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  1. Glad to see I'm not alone. Watching random favorite songs on YouTube with a good bourbon. Here's to you Neil!
  2. Heard about an hour ago. Still can't believe it. Heartbreaking RIP Mr. Peart. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
  3. My bad. Slip of the keyboard. Wasn't thinking it was political. I voted for the guy
  4. You're right. Not sure "pumped" would be appropriate since we lost to 2 teams that were previously winless, but because Gase has no rapport with the fans or the media (and no history of winning), he gets no slack.
  5. The fact that he is coming from the Patriots has nothing to do with my opinion of how he did today. Rex & Herm are like Trump - they really never say anything of substance or anything you believe. Best way I can say it - he sounds like a football coach (should)
  6. Agreed....Rhule sounded like a preacher. So did Herm. Rex was more like a cheerleader. And Bowles was......Bowles. Was just pointing out as a football fan that the guy impressed given most everyone's (including mine) reaction to him getting the job. It remains to be seen if he becomes a good HC.
  7. All I can say is listen for yourself (if you care too). It was impressive. I know it was just an introductory press conference, but we haven't had a coach that sounded like that since Parcells.
  8. Thinking back to Gase's introductory press conference. If Gase could talk to the media the way this guy is, I think he'd be viewed differently by the fans. Obviously, results on the field mean the most.
  9. Really impressive. Sounds like a young Tom Coughlin. Well prepared to meet the NY media. Remains to be seen how he and the team does, but night and day when compared to Gase.
  10. I've seen him have more than 4 drops in a season (watching due to FF interest). He played better once he got to Dallas but always seems to have lingering injuries and plays a bit soft. I wouldn't pay him what he's going to want.
  11. I think one of the main flaws in Buffalo's offense is that you have a 6'5 QB who is inaccurate throwing to a bunch of 5'10 WRs
  12. Well this makes the Adams discussion interesting
  13. I heard someone suggest that Garrett may be staying with the Cowboys organization (in some capacity), just not as HC That might explain
  14. Fair points on Shell & Qvale. I didn't realize Miles was that old (didn't check when I mentioned him). Based on that, I agree with your point.
  15. I might add Luvu to that list (for depth & special teams) and Shell over Qvale (maybe move Shell to OG?). Maybe Miles too for depth & STs
  16. Heard he is under contract until the 13th/14th. Who knows why Jerry is keeping him in the building.
  17. I'm torn on whether I'd like the Jets to try and sign him. We all know we need OL and that premium OLmen (specifically OTs) rarely ht the FA market. That makes the position a priority in the draft. Edge rushers - even though the Jets haven't been able to do it, it seems many teams have been able to find very good pass rushers beyond round 1. If that's the case, then maybe it's best to use a draft pick(s) to find that player instead of FA $. I agree with the point that some have already made - blockbuster FA deals seem to rarely pay off. I say draft the positions needed (OT, Edge, WR, CB) and hopefully land starters and use the FA $ to build the depth(quality depth) since we have so few guys under contract next year. Probably spend that money on some of our own guys who got experience this year and played well.
  18. Crazy that this thread I started in May has resurfaced. The person who made the quote in the article was pretty prophetic re: Shepherd. Makes me wonder if Macc felt the same way Joe D apparently did about Leo - that we weren't keeping him after the 2019 season. Regardless of how Q turns out, using 4 picks in 2 drafts on DTs (including pick we gave up in trade for Anderson) is craziness.
  19. I was a firm believer before the season. I'm still pretty sure he can be the guy but a) Douglas needs to get him some help and b) Gase could ruin this kid if the organization doesn't keep a short leash on him (Gase)
  20. Young - no sacks in last 10 quarters. My eyes haven't been deceiving me. And he's not being doubled
  21. Didn't want to go that far without hearing from guys that may have seen more of him (vs upper level schools)
  22. Anyone else not impressed with Chase Young? For me, it's not just tonight but the past few games when I've watched him play. Am I missing something with him?
  23. He was our 3rd string QB. Yes, he sucked, but who were we supposed to have that would have won us any of those games?
  24. In all fairness, Falk wasn't supposed to be the QB when Sam went out

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