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  1. Exactly Why in the world would Zach want to return to NY on a cheap 1-year deal after 4 years of embarrassment?
  2. This might make this fanbase happy: Completed passes, 1st downs, successful plays, points scored on offense. Carr’s personality or the “made for NY” narrative has little to do with anything. He’s proven himself as a competent NFL starter. He is light years ahead of the only current QB under contract, ZW. It’s a joke. Carr actually runs checks at the LOS, can read a defense, audible, adjust protections, etc.
  3. If you mean Connor McGovern, I'm pretty sure Mike White's ribs would beg to differ.
  4. I don't think it will take a '23 1st. Favre never missed a game in his career and was had for what a 3rd rounder.
  5. The Dolphins have a challenging cap situation, but they still lowkey might be the biggest threat to the Jets: -- Tua STILL in the protocol -- Mike McDaniel is obviously a WCO guy, so no issue there. -- For "weapons", Can't beat Tyreek and Waddle. -- Confirmed today Fangio is their new DC. So you know the D will be improved. -- Great weather. No state income tax.
  6. Yes. This aspect cannot be understated. Imagine if Brady had been drafted by the Browns (or Jags, Jets, etc.) The situation was good for Manning as well with a HOF GM in Bill Polian who surrounded him with dudes like Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, etc.
  7. There would be an adjustment period for sure. Brady and the Bucs didn't really hit their stride in year 1 until mid- to late-season. But Rodgers' football IQ is elite and he's self-confident enough where I don't think he would view this as a hindrance. In fact, he might embrace it. He's somewhere on the Andrew Luck spectrum in terms of QBs who actually read books in their spare time. He already has the built-in chemistry with Davante obviously. I'm sure Adams could help him adjust. I think the real concern is the Raiders' defense is awful. And Josh McDaniels is a d-bag.
  8. Joe Douglas' low-budget fallback option if he whiffs on the top names...
  9. DJ isn't an option. But this beast is a UFA
  10. They're not going to let him walk. Worst case, they can franchise him for 1 year. They can go exclusive franchise, or if they don't value him that much, they can go non-exclusive and even if a team lures him away, they'd get 2 first rounders as compensation.
  11. He probably wouldn't. it doesn't hurt to ask though. He earned 2.5M in '22. Is there a team he could go to in FA that could / would guarantee him a starting job? I don't put much stock in JD and Saleh's posturing. I think they know deep down ZW won't ever be the answer, but they are stuck with him for at least another year.
  12. For those of you who listen to Pods, Joel Corry, a sports agent / cap expert, recently highlighted the Bucs situation in his semi-regular spot on the RTFP. Basically, Tampa is finally screwed with their cap situation. The bills are finally coming due, after they sold out kicking the can down the road with Brady and other high-priced vets with "voidable years" in order to "keep the band together". From what he was saying, it's an unmitigated disaster. They have real problems.
  13. The one case I can think of where a top 1 or 2 QB actually sort of panned out years later, turning into a viable starting option, would be Alex Smith. But I don't recall Smith looking quite this bad in years 1 and 2. Wilson has a ton of hurdles to overcome. The psychological / immaturity / mental / lost the locker room / public humiliation aspect might be as difficult an obstacle as all the actual football-specific challenges (e.g. pre- and post-snap reading of defenses, accuracy, field vision, poise, mechanics, footwork, pocket awareness & habits, etc.). 2 years from now, who knows. Regardless, I think his best chance to find success would be a change of scenery. Maybe ATL with Arthur Smith where: 1) The goal is to run the ball 50 times a game 2) They are talent-poor in rebuild mode with zero expectations 3) The fans are relatively tame / apathetic and only show up when the team is good
  14. The Raiders don't really have any leverage on Carr. Any team that trades for him before 2/15 would be on the hook for those massive guarantees. And Carr has a no-trade clause in his contract anyway, so he would have to agree to waive it. All the Raiders can do is cut him, in which case he'd be a FA with multiple teams bidding on his services.
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