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  1. I heard someone say this week that the Ravens (and Greg Roman) were willing to build an offense around Lamar's strengths and not make him do things he couldn't. To me they did something that most all NFL coaches would never do because of their egos - fit the system to the player and not force the player to fit the system. Their o-line is very good. Their TEs are good. Their RBs are pretty good. Their WR corps is nothing special. It seems to have worked. The question is for how long?
  2. Agree to disagree. Get the first down. Odds of success a lot greater getting 1 yard (via the run) then completing any pass p!ay. Get the first down and get at least 4 more plays.
  3. Which means running for 1 yard was what - a 70/30 chance of success? Better than a pass attempt
  4. Not running the ball (Sam or Bell). And he just did it again.
  5. The right foot was already down when he caught the ball. It was a TD after a closer look
  6. Referring to the last 3rd down call and the previous 4th and 1 call in the 2nd quarter
  7. Gase over thinking it for (at least) the 2nd time tonight
  8. Agreed...except for the 4th and 1 call...despite how close Sam made it.
  9. His strength is supposedly his route running, but he's not big or strong enough to win the 50/50s and not a real burner.
  10. Agree. In the few Alabama games I watched this year, Jeudy has had some easy/ugly drops. Not overly impressed.
  11. I ageee but I believe the offensive scheme for today was flawed (in addition to horrific o -line play). Couldn't block A gap pressure and continued to try and run inside when that was Bengals strength and our weakness
  12. What did Sam do to lose this game? How many drops in the first half? How many times was the o-line (including Harrison who I defended in another thread) manhandled? How many penalties on offense? This loss is on the coaching staff. The route combos on offense were terrible. The defense couldn't generate pressure while playing off coverage all game

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