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  1. Can't answer without knowing what is going on with Mitchell & Fant
  2. He was a player that really jumped out at me during the preseason when he had a lot of playing time. He was making plays sideline to sideline and no longer seemed "undersized" for the position.
  3. But that's the thing about an elite CB - they don't have a lot of great stats because teams do not throw their way (see Revis Island). When they do, he makes them pay.
  4. Unfortunately, one was OJ Simpson. Fran Tarkenton was another. Lynn Swann and Jack Lambert too.
  5. I'm sure Pete remembers the little interlocking trays of grass they tried @ the old Giants Stadium for a few years. That was a disaster. Now they have stadiums (incl Arizona I think) where they wheel in the grass field in 1 big tray. That's the way to do it if it is a multi-use stadium and you don't want the grass field wrecked at other events.
  6. Hope Saleh is wrong about this injury like he has been about all of the others.
  7. And this is why you don't throw Mims away. S*it happens with WRs (and all players/positions) and having depth to keep the team moving forward is key. Now it's up to Mims to prove the Jets were right for keeping him and wrong for not giving him a shot. He's not going to get 10 targets this week but if I see him light up a DB or LB (or 2) on some running plays (without a stupid penalty), I'll know his head is on straight.
  8. Hoping cooler heads prevail and maybe he even issues an apology to his teammates for causing a distraction.
  9. Let's see if he shows up for practice today. I assume the plane to Denver doesn't leave until tomorrow am. Will he be on it?
  10. I did. Completely forgot about it. Not touching the $ yet lol
  11. All off the OL moves the past week makes me wonder if Fant or Mitchell may be out longer than first reported. How shocking would that be? lol
  12. I thought Corey could have made a better effort on that play. Had he not waited for the ball, come towards Zach a step and extended his hands (instead of letting the ball come to his body) that's probably a TD. Am I wrong?
  13. I sure hope not. He was all over the field in the pre-season. My hope/thought is maybe Nas?
  14. Interesting. Maybe an IR designation (wink, wink) for him. McDermott is still here. Fant comes off IR week 8. Mitchell week 10 (I think).
  15. @1969 Jets - your post got me thinking and what I realized is how much the 2022 Jets are starting to remind me of the 1982 Jets. Todd (average QB), McNeil & Harper, good WR corps (Walker, Gaffney, Jones boys, Sohn), good TEs (Barkum/Schuler), 1982 better o-line & d-line, strong LBs. 2022 team is stronger in the secondary. 1982 was a well balanced team with some stars (McNeil, Walker, Gastineau, Klecko etc) that made it to the AFC Championship game ,
  16. I'm from the "If it ain't broke, don't f with it" school of thinking. Guys get hurt and young, cheap experienced depth can be invaluable. That being said - not sure how much he is contributing on STs either. They could flip him for another corner who may be a better fit at which point I'd have no issue. For just a draft pick? Not sure I'd like that.
  17. Props to you. Good luck with the rest of your season!
  18. Can they bring Hermanns back to the PS if he clears waivers? I know that they had maxed out his PS callups. Not sure if that can reset after they release him and if he clears waivers
  19. This is a young team that has learned to win....comebacks and finish close games
  20. I'm hoping they 4 week IR Mitchell and keep Hermanns.
  21. The one thing he said that scares me was I think someone asked him about surgery on the shoulder and he said "It was an option, but I wanted to play." Leads me to believe his shoulder won't be 100% and could possibly becomes an issue again at any time. Hope I'm wrong.
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