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  1. Was that @GREENBEAN interviewed in the parking lot with the selfie-cam???? If it was, well done (as usual)!!
  2. I saw that and recall it being reported during training camp. So then this coaching staff is what? Inept? Or could it be that this kid is just as dumb as a box of rocks?
  3. The whole "Mims is inactive because he doesn't play special teams" argument begs 1 question: WHY NOT????? Is he a) refusing to do so or b) the coaching staff can't find a spot for him? In my mind, it has to be 1 or the other and both have simple remedies. Don't get me started on the "He doesn't know all 3 WR positions" argument.
  4. I started to give this a lot of thought last night. How much did the loss of Knapp impact Wilson's preparation and development for the season, but more importantly, LaFleur's? Is it possible that Knapp was hired in to be the "shadow offensive coordinator" to help LaFleur learn the ropes in game planning and play calling for the first year or 2 and LaFleur simply wasn't ready to take the reins himself when Knapp died?
  5. Wow, that's horrible. Always a great poster going back to the GreenHouse days. Really sad to hear. RIP Jets brother.
  6. The one thing I remember thinking yesterday (and I deleted the game so can't rewatch it) was that there seemed to be a lack of crossing patterns in what they were running. When they did have them, they seemed to work (minus the INT). Am I mistaken? The inability to execute running plays in short yardage was evident in the preseason. Having Josh Adams, who is probably our biggest and strongest back, inactive when we have this problem is/was puzzling.
  7. His body is just not built for this sport. Time to move on
  8. I still don't understand why people want to trade him.....even if we're not keeping him after this season.
  9. Interesting. I've had it for about a year with no issues. Glad you found a workaround.
  10. They may very well end up being, but a lot of folks said the same about Q.Williams after year 1. There's no harm in giving guys a 2nd year...especially 1 on the PS. That's what it is for. Especially when you can carry 16.
  11. Frank Gore is gone. Addition by subtraction. 'Nuff said
  12. May be worth a free 7-day trial of Fubo.TV. They have all of the NY local channels and SNY. I guess you would setup with a NY zip code and see if they detect that you are not in region via IP address.
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