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  1. I haven't (and won't) watch again, but I did think on some of the INTs Sam was trying to throw a 50/50 ball with the hopes the WR would make a play or draw a PI call. However, I think one of the early INTs (don't recall which one...1st half I believe) we were in the red zone and could have at least come away with a FG. Probably would have had zero impact on outcome, but may have helped team mentally going into the half.
  2. I get the Pats D is very good and it's only his 16th game. Still never expected to see something that bad at this point. Sam is a bright kid with supposedly high football acumen and intelligence. That's what made last night that much more disturbing.
  3. Never expected a game this bad at this point in his career
  4. Hadn't considered that, but even if he is, players get cut for shi**y reasons (injuries) all the time. Players should have final say over their bodies. He didn't sign here as a FA....he was traded. Teams exchange medical info so if this was pre-existing, Jets assumed the risk. Who knows how much worse it has become or what his pain tolerance is. The history of the NFL is littered with bad "play thru it or else" stories. I can't defend the Jets on this one.
  5. Not a good optic for the team/organization. If a guy has an injury and wants to have surgery to get it fixed, it should be his call. They want to fine him on top of it? Can't imagine that's going over too well in the locker room.
  6. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/147687-edoga/
  7. It's in this article https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/10/15/nfl-draft-2020-ceedee-lamb-oklahoma
  8. Sounds like he's doing really well at Baylor. Had not read/heard this before: What Matt Rhule is doing at Baylor is now analogous to what Bill O’Brien did in two years at Penn State—taking a program in crisis, and guiding it out to a new era. After a sexual assault scandal rocked the school and the athletic department, the Bears went 1-11 in 2017—Rhule’s first season. The team improved to 7-6 last year, and they’re 6-0 now. NFL teams, as you might imagine, are paying attention. The Jets were close to hiring Rhule last year, but his choice of offensive coordinator (now-Lions QBs coach Sean Ryan) didn’t line up with theirs (now-Browns OC Todd Monken), and Rhule wasn’t going to relent on staff. If Baylor keeps this going, it won’t be the last NFL job that Rhule has to consider.
  9. His pocket presence/sense/awareness reminds me of Big Ben.
  10. I felt the same way about Fabini when he was drafted. No doubt Edoga has the feet/movement for LT. Lewis has shown very well too. Injuries have been his biggest issue thus far in his career. I think Harrison has a role here, but it may be as interior depth. I can see Shell moving to RT if Edoga goes to the left. It'll be nice knowing we have some pieces in place on the line going into the offseason.
  11. For some reason I am thinking that Fabini was a RT, but I get your point. Edoga has been playing on the right side as well and, even with Beachum hurt, I'm not sure I'd move him over mid-season. I don't recall how many reps he might have had at LT during the preseason. It might be best to leave Shell at LT but I'll trust the coaches on that.
  12. Went back and watched the game to see how Edoga did after reading that Lawrence had no hits on Sam. We can kill Macc for a lot of things, but this may turn out to be one of his best picks (besides Sam). This kid has GREAT feet and can get to the 2nd level faster than most OTs. In watching him, there were no "WTF is he doing?" plays you'd expect from a rookie. I'd say maybe 4 or 5 snaps where he "could've done a little better". Many times he'd mirror Lawrence deep and Sam would have the presence to step up a 1/2 step and all was well. What was also interesting was that it wasn't until the last drive did they line up a TE to his side to give him help. Another observation was that Shell didn't play bad when he came in for Beachum. Had one bad play where he blocked inside and gave up a sack. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Jets used a FB on one play during the last drive. The FB was - Jonotthan Harrison
  13. Wanna bet he gets released next week??
  14. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/10936/kelechi-osemele/news Jets LG Kelechi Osemele (shoulder) will undergo shoulder surgery. Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Oct 15, 2019, 10:44 AM ET
  15. I thought I read once that the league does not test or recommend supplements and that the player is responsible for what they choose to ingest. That being said, I think he has a legal case vs the supplement company (I'm not a lawyer) unless there's a caveat on the label about "manufactured in a plant where other ingredients may be present" (like some labels say about products that don't contain nuts but could have traces) The supplement market is not regulated by the FDA (I don't think) so buyer beware.
  16. Great thread Jetstream23! I think it's a case of "what was old has become new again". The difference being a new era FB needs to be more than a blocker. Has to be a solid pass catcher too with the speed to be flexed outside. Call him an H-Back if you want. Richie Anderson was one of those guys. If defenses are gonna get smaller and faster, than having a 225lbs + hammer to take on small LBs is going to help. Don't understand why teams are not utilizing them more
  17. David Dales is back. Wonder if Jets picked up his hotel tab in Florham Park since they cut him but probably told him to hang around
  18. You would have been verbally lynched on this site for saying that 5 weeks ago. But you are right and I agree
  19. I do too. It would be so SOJ to rush him back and have something bad happen and ruin one of the few rays of hope this franchise has had in many years. I hope I am wrong

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