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  1. I imagine they can wait and play it cool to see how training camp and the preseason shakes out. Injuries occur all of the time whether thats an injury to one of our own lineman or another team who believes they have a good shot at a Super Bowl run or even a team with a young QB. We could make out well with a trade to a team that is desperate and we can net a high pick in the '23 draft.
  2. If Ekwonu is the pick what have you heard regarding how things will play out at the T position (provided Becton, Fant and Ekwonu are all healthy) heading into the season?
  3. We know how much JD values versatility. With that said which players do you feel fit JD’s typical approach of targeting players who can play multiple positions or fill multiple roles? One player that seems to make a lot of sense given the uncertainty surrounding Becton plus a need at the center position would be Zion Johnson. I’m not sure how Zion would hold up as a tackle in the NFL but he has experience at all positions across the line and has shown to be very good in a zone scheme. What other versatile players are you hoping the Jets target next week?
  4. I really wanted Kayvon to be a Jet but the more we see from him the more I see Jamal Adams 2.0. I now refer to him as Kay Adams. Unfortunately it's not the Kay Adams we all have hoped for.
  5. One thought I had on the difference between the 2020 draft with Gase and the 2021 draft with Saleh is that it could simply be that Saleh has done a much better job than Gase articulating and being clear and concise with Douglas and his team on their exact scheme and the types of players, their attributes and skills necessary for each player/position within his scheme to be successful. Douglas and his team may have been able to approach scouting last draft with much greater clarity and focus. Also as with any job, experience and learning from your mistakes (2020 draft) can also play a role as well. Let's hope the 2021 draft is more of what we should expect moving forward from Douglas. I'm keeping faith. There is a different feel to this regime than in the past.
  6. What's interesting is that the average overall defensive ranking of the teams that Wilson played was actually higher on average than the defensive rankings of the teams that Lawrence faced this year but no one has mentioned that. Wilson was surrounded by less talent than Lawrence and came away with a better statistical season. I understand an argument can be made that the teams Wilson played had better defensive rankings than the opponents of Lawrence because they didn't play anyone either based on their given conferences. Either way it will be interesting to see how Wilson adjusts to the NFL.
  7. After looking into it a bit more it looks like the Juniors were Redshirt Juniors and have been on the roster since 2017. Zach Wilson arrived on campus in 2018.
  8. There is not another player in the league that statistically ranks at the bottom for their position but can potentially net a 2nd round pick in return. Take advantage of that and trade Darnold and draft Wilson. You cannot punt on a QB this year if you're sitting at 2.
  9. No doubt Fields is talented but this is likely Dilfer just trying to hype up his guy that he mentored during the elite 11 camp back in 2017 when Fields was in High School.
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