funny as that is, I firmly believe this policy comes from higher above (Johnsons, Hyme Elhai, Elaine Chen)
  9. I posted this in Day 1 thread by accident: Am I mistaken, but doesn't offset language not just include the scenario about getting suspended, but also the situation where the Jets wouldn't owe him guaranteed money if they cut him and he signs with another team? As example, Jets owe Zach10 million guaranteed for year 4 (as example) and cut him (god forbid this plays out). If he signs with another team for 9 million, the Jets only owe him 1 million and he makes 10 million that year (9 + 1) instead of 19 million (9 + 10) without offset language? Thought I read that somewher
  10. Put me down as concerned and would be very disappointed if that turns out to be true. Was so excited about that selection.
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